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  1. Ran into loads of Hereford fans last night in and around Wembley and they were all pretty gracious I have to say. Great result and what a day. Will never forget it.
  2. Well, I'm so hype I've been up since 5.30...
  3. 1) Tired, but hyped! 2) Yer darn tootin'. And I'll be drinking whatever I can keep down amidst all the hype 3) Both at the same time baby 4) Nope, sharks will evolve as we will so always maintain their lead. 5) absolutely not. I wanna remember the match at least 6) Probs not tbf. 7) It's been outstanding. To be able to pull this run off given the way this season has gone and with them being the only competitive games since, what Christmas? Enough can't be said about how proud I am of all the lads and Stimo for getting us to Wembley 😎 No 9) The crocs.
  4. Less then 24 hours! Singing voice oiled and ready to go.
  5. Less than 48 HOURS! It's so close now.
  6. Okay. The hype is real. It's THIS week. The mighty Urchins are at WEMBLEY this very Saturday! Am going to be at absolute feverish levels of hype come Friday night!
  7. Wellington Phoenix 4 v 2 Adelaide United (07:00) Villa (again) 1 v 1 The one and only true Albion. Man City P v P Spurs (before extra time). Bristol City 1 v 1 Luton Dirty Leeds 1 v 2 Glory Glory Man United Time of first goal (either team) or state “no goal” : 89 Contingency game: Bayern 2 v 2 Chelsea (Women’s Euro Cup s/f) – before extra time
  8. A win and Hornchurch through to Wembley. What a weekend! Twente Enschade 0 v 0 Vitesse Arnhem Leicester City 0 v 0 Man City Arsenal 0 v 0 Liverpool Southend 0 v 0 Carlisle (13:00) Annan Athletic 0 v 0 Elgin City Contingency match Leipzig 0 v 0 Bayern Munich
  9. Norway 2 v 3 Turkey (World Cup Qualifier) Dundee 1 v 0 Dunfermline Dagenham 1 v 1 Torquay Hereford 1 v 1 Woking (FAT) Notts County 3 v 4 Hornchurch (FAT) Contingency game Czech Republic 1 v 3 Belgium This is my week!
  10. Real Derby in 2008 vibes about me now. Anyway... Besiktas 3 v 2 Fenerbahçe (tasty!) West Ham 2 v 1 The Arse Villa (again) 1 v 1 The Spuds Leicester 1 v 1 Man Utd (FAC) – before extra time Celtic 1 v 2 Rangers (tasty-waisty!) (12:00) Contingency game: Roma 2 v 0 Napoli
  11. Dinamo Moscow 2 v 2 Spartak Moscow Palace 0 v 0 West Brom Nottm Forest 0 v 1 Reading Southend 1 v 0 Stevenage Newtown 1 v 3 Cardiff Met University Contingency game: Arsenal 1 v 1 Spurs (Sunday)
  12. Got a lot to live up to this week... I'm off to study the form book.
  13. B. Monchengladbach 2-2 B. Leverkusen (14:30) A. Villa (Again!) 1-2 Wolves Brighton 0-0 Leicester Ross County 0-1 Kilmarnock Millwall 2-1 Blackburn Rovs Contingency game: Atletico Madrid 1-2 Real Madrid (Sunday)
  14. Porto 2 v 1 Sporting Lisbon Aldershot 1 v 0 Hereford (FAT QF) Notts County 2 v 2 Oxford City (FAT QF) Woking 1 v 3Torquay (FAT QF) Darlington 8 v 10 Hornchurch (FAT QF) Rule 6 is drawn to your attantion. Contingency game - The Albion Derby! WBA 1 v 0 Brighton
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