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  1. George Borg joint manager at Braintree..
  2. Surely Percy could comeback to us?
  3. Dave Kendall joins Ware for the Towner reunion there !
  4. Fantastic performance yesterday - sore throat from the constant singing (and boo ing their no 5!) and tired hands from the clapping! When was the last time we beat a team at a higher level? This game will go down in the memory alongside Tonbridge Away last year and the Grays Semi. Few line up surprises .. Taafe not in the squad (not aware of an injury?) and then Billy getting injured in the warm up. Junior and Nathan must have expected to get the nod ahead of Charles, but he had a very solid game. Strong performances all over the pitch - but Mo lead the line brilliantly - and ran from start to finish on a hot day. Ryan was a real driving force in midfield and it was a great run and through ball for both goals. Sam Youngs was all over the place and had some great touches too. We had some nice passing moves and it felt like the team spirit really is there. To beat a team in the level above who are almost in the play offs is a great result. Yes they were poor but I think we battled and did not let them play. I have previously criticised sub timings but thought Andy got it spot on - giving Junior enough time to make an impact, and freshen things up when we were under pressure, and then bringing Nathan on towards the end - to see things out in the middle (fair play to his patience this season being mainly a sub). Defence all played well together - led ably by Wethers!! If I had to pick areas for improvement, feels like the squad is lacking in depth - a couple of injuries and we could be in trouble. And we did panic for a while in the 2nd half when we should have tried to keep the ball more. Overall though a memorable day, much needed funds for the club. Any casual fan who turned up yesterday would surely have loved the whole matchday experience and come back for more. Special mention to the Ultras - their unwavering support is fantastic - was really proud to be a Towner yesterday! So looking ahead to the draw, would like either lowest ranked team at home, or would love to get Ricay and turn them over!
  5. Sam Bantick plays for Cambridge city tonight .. was expecting big things from him...
  6. Ryan Blake joins Thame Utd and scores on his debut
  7. Another tough draw .. surely a chance of BBC coverage ? Glad this match wasn’t 2 seasons ago as it would have been against a team with 8 ex towners ....
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-49608405 Ricky and Ralston Gabriel ... prison !!! unbelievable
  9. Be good to hear more details on the game, who played well, comments on the formation, etc?
  10. Keep up the good work Theo .. always good to hear perspectives on the game. Am currently working in wales, so tomorrow night I will be at Pennydarren BGC vs Aberbargoed Buds!! So will be looking for forum and twitter updates on the towners!!
  11. So is it another trophy for us by default if Tonbridge & Dorking both declined to play us ??????!!!!
  12. Only seen the FCUM game, which I was impressed with. After the initial exit of players quickly, our fears were not realised with the rest of the squad remaining and good replacements have been secured. Talk of an "improved dressing room" is good to hear, along with the intention to improve our style of play. Bantick looks a great signing to me, and Billy looks on fire vs last close season when he first joined. Concerns - 1 defence still - would like to see a Harold Joseph/Vilcu type character alongside Wethers (how did HJ play against us?). Lack of cover for injuries there? 2. Looking at team line ups we don't feel to have played a settled 11 yet, with a number of trialists still playing last weekend. Betvictor have us at 16-1 for the title, and position us the same as Worthing and Cheshunt (!), finishing 10-12th. I believe this team can achieve play offs and anything less would be a disappointment - there are no "Billericays" again this season so feeling cautiously optimistic.. Did the club state its target for the season at the meeting? Prediction tomorrow: 1-1 (Bricknell) Predicted line up (based on minimal viewing!) McDonald, Muleba, Weatherstone, Rumens, Payne, Taaffe, Youngs, Thomas, Bantick, Bricknell, Charles.
  13. Enjoyable first game back last night - looked sharp in the first half considering only wk2 of pre season. Bantick was fantastic, surprised on that performance he was at Step 4 last season. Played a part in all 3 goals, very confident. Josh & Billy linked up well,and we played some good stuff. Both were clinical in taking their goals, and we put pressure on them up top Solid from the returning Muleba and McDonald, and nice to see Livings back in the 2nd half. 2nd half was slower after loads of subs, but great to see Ryan and Mo back after injury (hope Ryan's early sub was just precautionary and that Mo is signing!) Great support for both sides, must attract players to want to play in front of a crowd like that for us. Yes we've lost some players, but feeling positive based on this first outing of the 19/20 team ..
  14. Very good post Barney .. and I do feel some more optimism having seen the squad update .. just need Mo to sign ..! Re Ryan Blackman, personally think he is a great captain to have at the club. He always comes over to thank the fans at the end of away games regardless of the result/performance, seems to care as much as us fans do! And in the forgettable 17-18 season he had TWO opportunities to move to a higher level but stayed loyal to us! Only 8 days til the first game!
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