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  1. Thanks Gareth. Not a lot you can do about it mate. Forecast looks abysmal for the next week! Happy New Year anyway!
  2. One for aupostie this. Any chance of our game at Ash vs Badshot Lea being on Gareth? Due plenty more rain in the next 48 hours, so was just wondering what it was like at this stage?
  3. Ha ha, good on ya. And to you and all at Cove Duncs.
  4. Well done Duncs. Busy Christmas you've had then! Any names for us? Did any of the lads who were there already stay?
  5. I would have thought their fantastic youth set up got them a lot of the way towards the grants. I'm pretty sure you need to have chartered status to get the grants and they have that for certain. I wonder if the Readers do tax returns as well?
  6. Usual great coverage Trev. On that evidence Hartley should have won comfortably. Having said that Fleet could easily have nicked it at the end. Looked a good game for the spectators.
  7. All of those instances money ran out, players went Johnno. Simple as that. In fairness, the old Ash team was a while ago now mate. They've been on the slide for ten years at least.
  8. Binfield 1 Westfield 1 Late equaliser for the home team means we have another go at our place on Tuesday night - 7.30pm kick off if anyone's at a lose end.
  9. £40 is still great value, at under £2 a game YV. £6 for us at Westfield.
  10. What's your relatives name who's playing for Spelly Duncs?
  11. Westfield 0 Spelthorne Sports 0 Feel we should have won as we had the best chances, but Spelly improved 2nd half when Paul Johnson came on and put us under a bit more pressure. Officials very good.
  12. Camberley or Ashford for the title. Horley to surprise most people - got some solid players, plus Ashley Nadesan's goals. I do think that this season won't be as competitive as last and can see a few sides getting cut adrift. As for us at Westfield, anything better than last season's eventual 14th place would be lovely. Agree with Ellers on div 1, very open. Just wonder if Farleigh will find it tough to get going again after winning it last season, but not being able to go up? Could be a bit disheartening. Abbey Rangers will surprise a few.
  13. 15k Pas. What were they thinking? Simon told me about it at the time. Utter madness.
  14. Saw them last season Smudge and they weren't great. I admit, new season, new players could bring a change, but can't see it. Personally think both reserve teams will be bottom 3rd.
  15. It frightens me how dull your posts can be.
  16. And there speaks a man who's posts are mostly inane gags. I'm sure Pitbull has given his best as well. Yet another dull post. Can't believe I read it, let alone responded to it. I need to take a look in the mirror.
  17. Dorking Wanderers reserves will not be involved in the top half of the division. Therefore, just two more games for everyone, which can't be a bad thing can it?
  18. One for Chris Clapham - Mario Embalo is on a contract at CWU isn't he?
  19. We had an issue in the SSC with them last season as has been mentioned on here Smudge, but that was the manager who has now gone. Was only messing about with Carthorse anyway. He is more than welcome to hate them!
  20. For someone who openly detests Redhill, you sure know a lot about them Carthorse. Secretly in love with them...
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