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  1. Defamatory statements ???? Where exactly ??? Stating that 8 players averaging 25 may not be that young and asking openly what the average age of other CCL teams may be . Awful example from a board member that 8 equalling 25 could equal 21 with three teenagers . What if Hart had played . What if Davis had played . Shipton mentioned as one of the younger Redhill players that is not constantly referred to as the youthful / young Shipton. Clearly no one has a monopoly on any approach to how a club should be run but from reading match day programmes and getting real time updates Dorking appear to over state the young bit . Don't want to argue with anyone but really can't get this aggressive attitude . Mr Mahony please explain what comment was defamatory and If I agree I will apologise . If you've thrown your weight around inappropriately perhaps you will do the same.
  2. Wow . I will leave it there then . Reading between the lines I assume you think you know me Jeff . You do not . This is a forum and I had hoped my opinion having assumed an allegiance to Dorking was able to be posted without the aggressive responses you seem to post . I really don't care or want to take issue with you as I don't know you nor do I wish to given your rudeness . If I bore you then don't respond ! Dorkings programme and twitter feed makes consistent reference to youth and I merely observed that a side with 8 players averaging 25 does not seem to be particularly young . I wish you well and hope you achieve your publicised aims and ambitions as you must truly believe in them and moreover that they are being delivered despite the facts that suggest they are not . Good luck to anyone that dares to comment suggesting otherwise.
  3. Oh ok . My mistake . Match report which was published after my comment made reference to more experience being brought in which was what I was saying , but must have got my words wrong or they we're miss interpreted or I've unintentionally upset someone somewhere. Is an average age of those 8 at 25 or thereabouts youthful ? That's a question not a sarcastic comment . Out of interest what are the average ages of teams in the CCL. A comparison would be interesting given Dorkings apparent obsession with suggesting they are promoting youth over and above all others . Comment based purely on programmes ( surely 5 references to youth ) is enough for anyone and the twitter feed which seems to take every opportunity to say how young they are. Anyway Redhill Wednesday to watch the youthful Shipton blah blah blah.
  4. Mr Big . I have I guess moved my following to Redhill although I was at Dorking today to witness there predicted victory . It seems the philosophy of young players being the way forward was abandoned for today at least as Hunte Lunn Miller Mothee Webber Gough and Brazil and even Russel to a degree have a few years behind them and don't appear to be any younger than a couple of other teams I've seen this year . Just mentioning this as there always to be such a major statement being made about young local players . It was all over the programme . I guess recent results may have played a part . Today's game lacked any quality whatsoever and on this showing both sides have a long season ahead of them . Mind you next week they may be world beaters and my insignificant post today can rightly be consigned to the what does he know category !
  5. Watched The Lobsters at Frimley Green earlier this season . Would say that Dorking have half a chance tomorrow . Frimley were poorish when I saw them and the new look Dorking are clearly progressing and from what I read have been unfortunate in their recent results so expect a win for Dorking FC. Won't be there unfortunately but will follow with interest on Twitter which to be fair to the Chicks is as informative as you can get.
  6. Decent game for Redhill at Frimley. Chances at a premium , redhill taking there's when they had them . Frimley will be top half at least with redhill possibly able to achieve more on today's showing . Saw my original local choice of club had an unfortunate loss but given the level of domination reported I'm sure they will be ok. It will all begin to take shape over the next few weeks but I believe the redhill roller coaster will have many more ups than downs in the ccl1.
  7. Very good point Mr Krooner. On reflection my omission to respond to the information does come across as rude , that wasn't my intention. Belatedly apologies for that and thanks for Jeff's response. Good luck to all clubs including Dorking ( who I have no issue with , just frustrated that having followed them last year I can't find a lot out about what's going on ) . I hope to visit a number of clubs across both divisions this season and hope for some good entertainment along the way.
  8. Assume the post by Mr Big is directed at me . Didn't realise it was a prerequisite that you disclosed who you were . Big JR hardly states who you are although somewhat boringly when the going gets tough people flex their muscles with comments like " I don't care who knows me I'm ----- ----- and proud of it " DM if you like and I'm happy to chat . Is it just me or do we need full identities of , for example , Krooners , Manors , in the Know , Foxy 10 , Fox in the Box , Bronco , Nosher , and however more with that type of user name . Seems people don't like comments from who they don't know . Why ? Does seem a bit old school and clicky . What are you worried about Mr Big. If it makes a difference to you I will happily post my name . There is that all better now .
  9. Having just watched the video whilst the assistant for the second goal was a bit hasty in raising the flag the goal definitely should have stood no matter what confusion he caused , ( don't the officials always ) although I accept it doesn't always lead to a goal. Penalty seems debatable at best ( seen them given ) particularly when playing at home but by no means clear cut and the same with the offside although he did seem a fraction more offside than on if that makes sense. Unfortunate for SCR but not convinced the major decisions were significantly wrong . What do I know though ?
  10. Reluctantly posting here on this comment given the usual type of response . But who are last years returning players , assume Russel Heart ( Bodger ) Ryan Lunn and Kieran Lunn . Who played for Leatherhead Sutton and Chelsea ? as surely wouldn't mention those clubs if just at youth level . We all know someone called Dave just like we all know someone that's had a trial at ________. Fill in the blanks ! As for those remaining it would be nice to know what they've done and who they are rather than just living in a village near Dorking. Oh I seem to remember Stewart Mussel playing for Dorking . Sorry Russel. What's happened to the rest of last years squad ? Assume this group has more about them and will improve on last years achievements.
  11. Enjoyed my first competitive fixture as a lobster and but for regular jaunts to the Spanish Islands would've looked like a lobster in that glorious sunshine . Decent performance with lots of energy and purpose in the game and some good work especially going forward . I would imagine based on my little experience of the ccl1 that Redhill will score plenty but ocassionally leave themselves open particularly when they unnecessarily over commit . Would expect top 5 from what I know at the very least.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/dorkingfc/status/755799505828708352/photo/1
  13. Keep the updates coming please as will get my combined counties division 1 fix from Redhill FC moving forward. From a Chick to a Lobster and a Wanderer in between.
  14. By and large given up with Dorking FC , pause for the inevitable misguided sarcasm because of this post but ...... having checked the Twitter feed and in particular the last entry , is that correct that Dorking FC are playing the Essex team , Mark Wright and all , or is this another misguided publicity stunt . This based on historically this fixture having been between DWFC and Mr Wrights team and was previously advertised quite recently as a fixture under the banner of the Dorking Alliance. It isn't Dorking FC is it ? Now a confirmed Wanderer , where will this nonsense end. Probably not allowed this comment am I !
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