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  1. The way you played yesterday, you lot could be sinking come the end of the season...
  2. I think the club's first priority, and rightly so, is appointing a new manager! I'm sure once they've done that, any player movement will also announced.
  3. from mid table essex senior side to the conference, trophy winners, ryman prem winners, 3rd round of the fa cup,live on match of the day, sky sports, beating northampton, port vale and wigan(away), trophy runners up, making the name canvey island fc known in the football world and feared and playing with flair and excitement, regularly scoring 100+ goals a season if there is 9 others that have done that i would like their names I bet there's nine managers who have done similar but not with the money he splashed on it.You have to remember it was all his money,no other manager gets that luxury and when he got bored he left you to get relegated 3 leagues,not too many managers can do that either Names?
  4. There isn't any traffic between 7:00pm and 10:00pm at training times, is there?
  5. I can't see it being that big of an issue, as annoying as it is. Would players really change club because of traffic?
  6. He does drive, and normally drove to training, which is why I'm surprised by this move!
  7. Does Big Mike live near Margate? That's a strange move if not...
  8. I can only see this as a good thing? He's played a few matches recently and clearly has potential, however I'm not sure he would get picked ahead of Dumas. Going on loan will give him that extra bit of experience he needs, whilst building up his confidence and match fitness.
  9. Agreed on the 'Batch Originals' point Matt, I was just saying that I think Glen was talking about newer players as opposed to older ones.
  10. i think the phrase " let down " is a bit over the top but " too loyal " is spot on, the players that i think glen is referring to havent let anyone down they have tried their best but are not good enough or injury has taken its toll, these players have come through with batchy since their days in the essex and herts comb league but time and ambition has caught up with them, the club needs to move forward and i dont think batchy could tell them time is up and would play them whenever he could, but now glen has been given control i think by next season we could see a very different CIFC, earlier in the season on this forum i talked about batchy going not because of his performance but because of his loyalty to players that werent delivering and not being answerable to anyone, now glen is in charge he will put his team out no loyalty just the best team for that match and he will be answerable to the board, i think its too late this season but once the clear out is done and glens team is in place i can see canvey moving forward and upwards. I think you're thinking of different players to Glen. The ones I think have under-achieved this season are not the ones that came from the Essex & Herts League... Just look at some players performances this season compared to last season!
  11. Bit early for this isn't it!?! Let's have faith, get behind the team and worry about the final league position come the end of the season!
  12. Oh, and Dobinson and Game were both out yesterday - I'm sure both of them would have started yesterday had they been available! It's good that we can still pick up points without key players!
  13. Agreed - I've also posted some negative/critical comments over the past few weeks, but after yesterday the team deserve nothing but praise. We were up against a 'form' team that came into this match on the back of a 5-nil win on Tuesday night, so it was never going to be easy. Finally we played the ball on the floor, and it paid off big time. We kept them very quiet and dominated the first half. They were very lucky to score, but I'm sure after recent matches we're all very happy to have come away with a point! Special mention to Jay Curran who was fantastic today. Great to see him playing as well as he did. Come on YELLOW!!!
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