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  1. Well, what a difference from Saturday. Chalk and Cheese. If Sat was 1* then tonight was 10*. Changes forced on Brad due to injury and non availability. Brad played a great game sitting behind everyone as a sweeper. Excellent. Great attitude by the Players. It's always if only, but if only we had picked up a few more points we would be clear 6th. Is there still time to push on........yes. If the spirit shown tonight can continue.
  2. Jordan was there pre match I thought I heard that Jordan left the ground as his partner was close to having their baby. Sure someone can confirm any official news. "Most" supporters appear to have a very similar opinion on who would be our best selection and the preferred formation, capitalising on certain players skills. We all think we are a Manager - most supporters at all levels do !!!
  3. Cannot disagree with last couple of posts. Who are your best eleven What formation would you play with the squad we now have. Why o why to we just punt it down the middle. What is wrong with playing wide round the back of opposition defence. Don't start on about Corey - he has gone. This squad needs to stand up and fight.
  4. Agree with above comments. To say it was poor is giving too much credit. It was dire, inept, disjointed with no "team play" One shot in each half - their keeper had a day off. I have asked this before, so I will ask again. Why do we persist with long high balls down the centre of the pitch hitting the opositions tall strong centre backs who just head everything away. Why not use wide players who get round the back of defenders as other teams do yo us. Very frustrating. My m o m was Claudio. Never missed a tackle or header all game. So much stronger than Town forwards. BIG effort needed on Monday at Kingstonian to turn this around.
  5. Beards, Agree, but the players have to start thinking about how each other play and what they do. Yesterday Harry must of won 25 or more headers and flick-ons, but not a single player anticipated his efforts and waited until the header was won before moving.....far too late and ball cleared. Players need to learn and anticipate more, they should know by now and move with the thought that Harry WILL win the header. So frustrating.
  6. Merstham, Not Burgess Hill. Merstham will be very tough, they are scoring lots of goals ( incl 5 against Tonbridge last week ) Billericay will be the "usual" tough encounter.
  7. Dear O Dear Albury, We can only beat what is there in front of us. Touch of sour grapes me thinks. Good luck with the new venture, but it may take a little longer than you think to create the mega team and stadium to which you and others elude.
  8. Should Liam or Joe or the other ex Town lads do well, I would expect the Town supporters to applaud them, cos that is what we are like to ex Players. Certainly those with Chesnuts. Obviously we want Town to win the game and progress into the next round. Looking forward to a good match.
  9. Validation 6th May Application take 8 weeks for minor or 13 weeks for major. Due to consultations and "local" views one would expect this to be major. Therefore delegated approval or Committee if called in by a Member by 5th August We are now over week 17 Why ?
  10. But will it ever happen ? Proposal has been around for some time. Has it got planning approval and / or any funding ?
  11. Slight crossing of wires in the posts me thinks. Some refer to the "proposed" 3G in the playing fields, other refer to the QEII pitch being changed to 3G.
  12. Plastic pitch requires "daily" maintenance, sweeping etc. Letting it out - great. Who is at the Club to do that and monitor use ?
  13. As noted above, the Club which remember is a Supporters / Members run Club, gain by letting the ground out for income. Ladies or Enfield Zborough or any other user pay for the privilege. Stop the income stream. Lower the first team budget. What is your choice !??
  14. Samir was at a wedding last Sat ( Canvey game ) and returned to be on the subs bench on Tuesday ( Dulwich ) All early days. Let's see again after 6 games.
  15. EU, I don't see any of those mentioned being the answer to our need for a goal scorer. Harry will work all day and support but is not going to bag 25 goals. The others are either young, lightweight or inexperienced or midfielders. The squad has a great selection in midfield, not up front.
  16. Hope you are right Cold End. I have a feeling the longer it went on, the more Brad was hoping for a "stay" decision. Clearly a 2 year contract and some stability for Corey is great for him. But, we need one or two goal scorers up front to play with Harry. There are Local teams with proven goal scorers, so let's see what comes next. I still maintain this will be a tough league / season and goal scorers will be worth their weight in gold, but if we want to push up to Confirm South we will have to find him / them and soon.
  17. A two year deal is brilliant news for Corey. Best wishes for the future. Now Town need a replacement for Corey ( and Bobby ) that can excite the supporters and score some goals !
  18. Season 7 days away.......what news ( other than he is banned for the first 3 games )
  19. At the end of the game our players looked totally gutted, but I think we should be very proud of every one of them. Just not enough on the day, but ran the Champions a good game. Proud to be a Towner. Next season just "could" be ours. Well played Lads.
  20. If you have not been to a Towners match for a while......change that tomorrow and get yourself to Hampton. We need all the support possible. Please try to make the effort. Come on you Town
  21. Out supporters need to treat the game as a Cup Final. Be Loud and Proud. Be there in large numbers.
  22. Tom Your scenario is a MUST if we are to give the League title a go next season. Sorting out the squad at the end of September has proved VERY costly in terms of points lost.
  23. Great result on Saturday. All we can do is win next two and see how others cope with the pressure. One game at a time, so, need big turn out of supporters for last home game.
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