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  1. No Sam Youngs or Ken Charles? Nathan Livings starts Different bench with returns of Taafe &Hockney, as well as Bobson
  2. Very very frustrating afternoon .. and in the space of 7 days we have lost our only chance of a trophy on Tuesday, and given ourselves a mountain to climb in terms of getting to Top 5. Ryan Blackman - the challenge was unnecessary, we had plenty back .. but that is the player he is. He plays with absolute commitment and is so passionate for us, so I cant criticise him. Ryan is the player who turned down Conference South teams back in 2017 to stay with us, he's the player who comes over to the fans after all games, and I bumped into him in the carpark at Kingstonian - despite being suspended he had driven 3 hours to watch the team play! How many others do that? Personally he is a Towner through and through The interview with Andy post match says that Ryan had been warned a couple of times - so to me the management at 2-1 should have taken him off as a precaution at that point. Didn't get the substitutions - Della Verde was playing v well, and then taking Ken then Billy off so we had no outlet up front was crazy - yes Billy looked tired having put in a great shift up front, so why not replace with youngster Esan to chase balls or experiecned Ibe to hold it up? Goals we conceded were very poor - the long ball over the top was a misjudge by Wethers - and Nathan was stranded - Uruquart was back so Nathan didn't need to be so far out. Throwing on extra defenders but without a plan meant we were just sitting back letting them come on to us - so it felt inevitable. Free header from a corner (Wethers again) - but no one on the post to have cleared it? Ironically I don't look at any of our defenders and think they are not good enough, but collectively they are not working together. Do we need a defensive coach to work on this side of the game? I don't subscribe to the manager out position at this stage of the season .. - we can still make the play offs, though need an almighty run like 2016. This time next week I hope this is still the case. - Andy has been making good signings in Uruqhart & Delle Verde - and I do believe the management team are committed and doing their best for us. - I believe the squad is strong on paper - especially with Hockney, Taffe and Higgs to come in - there are not 3 or 4 players that I don't want at the club. Issue is depth - we don't seem to have faith in our bench to make earlier changes BUT - we must bring someone in to sort our defensive organisation - as its not working - we must use subs better - Nathan Livings on the bench would have been a perfect replacement for Ryan after his first warning from the ref - have we invested too much of the wage bill in the starting 11 .. so less competition for places? - we aren't great to watch at present I am still "glass half full" but do understand and appreciate the more negative views - haven't been to as many games this season! Up the town
  3. Taofiq joins Chelmsford (was skipper at hungerford) Taysh Hayden smith is being advertised on twitter as a free agent
  4. Percy on a month's loan at Hendon (from Colchester)
  5. Brad becomes manager at Welling
  6. Bit of fun - 23 man squad - criteria of 2 seasons with us - - off the top of my head - what is yours? Gk; McDonald, Imber, Wright Def: Kirby, Lockie, Parcell, Muleba, Sivya, Doyle, Gabriel, Joseph, Vilcu Mid: Youngs, Blackman, Crook, Campbell, Shulton, Muguo, Wallace Att: Hope, Ottaway, Whiteley, Devyne
  7. George Borg joint manager at Braintree..
  8. Surely Percy could comeback to us?
  9. Dave Kendall joins Ware for the Towner reunion there !
  10. Fantastic performance yesterday - sore throat from the constant singing (and boo ing their no 5!) and tired hands from the clapping! When was the last time we beat a team at a higher level? This game will go down in the memory alongside Tonbridge Away last year and the Grays Semi. Few line up surprises .. Taafe not in the squad (not aware of an injury?) and then Billy getting injured in the warm up. Junior and Nathan must have expected to get the nod ahead of Charles, but he had a very solid game. Strong performances all over the pitch - but Mo lead the line brilliantly - and ran from start to finish on a hot day. Ryan was a real driving force in midfield and it was a great run and through ball for both goals. Sam Youngs was all over the place and had some great touches too. We had some nice passing moves and it felt like the team spirit really is there. To beat a team in the level above who are almost in the play offs is a great result. Yes they were poor but I think we battled and did not let them play. I have previously criticised sub timings but thought Andy got it spot on - giving Junior enough time to make an impact, and freshen things up when we were under pressure, and then bringing Nathan on towards the end - to see things out in the middle (fair play to his patience this season being mainly a sub). Defence all played well together - led ably by Wethers!! If I had to pick areas for improvement, feels like the squad is lacking in depth - a couple of injuries and we could be in trouble. And we did panic for a while in the 2nd half when we should have tried to keep the ball more. Overall though a memorable day, much needed funds for the club. Any casual fan who turned up yesterday would surely have loved the whole matchday experience and come back for more. Special mention to the Ultras - their unwavering support is fantastic - was really proud to be a Towner yesterday! So looking ahead to the draw, would like either lowest ranked team at home, or would love to get Ricay and turn them over!
  11. Sam Bantick plays for Cambridge city tonight .. was expecting big things from him...
  12. Ryan Blake joins Thame Utd and scores on his debut
  13. Another tough draw .. surely a chance of BBC coverage ? Glad this match wasn’t 2 seasons ago as it would have been against a team with 8 ex towners ....
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-49608405 Ricky and Ralston Gabriel ... prison !!! unbelievable
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