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  1. Paul H


    I hope to get there for the forum but child care matters might mate it hard tomorrow eve. It has been mentioned on facebook and the media that a former Wolves director is to buy Pipers shares. I'd like to know if it will affect the grounds development and where we are at in regard to its redevelopment. It seems that everything is in place for a successful club now except the development of the clubs facilities! Obviously they have planning permission now so i'm wondering what the hold up is!
  2. There's more to it as far as Grandad's concerned (Ron). Age limits his abilities these days but in times gone by, you name it and he's done it. Creosoting the old stand, fixing water leaks in the changing rooms, washing kits daily and cleaning boots, painting lines, painting the hand rails, litter picking after matches, changing the fixture board, the list of jobs done by him in the last 30 years is endless. I'd go to the football club to see him. Nan was a true football widow . Its people like him that keep the club running and its great that others have continued the work that people like my grandfather undertook many years ago. Without these willing volunteers the club would struggle and not be what it is today. They are the heart and soul of the club and that's why they deserve their passes. I'd just like to say I'm particularly proud of my Grandfather and the work he's done for the club over the years. Margate Football Club has a very special place in his heart. Now get this new stadium built please and give him something to really smile about.......
  3. Just a thought. Would the local golf courses have one if these. If so, could they be approached to lend one and maybe get a free sponsorship board in return. (Margate football club permitting of course).
  4. I don't know why MFC don't encourage Sunday league teams to come along. Alot of the players I have played with have always taken a distant interest in MFC. Also what about the youth section. We used to get free passes whan I played for MFC youth but we had to be accompanied by a paying parent. Deep down though I feel it has never been more important to get the new HDP built. HDP as it is, is not a great place to be on a cold winters tuesday night with limited cover from the elements.
  5. I have heard that a company have expressed an interest in building an ice rink in Margate and have approached the football club. It has nothing to do with the current stadium/development plans. The only thing that has changed is the parking on the plans and it is just an amendment that from what I can see that the council have suggested. I expect that IF MFC were interested in an ice rink,it would be part of an additional planning application that would come later on. I am told that the negotiations with Travel Lodge are at a later stage. There are not more 5 a side's being built and the pitch at the north Coffin end is a public open space pitch is no different to the one that already exists on Tivoli. I expect will replace it.
  6. Mr Lever is funding it. Re-Negotiations with Travel Lodge on-going which is the main catalyst for the development. Thats how I understand it! I am happy to be corrected though...
  7. Reading the literature I think it is something that the council planners have recommended. Use the following link and see if you agree. http://www.ukplanning.com/ukp/showCaseFile.do;jsessionid=494434EF4C155DBA3F8FCBAFBC2F6891.wam2?action=show&appType=planning%20folder&appNumber=F/TH/12/0433
  8. It is just a parking layout change. Everything else has the OK.
  9. Paul H


    It looks like a revised plan for more parking.
  10. I think Southwood serves Ramsgate's needs perfectly and they have done well to make the improvements that they have. I remember playing there with those very low floodlights blinding me and giving me a migrane. Since then they have got better lights and covered terracing. That said WHEN Margate get this development underway, we will have a new state of the art football ground that couldn't be compared to Southwood. If I were Ramsgate FC i'd seriously be thinking of replacing the tired old clubhouse building and the changing rooms first and then look to address the pitch. The pitches problems I think, come from when every Ramsgate youth team used to train on it during the week. I don't think thats the case now but I remember it being just one mass of mud. Southwood as it is could probably take Ramsgate to Conference South, Hartsdown as it is could but I think Margate's ambitions are a little higher. That said, anyone who gives up there time for their football club and helps to make improvements unpaid deserves credit. Even if they are a red.
  11. Bill and ben the flower pot men lol
  12. Its all gone very quiet on this front. All whilst Maidstone's new ground is moving at pace and may I add, looks quite impressive. They have just started to lay the all weather pitch. Well worth a look http://www.maidstoneunited.co.uk/2012/04/gallagher-stadium-gallery-30-april/. Any news on Hartsdown Park yet?
  13. I have to agree with the above. I used to train on Minsters 3G pitch. It is 2/3 the size of a normal pitch but is a great area to train on. Having also played on Margate FC's 5 a side pitches I have to say that I prefer the Minster surface. It is softer to play on and as a keeper, it's better than diving on a rock hard grass pitch in the summer pre season friendlies. The MFC pitches are a little harder and not as pleasant to dive on, so what ever MFC have done that is different to Minsters, perhaps they could put it right should they get the chance to install a full size one. If MFC were to get the go ahead to install a 3G pitch, it would open up all sorts of benefits for the club. I also think it would be very popular amoungst the local football community.
  14. Paul H


    Write to the independants. Will soon see what agenda they have!
  15. Well i've sent a letter to Iris Johnston regardind the matter. Not sure as mayor she can do anything. I think that it is unacceptable that things have got to this stage only to fall at the last hurdle. I think TDC's planning processes should be brought into question. Things don't get done around Thanet because of their inability to make timely decissions. I hope that the directors will have better news when I come up to HDP this afternoon.
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