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  1. PK is leaving - real shame! James Dayton joins us from Dulwich - winger, ex pro - anyone know much about him? Also confirmed that Josh Urquhart is re -signing for us after his long term injury - this is great news - we missed his ball playing abilities out from the back last season ...
  2. Billy Cove now manager of Howard Hill fc
  3. I didn’t realise that Jerry played for them last pre season?
  4. Gutted about Jerry and Manny going .. I'm hearing Matt Johnson to Stortford ..
  5. Are we going to see the Enfield 16/17 squad that became the Braintree 17/8 squad become the Cray 22/3 squad ???
  6. Both Brandon and Sam I would love to have seen play more for Enfield .. agree with FJ that Brandon wasn't quite ready at the time..
  7. Jay Porter joins Stortford from Braintree
  8. Theo - can you share the link to the spreadsheet - interested to see all the changes across all leagues! thanks!
  9. For the final time this season ... good interview with Andy as well ..
  10. So the big day is almost upon us and I'm really excited ... brings back memories of Dulwich in 2017 but also the heroics v Grays in 2012 - 10 years ago! I am feeling confident, predicting 2-0 to the Town ... and a Cheshunt upset meaning we face them at home in the final ..
  11. I agree with Benj more than LS .. I do always try to see the positive, but in my view... - It is already the joint best ever finish - and we could still finish in 3rd ... plus good performances in the cups .. - We were potentially challenging for the title until February - With the uncertainty of the last 2 seasons, don't think we can blame the management for the squad in place at day 1 of pre season - they did get it right for the start of the league campaign - When you look at the calibre of players we have, Andy & Mario must take the credit for getting them on board - I am sure that Mo, LDV & Cass would have had many other options but chose us - Going into this play off I think that any of them can win it .. - Plus, I think the club overall has really come along in the last 12 months - better crowds, fantastic noise and support, the 20 year celebations and merch - overall everyone who has been involvedd in the club in any way can be proud of what has been acheived..
  12. Andy, Apollo finished in the same position as Enfield did in the 89/90 season ! Unlike Mike Ferguson I did keep going to the bitter end!
  13. Hi OT, Agree that we could have won more than we have. Looking at the table now, I think it's fair to say Worthing are deserved winners - 13 pts clear of us and a GD over 20 better than ours! Plus they have played exceptionally well, and have been up there for the last 2 cancelled seasons .. yes we have given away some games this season, but overall play offs is fair for us .. At one point I did genuinely think we were gonna win it before our Feb blip! Seeing we are only a few points off 2nd, and level on points with 3rd shows how close we have been .. had we beaten Brightlingsea and Cray in the last week then we would now be in 2nd !! However I have now talked myself into believing that we will win at Hornchurch and then have Cheshunt at home in the final!
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