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  1. Yes CC they both played against Ramsgate so yes should play their next match for us .. Given the Welling isolation it would be good to get confirmation they are returning .. Whilst on the topic of good news, stumbled across Barnets live feed v Hartlepool tonight with 15mins to go - was a pay link but could be seen free - was interested in seeing Mo but he only played last few minutes - Barnet looked awful and their forum is doom and gloom about potential relegation - so in theory there could be an Enfield - Barnet league game next season for 1st time since 89/90 !!
  2. .. due to COVID .. whole management team and squad in isolation .. assume it applies to Ryan and Lyle ...
  3. Restart 19 December if no issues .. clubs can agree to start earlier - I think we should try to League extended to end May
  4. Taofiq and Jason Banton both join Braintree
  5. Tonight on the wellign forum Main difference in recent times seems to be enfield lads hopefully we sign them.
  6. George Borg resigns as Braintree manager this morning ..
  7. I’m equally frustrated - am I right in saying the Bosman ruling will have helped give players more freedom? Personally I think BQ could manage us again in the future .. despite the 2017 exodus - if he were to repeat it I’m not so sure though ...
  8. they both seem to be making a real impact there .. and from what I've read on forums etc there doesnt seem to be much mention of them being there for just a month ... IF the lockdown ends on 2 Dec I have a level of confidence they will be back - so long as no stupid money is thrown at them, why swap a pomotion chase for a relegation battle with a lot more travel? PLus with Welling struggling, how long will BQ be manager there - some of their forum members predict he'll be gone by xmas ... Ryan loves the town and already in my all time town XI. As for Lyle, looking at his wiki page, Town are his 13th club and he has yet to make 30 appearances for any of them. He has settled with us, has been our best player this season. They know they are both fan favourites here .. so hoping that is enough .. if our level is shut down for longer it will make it easier for them to stay at Welling longer, and then who knows ....
  9. Just listened to Brads interview after the match and he comments on what a good debut Ryan had ....🤬
  10. I think we are right to be concerned, but without contracts there is little we can do to prevent. I think Ryan is a towner through and through - he has turned down Conf South clubs in the past while playing for ETFC and I dont believe he would leave us for Welling. Lyle must be surprised he wasnt selected on Saturday - and he has been in such hot form with us - my player of the season so far - why would he leave to go to a struggling team level above when he is settled here? I expect both to return to us when we resume ...
  11. Agree with the comments above - good exciting game, good team performance - we could have scored loads more - but if it wasnt for Nathan in the last minute would have been an underserved draw (I didnt see it myself, looking forward to watching on the video!) .. I believe they will simply rearrange the fixtures at this stage - which helps us with the big 5 in a row we had to face - get Shaun and Scott back to fitness to improve the starting 11. This could be a good thing for us? I do think the league should be clear and transparent in terms of the guidelines for this year - null and void v pts per game etc. Hopeful that there is nothing in it with Ryan and Lyle - we have waived the 7 day approach in good faith - surely Brad would not rip apart our squad a second time ...? Though I did think on Tuesday night its ironic how the Brad team of 4-5 years ago is reunitng here under Andy - Nathan, Muleba, Percy, and now H!! And finally very sad to see Mo join Barnet on loan - how could he???
  12. Mo joins Barnet on loan - how could you Mo???!!! Ben WC joins Welling from Potters Bar as stated on the other thread - is it for 4 weeks or permanent?
  13. Big day today - shame I can't be there .. As WR says lots of players missing, but we have a stronger squad depthwise than in previous few seasons. Ramsgate are a league below but will be looking at our mixed form and coming into the game with confidence. I would like to see - HJ come straight into the back line. - An attacking approach with a proper 2nd striker alongside Billy and 2 wide players as well. .. take the game to them .. dont't want the lottery of penalties after Peterboro .. - Taaffe start if fit Bring your singing voices to the game and help them to victory! COYT
  14. Roman Campbell is at Ramsgate but unavailable against us tomorrow
  15. Hi Wilson - everyone's opinion on here is valid - we all want success for the club! You're never too far away - for £5 /mnth as an online towner you get to watch a lot of the matches - well worth it!
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