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  1. Check out the following link to see the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in film: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/video/showbiz/film-biz/4338521/Fast-Girls-Exclusive-clip.html?aid=4338521 Fast Girls is realeased on June 15th.
  2. Did many Enfield council staff take up the offer of the free entry? Great idea if it works.
  3. With free tickets for Enfield Council employees on Saturday it will be a bumper pre-Christmas attendance. Hopefully the council employees who do take up club's generous offer will also give generously to the worthy collection.
  4. The January edition of ‘When Saturday Comes’ carries a great full page article on Town’s move to the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Hopefully this valuable press coverage will prompt even more new supporters along to see how well we’re settling into the new home. Although the margin of last night’s defeat was disappointing the youth players showed a lot of promise against the higher league opposition. I gave the main stand seats a try last night for the first time. I quickly got used to being a little further from the action but I would have preferred it if the overhead lighting was turned off or down whilst during the match. It was nice to see Andy Jones popping down to the QE Stadium to show his support too.
  5. It's fantastic news for UK athletics that the 2017 World Athletics Championships have been awarded to London. The Queen Elizabeth Stadium, along with the Lea Valley Athletics Centre are likely to be offered to international teams as training bases in the run up to the championships. This is great news for Enfield and local youngsters attracted to track and field straight off the back of the 2012 Olympics. The more people using the QE Stadium the more people will become aware of ETFC and the more money that's taken in the cafe and bar. Hopefully we'll have a better chance of getting 2017 World Championship tickets than 2012! Bring it on... 2012
  6. I meant 472 for the Spurs game! I'll guess 275 for tonight.
  7. My prediction for tonight's attendance... 472
  8. Hopefully it will be a good attendance. More than 500 turned up when we played a Spurs XI at Goldsdown Road back in 2006 but let's forget about the scoreline! Not sure how the careers of the Spurs XI we played back then have panned out?
  9. The running club generally have 50 - 75 runners training on the track on Tuesday nights plus around 40 junior runners. Base this at an average of 100 per week for 50 weeks of the year that’s 5,000. In addition; over the spring/summer months schools are also likely to use the facilities. With regard to access to the track, Trent Park Running Club already open-up and lock-up before and after our training sessions so I don’t see why they would need an ETFC representative to be there to open up. As for the use of the shower facilities this is unlikely to be a major issue as Trent Park Running Club have been using the stadium for many months now without these facilities being available.
  10. Of course Papa Lazarou was stating this as a wind-up as per his usual postings. Over the course of a full year you'll probably find that more athletes use the QE Stadium than there will be football fans watching the games!
  11. Well done to the development team for ensuring that the QE also has sheltered cycle lock-up facilities on-site too.
  12. I’m looking forward to the next time Town are drawn away at ‘Club 18-93’. It will be interesting to see their gazebo style stands!
  13. There's a great letter in the August edition of 'When Saturday Comes' which points to the pioneering work of Enfield Town FC. Jess Cully sent in her comments to respond to the media and other readers continuously incorrectly referring to AFC Wimbledon and FCU of Manchester as the first fans run football clubs. For those who can't get along to tomorrow nights friendly at Broxbourne its a good night to come and take a look at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. Trent Park Running Club are holding their annual Club Mile Challenge at the stadium. The races start at 6.45pm. The running club are expecting a big turnout so parking may be limited.
  14. There's one Mark Kirby listed on the Marathon website and he had a time of 4:07:48. Good effort Mark. Enjoy your rest, you've earned it. Dan Trenkel managed a creditable 4:37:21. Anyone know any other players from our Division wh took part? Well done Mark. A good time especially as it was so hot. You beat me by 35 seconds - I came in at 4:08:23
  15. I would like to add my thanks too. It was a great collection and very generous. Now we've just got to do our bit by finishing the 26.2 miles!
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