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  1. Defamatory statements ???? Where exactly ??? Stating that 8 players averaging 25 may not be that young and asking openly what the average age of other CCL teams may be . Awful example from a board member that 8 equalling 25 could equal 21 with three teenagers . What if Hart had played . What if Davis had played . Shipton mentioned as one of the younger Redhill players that is not constantly referred to as the youthful / young Shipton. Clearly no one has a monopoly on any approach to how a club should be run but from reading match day programmes and getting real time updates
  2. Wow . I will leave it there then . Reading between the lines I assume you think you know me Jeff . You do not . This is a forum and I had hoped my opinion having assumed an allegiance to Dorking was able to be posted without the aggressive responses you seem to post . I really don't care or want to take issue with you as I don't know you nor do I wish to given your rudeness . If I bore you then don't respond ! Dorkings programme and twitter feed makes consistent reference to youth and I merely observed that a side with 8 players averaging 25 does not seem to be particularly young .
  3. Oh ok . My mistake . Match report which was published after my comment made reference to more experience being brought in which was what I was saying , but must have got my words wrong or they we're miss interpreted or I've unintentionally upset someone somewhere. Is an average age of those 8 at 25 or thereabouts youthful ? That's a question not a sarcastic comment . Out of interest what are the average ages of teams in the CCL. A comparison would be interesting given Dorkings apparent obsession with suggesting they are promoting youth over and above all others . Comment based purely
  4. Mr Big . I have I guess moved my following to Redhill although I was at Dorking today to witness there predicted victory . It seems the philosophy of young players being the way forward was abandoned for today at least as Hunte Lunn Miller Mothee Webber Gough and Brazil and even Russel to a degree have a few years behind them and don't appear to be any younger than a couple of other teams I've seen this year . Just mentioning this as there always to be such a major statement being made about young local players . It was all over the programme . I guess recent results may have played a part . T
  5. Watched The Lobsters at Frimley Green earlier this season . Would say that Dorking have half a chance tomorrow . Frimley were poorish when I saw them and the new look Dorking are clearly progressing and from what I read have been unfortunate in their recent results so expect a win for Dorking FC. Won't be there unfortunately but will follow with interest on Twitter which to be fair to the Chicks is as informative as you can get.
  6. Decent game for Redhill at Frimley. Chances at a premium , redhill taking there's when they had them . Frimley will be top half at least with redhill possibly able to achieve more on today's showing . Saw my original local choice of club had an unfortunate loss but given the level of domination reported I'm sure they will be ok. It will all begin to take shape over the next few weeks but I believe the redhill roller coaster will have many more ups than downs in the ccl1.
  7. Premier 1 Hartley Wintney 2 Knaphill 3 Guildford City Division 1 1 Chessington and Hook United 2 Balham 3 Redhill
  8. Mr Smudge . That can only be Stevens surely as wasn't the ground closed whilst he was in charge.. Can't see anyone else having been manager during this period .
  9. Like many others I guess I'm beginning to wish i never asked. By way of a response to several points that have been made , are we working on the basis that if you comment on this forum you are obliged to contribute your time to any given club and comment alone is not allowed. I would find it particularly difficult to contribute to any football club with the lack of available time at my disposal despite some having you believe that if you can type a comment you should offer your services ! Also I don't want to get involved any more than I do with Coventry City who I also follow. As for not
  10. I know I was lectured previously about Dorking and their approach to pre season match reports but........ Anyone know yesterday's result. In the build up to the game the importance of playing Corinthian Casuals couldn't be stated enough so I'm a little surprised the result hasn't been published . Again!!!!!
  11. Perhaps based on the following of threads over the last year , Mr Nobber has a handle on Dorking FC . He always seems to be there or thereabouts , so given my imminent change of allegiance I would welcome his views on what is going on as he seems almost sensible by comparison to the persons behind the nonsense that usually comes out of the club. I am sumising you were the last manager or player of some note. Sorry Mr Nosher
  12. Based on recent posts on other threads I think I when in Blighty I must become a wanderer as I go round and round , and this secret squirrel nonsense from my adopted team on match reports and announcements like put it in your diary but I can't tell you why is quite honestly doing my swede in.
  13. I get the modern world bit ....... But if they are able to e mail game information to someone else wouldn't it be more efficient to just put that on the website / Twitter. Just saying !
  14. Very fair shout Mr Krooner. I'm back and forth to Gran Canaria so not a practical option but one in different circumstances I would welcome . Still ! What is going on ! Unless everyone that was involved in this capacity ( the social media bit ) has left with Mr Stevens and Mr Herd . As Delia famously said " come on let's be avvin you , where are you " . All I'm after is a bit of information .
  15. I realise my request was a shot in the dark for some game information , but what is happening at Dorking . Last year the website and twitter details were a reliable source of information , now I can't find a damn thing out. Still I pride myself on a degree of loyalty so will stick with them as my adopted team . For now at least ! If everything remains a mystery then I guess I will do what the rest of the local community have done and become a wanderer.
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