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  1. Raingod

    Enfield Town v Whitehawk

    Just watched the game online .. and a great performance from all .. feeling confident going to Tonbridge tomorrow .. will we be wearing our luck 6-1 red/yellow strip??
  2. Raingod

    Enfield Town v Whitehawk

    Wasn't at the game, but really pleased to see the result - hoping the game will be up on tifosy later to watch! Even if Whitehawk were that bad, Brightlingsea weren't great but we didnt test the keeper enough . Congrats to the team for creating the chances, and being so clinical! And well played by Andy in tweaking the team to create such a positive outcome! This is the perfect preparation for Tonbridge on Tuesday night ... can't wait!
  3. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    Harold Joseph has joined Harlow. And an ex Towner defence of Joseph, Jandir Da Cruz and Taylor Hastings let in 7 yesterday against Kingstonian!
  4. Raingod

    Enfield Town v Brightingsea Regent

    OK, last night was poor from my view, held by a team that had done their homework on us and we couldnt break them down. BUT let's not get hysterical again ... though changes do have to happen in our approach. So last night, well we simply didn't really gel at all... for all the potential chances, the best we had was probably their defender in the first half that brought a full stretch save from their keeper. Yes, Billy should have put away with a few mins to go, but in truth their game plan worked on us. One home win in 6 was mentioned to me as we were leaving the ground - and that simply isn't good enough. As said above, too many hopeful punts forward - this season we have the players to keep possession .. and they must be encouraged to do so. I was surprised it was the same starting 11 as Saturday - I read that we were unlucky in this first defeat, but surely something should be tweaked? To me, our inability to change things around at home needs to be addressed - we still get caught on the break at times, yet often have many players back - time to go 3 at the back at home to give us extra resources going forward? And a 2nd striker is needed to support Billy in such games. The balance is not right currently. Again, subs were too late .. we are not giving them enough time to change things around - Liam and/or Brandon need to get more time, and at least one should be in the starting 11 on Saturday. And we didn't even use our 3rd sub? We are chasing a result at home, the opposition are camped in their half - surely a fresh pair of legs should be used? If we don't have the right offensive players on the bench then that is an error - with various players out on loan. Where was Chaney last night? My MOM was Ryan Blackman - tireless runnning throughout, and was absolutely gutted when he came over to thank the fans at the end. A word about Brightlingsea - well, they had a game plan and stuck to it - but whilst Merstham could pass the ball well, these were far inferior. The constant time wasting and feigning injury from their goalkeeper was embarassing for them and I hope they get relegated for their unethical approach! BUT again let's weigh up the positives too. We still sit in the play offs .. only 4 points off top .. and the league is certainly weaker this year Only one defeat .. some good performances .. and we have arguably the best squad ever. Andy has built a great squad - now is his time to prove himself and make the alterations in team selection and play. We have a big 2 weeks coming up - Whitehawk MUST be a win on Saturday, with a change of approach. Then the league leaders away next Tuesday - big vocal support required at that, followed by a bad FAT draw away to Lowestoft. A trophy run to help the club coffers would be welcome, whilst we must stay in play-off contention. Given the farcical extra play off step this year, we really should be targetting that top spot...
  5. Raingod


    I disagree on this Theo. Firstly, do Towner fans really despise Brad? I am an Out of Towner so wouldn't say I know the inside track on such things, but I would be surprised if this was the case. I was gutted when he left, and not happy about the way the team followed, yet I sent Brad a message on twitter thanking him. He replied it was a tough tough decision, and I do think anyone apart from Braintree, where he played his whole career, and he would have stayed. As to where we are now, well I think we have a great squad at our disposal now, built by Andy, sitting in the play offs while we are not yet firing on all cylinders. Andy absolutely deserves the chance to make this work this season and we all need to get behind him. Yes, Saturday was not great, but 2 x 6-1s away and generally performances good.this season. Let's remember Brad's seasons in charge always started slowly. Would the team stay together if Andy left anyway? If we were managerless I would be happy to have Brad back, but I am confident we will AT LEAST reach the play offs with Andy in charge and the squad he has assembled!
  6. Raingod

    Enfield Town v Merstham

    Agree with the general consensus of the comments above - was really pleased to be at a game having missed last few weeks, but wet day and not that much excitement. The Merstham pass back from kick off so nearly went in, and showed how jittery the keeper was! First 20 mins it seemed like only a matter of time, but after that Merstham grew in confidence. They clearly had the plan that the more possession they have the less time we have to play our game and it worked! Positives: Good performance from Matt Nolan overall - just one error I remember, but a great save at the end. Good experience for him - should we need him to play again -, and our 1st clean sheet. My MOM was Aaron Greene who was determined all the way through, and in the last 5 mins was doing all he could, flying tackles, still up and down the pitch. Remi linked up well with him and Matt Johnson was a true leader again. Plus we are still unbeaten, in the play offs, and have a team that generally entertains. If you compare yesterdays starting 11 to a year ago there is no comparison. And the negatives - I dont believe we made their keeper make a proper save! Yes we had a few players out - Youngs & Wright (wedding), Blackman (suspended?) and Taffe (injured) - but the starting 11 were all good players. With 3 home draws (and the Bedford defeat) , looks like we need to find ways of dominating at home the way we have done away. Bench was not that strong - I would have happily seen Mario come on for the last 20.. and I do still feel we should substitute earlier, and that Liam should have had more time. Ironic after Hockney & Junior have just gone on loan! Overall though in July I would have more than taken where we are at this stage of the season with such a new squad.
  7. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    Looks like Brad has stepped down as manager of Braintree ..
  8. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    Tayshan Hayden-Smith re-signed for Merstham last night in time for today's match!
  9. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    George Beattie joins Cockfosters on loan
  10. Raingod

    Enfield Town v Bedford Town

    Fingers crossed for today .. for those that can’t be at the match today (like myself), the Bedford twitter account looks like it gives very regular updates of matches so worth a follow. Up the town! My prediction; 1-0 - Youngs. Att: 444
  11. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    Taylor Hastings joins harlow
  12. Raingod

    ETFC v Dorking Wanderers

    So what was our performance like?
  13. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    Interesting ... and he says on his twitter the club decided to part company with him because of his sending off last week ... Would any Towner fans want to see him rejoin us? Very good defender but has left us a number of times now ....
  14. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    David Hughes has left Harlow for Aveley .. ... and of course Scott Shulton at Wingate!