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  1. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    He played for Worthing last night .. and conceded a penalty .. https://worthingfc.com/2018/12/highlights-eastbourne-town-2-1-worthing-a-cup/
  2. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    Ralston Gabriel has rejoined Haringey!
  3. Raingod

    Bognor Regis Town v Enfield Town

    Good commentary on http://mixlr.com/rocksradio/
  4. Raingod

    Carshalton Ath. v Enfield Town

    Hmmm .. very disappointing result .. and from the few social media comments I can find anywhere a consistent message that we were not good enough and it was comfortable for Carshalton. My last post after Maldon was about us being 3 pts off play offs and it was quite rightly pointed out by others that plenty have games in hand on us - table looks far worse now - Worthing in 5th with FOUR games in hand on us, Carshalton and Haringey ( 4-0 vs Kingstonian !!) both coming into form. We have lost SIX games out of last seven , inc 2 cup exits. Looking to the other end of the table, Merstham in 18th are 7 pts behind us but with THREE games in hand. After Bognor, five of our next six games are against teams below us - so by mid Jan I think we will know whether the play offs are attainable or not. An important meeting in Cardiff on Wednesday means I can no longer make Bognor Tues night which, I hate to admit, but I am not that gutted about. What I don't understand is how after Maldon on Tuesday we simply default back to the previous line up - Greene and Hope were our best 2 players on Tuesday - why weren't they starting? The principle of a smaller squad to use budget effectively sounded logical - but we are struggling to fill the bench, assuming Mario has no intention of playing. It feels like the players do not feel they can be dropped and that is where complacency can come in. Some of the errors I have seen in the last month through the videos of the games are terrible. And I hope Ryan's injury is not serious, as the squad is thin enough as it is. Starting to get a bit concerned ...
  5. Raingod

    League Cup Update

    I agree .. I always enjoy reading other viewpoints whether I always agree or not! We are in a blip - per haps I am more optimistic than others - but we all have the best interests of the club at heart Cant make Carshalton Saturday so looking forward to reading everyone's views of the game ...
  6. Raingod

    League Cup Update

    Just a few words on the game (sorry for delay - bit under the weather, probably after standing out in the rain in the 1st half!) Good performance overall - Maldon although a league lower looked pretty good and I understand in and around the play offs. We came out very determined, and had a great first 20 mins - I must confess to missing Biilal's cross (as was getting a cup of tea!) - just saw the header itself. Aaron did some great runs and created Liam's goal. Our best 2 players on the night, but I wouldnt say anyone played badly There were plenty of other chances and pleased with the overall team performance - in the second half there were a few great moments including a great one touch passing move on our right, and another move that culminated in a great MJ cross that would have been an amazing goal if Taffe had converted. Subs were late - but probably rightly here - good for the 1st team to gel and get some confidence - and the 3 youngsters did all come on. Interestingly we ended with 3 x Centre Backs on the field - a sign of things to come? Only frustration was the late conceding of a goal and then a few mins of Maldon pressure with a few close shaves, and their keeper up for a corner - in truth we should not have been in that position to allow them that opportunity. Not commented on the recent forum activity, partly because not been at last few, but my tuppence worth is Andy has my backing - the interview post Kingstonian shows he agrees with a lot of the feedback, cares and wants to put it right. The great start raised all our expectations, but in May if I said we would be 3 pts off the play offs we would all have taken that - and the target is the play offs. I agree that this season feels like a unique opportunity with a weaker league due to restructure, and the added complexity of the super play offs meaining that we SHOULD try and win the league - but the target was play offs and we are still on course. Andy said he is looking at new signings so lets see what December brings Up the Town!
  7. Raingod

    Where are they now?

    Harold Joseph has joined Royston T
  8. Raingod

    Leatherhead v Enfield Town

    Anyone know why Greene not in squad?
  9. Raingod

    FA Trophy 10th November

    I agree - valid points 4WF & Theo on Bricknell & Greene... both fantastic players that we are not yet consistently getting the best out of. So, really excited about tomorrow's game .. few interesting snippets on the Basingstoke forum about tomorrow: 1 The Pitch: "Hi all have been down to check the pitch this morning all looking good after wednesdays 24mm rain. The ground staff have worked hard cutting and rolling pitch. Looks like a fast pitch at the moment but the problem is rain due this evening and lots of it. Hope its game on." 2 They have a "new" manager - Terry Brown (after Jason Bristow’s decision to take a larger role at Eastleigh Town mid week) back in the reins - will this hamper their preparations? 3 Our Squad ? It says "Enfield Town, announced that Defender Taofiq Olomowewe has been recalled by Wealdstone and will therefore not be in the Towners squad." I assume this is an error and someone has wrongly googled something from last season? Isn't Taofiq our player fully now? And will Dan Rumens be suspended tomorrow? If so we are down to 2 fit centre backs so assume we'll put one of our young defenders on the bench? (BTW whatever happened to George QC?) Expecting a similar line up to last Saturday, but with Blackman back in the team, and will be happy to come away unbeaten. Despite the yellow trim of the Basingstoke kit, can we play in our lucky red/yellow kit again??!! Now going to watch Mark Kirby on national TV (small bet on 100/1 for Kirby 1st goal & Haringey win!) Up the Town!
  10. Raingod

    ETFC V Haringay

    No Blackman?
  11. Raingod

    ETFC V Haringay

    Won't be at the match today, so will be following the match via here and twitter - hopeful of another win after the last 3 performances. - Haringay are struggling, plus no better time to play them - if I was one of their players I wouldn't want to risk getting injured and miss my chance of TV fame on Friday! - Expect it to be a case of us having to break them down, and we need to play like we did against Whitehawk rather than Brightlingsea! - Sam Chaney played for U23s in the week, so hopefully he will be involved in the squad today! - Hoping for a comfortable victory with no injuries before the big FAT game at Basingstoke next week. - Up the Town!
  12. Raingod

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Good point ... blue with yellow trim ....
  13. Raingod

    FA Trophy 10th November

    My last trip there was around 96 or 97 .. it was midweek, we played badly, and all I remember is we ate in the pizza express!!
  14. Raingod

    Lowestoft v Enfield Town

    Yes still with us and still injured unfortunately
  15. Raingod

    FA Trophy 10th November

    Agree not a great draw - was hoping for a low team! A good friend of mine is a Basingstoke fan so will be good to catch up with him at the game. They've had ground and owner problems - likely to be leaving the ground soon so if you havent ever been good time to go .. They sit mid table so no reason we can go there and get AT LEAST a draw - especially if we wear our luck red/yellow kit (100% record I believe!)