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  1. Went to watch a match for the first time in 2021 yesterday - and picked Bishops Stortford Swifts as close to me and a new ground .. a great game with a 3-2 win to Swifts (managed by Billy Cove) and a masterful performance and brace by none other than .. Ryan Blackman!
  2. Ryan Blackman joins Concord ..
  3. Jason Banton signs for kingstonian
  4. Projections 2021-2022 based on 2 year PPG - Google Drive Saw this on facebook - dont know how reliable it is but thought you all might like to see it
  5. Ryan Blackman played in a friendly for Hemel at the start of March ,,
  6. Jay Porter has played for Braintree in a couple of friendlies - personally didnt rate him based on his short time with us ....
  7. Wow .. missed that today .. the welling forum is generally negative about BQ...
  8. Ryan has been made captain at Welling
  9. Comments like this are unnecessary, wide of the mark and one of the reasons why very few people choose to comment on our forum which is a real shame.
  10. David Hughes joins welling
  11. It's not looking good at all ... ETFC are my only team - I'm not also a Spurs/Arsenal fan - I need to find someone else to support in the meantime!
  12. Having voided the last season, I thought the Isthmian league would have learnt - and agreed what the contingencies were for this season should the season be cut short - playing each other once, divide into 2 divisions, double headers where requred - everyone should have known the options and be aware of them ..
  13. My Favourite Enfield Town Squad 1 Imber 2 Parcell 3 Sivya 4 Kirby 5 Vilcu 6 Crook 7 Blackman 8 St Hilaire 9 Richards 10 Hope 11 Ottaway Subs McDonald Urquart Youngs Hall Doyle Faal Campbell Blake Manager: Borg
  14. Ken Charles on the bench for Braintree today, Percy starts for them ...
  15. Well, what a year it's been .. and no end in sight .. just spent £40 in the online club shop - there's some great stuff there - if everyone could spend a few quick there I'm sure it would help ... Best wishes to all Towner Fans, Members, Players and Supporters .. have a great Xmas and keep safe .. whenever it will be, look forward to watching a game again as soon as possible! If anyone has a spare minute, how about thinking up a few ETFC XIs - legends, your favourite players, a most agressive XI, fattest XI, most overrated XI, etc .. any ideas welcome! Be good to get some disus
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