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  1. I have not got a ticket worked at the urchins for 15 years, never mind i have a phone up the chins best of luck
  2. What has gone wrong with the urchins lately, We can not seem to see the game out to the end. That's 2 weeks running we have let a 2 goal advantage slip out of our hands. I would like to know the average age of our players?.
  3. Merry Christmas to all the Staff, Players, and Urchins Supporters Happy New Year
  4. All the people who like to have a whinge hope they will be there
  5. Will you all stop bickering and get down to the clubhouse and support your football club at the AGM
  6. Will be nice to meet you Dave did support Wimborne town in the 90s when I was manager of Winton con club
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