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  1. It would appear that our new signing will be unveiled in Butler's bar tomorrow before the England game.
  2. I said it last week and I'll say it again, patience is the name of the game.
  3. Sam Youngs is staying, Tyler probably going.
  4. It's very winnable next season. I was very disillusioned at the end of last season but I'm hearing very good things and am feeling optimistic for the coming season.
  5. Cash, I believe. Will be the best signing of the summer for sure.
  6. It's a different player, somebody that you've heard of.
  7. I've been told that he has signed but has stuff to sort out with his previous club before it is announced.
  8. I've been told the same as CC and that it will happen imminently by a very good source and was told to keep schtum, so I am. An excellent signing when it happens !
  9. Patience is a virtue. If what I have heard is true, it's a great signing that nobody will be disappointed with.
  10. All the best to him but he's no great loss. As others have pointed out, we've been woeful at the back this season. You never know, he may find Andy Leese a job !
  11. A rubbish end to a rubbish season are my thoughts on this season. AL has got away with it this season, in the respect that too many supporters have bought into the ideal that he should be judged on his second season. I agree with LS that we'll get more of the same if he is allowed to continue next year. For a man who who insists on playing defensively, even though he denies it, he has employed some of the worst centre halves that I have seen at this level. He was never the right choice for this club but we insist on sticking by him. It will be interesting to see how many season tickets we sell if he stays, I know that I won't renew, I'll just attend as and when it suits. Enjoy the summer !
  12. It's the Managers fault, he's hopelessly out of his depth. He signed every single player in that squad bar two and even they are both a shadow of their former selves. Time to go Andy, you're now starting to destroy our club. Go now and give somebody else the chance to build for next season because you are not capable !
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