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  1. What would people say the chances of Ashford game against Raynes park being on, on saturday? Raynes park are at home. I've heard it's not great over there..
  2. Seen the pictures, embarrassing that they are making a fuss about that.
  3. Surly Hartley Witney have what's required to get promoted or have the funds to make the changes? Would be a strange one as I thought the players from Cove moved to HWFC so they could get promoted.
  4. I said it was a very open league? I was just making point that I feel them 4 teams have a really good chance. I haven't seen Horly play this year but have heard good reports and it sounds like you have one of the beak strikers in league too if not the best.
  5. Badshot Lea 3 Hartley Witney 2 FT Bedfont 2 Epsom 2 FT Very open league this season in my opinion. Camberley, Ashford, Hartley and Epsom Ewell all have a great chance
  6. Can Ashford appeal the red card on video evidence? The referre explanation is that he's kicked out when it looks pretty clear he hasn't. If anything the Cove player is standing on his foot purposly. The Cove keeper attitude for me was questionable and I'm not sure if he's been watching Neuer too much too as at times he was standing on the half way line? Despite this he made two great saves but also cost his team 2 goals in my opinion. Overall I thought Ashford deserved the win but you can see why a Cove score so many late goals. They keep going to the very end and really did pile the pressure on at the end. I can't see Cove winning the league with that back four though. Mosely defence is the best I've seen this season and Cove are same way of that. All to play for in the league now
  7. Great result for Ashford. Woking had no less then 8 players starting tonight who started there conference prem game on Saturday v Braintree Town. Congratulations to Ashford and good luck in the next round
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