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  1. Another season, another rebrand, but still the same old wacky adventures. i am in
  2. They'll still win though. Root will make enough along with some others to give us a 180ish lead and Ireland will choke.
  3. Yeah but they're all midgets
  4. That's two former Charlton youth players signed. Still feel we're short at the back though.
  5. Can this be at the end of July? Am a wee bit busy until then...
  6. I note that Simon's shameless plagiarism of my amazing tactic the week before last was duly punished. Feel there should be a points deduction too btw...
  7. I'm shit but can play at the back if needed. Be a good bit of exercise before setting off for Cornwall and the walk at the weekend...
  8. I will be posting one up on the socials when I have finalised the plannage.
  9. Hi everyone, been a bit absent lately because I have been planning this... thing that I am going to be starting next month. That's right I am walking from Lands End to John o' Groats for the MND association and Shelter. Any donations anyone can give would be great and if you are of the social media persuasion and want to follow the whole mad shebang then there are Facebook, Twitter and Insta links below. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gavin-webb7 Shelter Donation page here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gavin-webb6 MND Donation page here I will, of course, be repping the Urchins all over the country and spreading the good word of Hornchurch FC everywhere I go... So join me why not? https://twitter.com/WebbWandering https://www.instagram.com/wanderingwebby/ https://www.facebook.com/gavin.webb.1401
  10. Sampdoria 2v2 Roma Newcastle 1v0 Palace Hearts 1v1 Hibs (12:30) Harlow 2v0 Potters Bar Hornchurch 2v1 Haringey Boro Att: 277
  11. Brighton 2 v 1 Southampton WHU 3 v 2 Everton Hearts 1 v 0 Aberdeen Worthing 0 v 1 Urchins Att: 869 Didn't bovver with Girona due to the management error
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