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  1. MTH - MW out with an ankle injury according to report last week. COME ON THE TOWN - 45 minutes to get at least 2 goals to win and keep us with a chance of the play offs ..
  2. Ricky Gabriel has left Braintree for Maidenhead ... I believe he was the last of the 14 players who left us that close season..
  3. Very very disappointing to see the result today and read the comments above. I have always been "glass half full" in my outlook to this season - and whilst we are in with a shout of the play offs well that was the target that was set of Andy. It is just mid-Feb, and the table does not make pretty reading - I think the top 3 are not catchable - Dorking, Haringey and Tonbridge (assuming they win their game in hand) - as we are 3 wins behind them with just 11 to play. There are then 9 teams in my view that are fighting for the final 2 spots - and 5 out of our next 6 matches are against these top 11 teams. Like other posts, I don't get the formation change, but also .. - why are Mulley and Ibe not starting - has Karl's loan ended? - we are SO short of defenders now, without even one on the bench today - had we had an injury then we would have to reshuffle the line up - any updates on Joe? This is the 2nd time he has pulled out within an hour of kick off? The cup final will be a great day (evening) out ... but play offs was the target, or getting close to them - and unbelievably we are in danger of being out of contention in February! In a season when we have a very strong line up on paper, and the league is "relatively" weak. I am very concerned ....
  4. Ralston G has joined Boreham Wood - will dent Haringay's title hopes! John Muleba has been released by Braintree - would love to see him back! Think that leaves Ricky Gabriel as the only ex Towner at Braintree now ...
  5. Exactly what I was thought CC - and I assume both cup tied for velocity final! Remi started the season extremely well for us but wouldn't say that was maintained. When I look on twitter, Hornchurch fans seem v unhappy about Jay going so hopefully we have the better of the deal!
  6. I think the manager at Hornchurch was Remi’s previous manager at Thurrock. Even then, swapping a play off chasing team for a team around the bottom doesn’t make sense?
  7. This is a must win game looking at the table and the opposition. Betway have us at 19/40 for the win, I have gone for us to win but them to score too at 15/8 . Disappointed to see remi leave us - first few games I saw him in, thought he really linked up well with Aaron, not been as effective since though. Leaves us even lighter in defence..
  8. Fantastic result .. away against the best team I have seen this season when they beat us 4-1! And a clean sheet! Can’t wait to read people’s views of the game. The dorking highlights on the net suggest we were unlucky midweek, so have we turned the corner? Any reason why Hope not in the squad?
  9. Saffron Walden .. plus just started a new job based near Cardiff so will be seeing us live a lot less..
  10. LS - fully agree - as someone who contributes monthly to the club but lives away from Enfield, surprised to not see anything posted yet? Given current frustrations being aired on the forum (and I would say I am more a "glass half full person" with regards to where we are), I'm surprised there is nothing posted to alleviate people's concerns. (It has been suggested in the past that the AGM could be streamed for members?) Where are you based now LS?
  11. Billy Crook has left Braintree for Dartford
  12. Raingod


    Enjoyable game, but was hopeful we could take all 3 points ... draw was probably a fair result - we were the better side overall but they had a couple of really good chances. The positives from me: - Mickey had a fantastic game and well deserved MOTM. I think his versatility has counted against him as he has played as both full backs, midfield and up front - and not had a specific team position - he would be one of the first names on my teamsheet the way he is playing. A great run in the 1st half could have resulted in a goal! - Sam Youngs had another great game with a great goal - Bilal had some promising touches - just needs to play the ball at the right time - in the 2nd half had a couple of great runs but having skinned the defender he tried to take on another rather than the cross/pass, resulting in loss of possession - he is young, and I think he can be an important part of the team this year. - Felt like there was a good team spirit - and with Weatherstone at the back we feel so much more secure. The disappointments for me were - slow to start each half - an additional 5 mins in the first half and I think we would have got another. Second half was like the first and we lost our momentum at the break - poor goal to concede - Rumens should have just cleared it - 2 attacking subs given less than 10 mins - if we are to run a smaller squad then we need to have players that can come on and make a difference - so need to be given time - Still too many hopeful punts downfield - I wouldn't swap Jo for ANY previous ETFC keeper but it does feel wasteful when it's kicked straight into touch - Considering their keeper did not seem very confident overall, especially with his kicking, don't think we tested him enough. I would agree that another strike partner for Billy is required - hopefully a deal can be done asap And the negatives: - Final 2 subs too late - Bench very young again and I assume Wales not likely to come on
  13. Jo Ellul has announced on twitter he is going to play in New Zealand Taofiq appears to be staying at a club for more than a week after a 3-0 win for Carshalton!
  14. Merry Xmas all. Surprised there's not more comments on the game on here - as I am really pleased with what I saw! We started really strongly, and Mo looked a real handful up front! First goal came when a Wingate player went down easily and ref waved play on .. we reacted quickly, and Blackman sent in a ball for Mo to finish from a very tight angle. I missed the 2nd as I was at the burger van, and the large crowd in the corner meant I couldnt see it! (Will watch it later as the GoToTown full match has been issued!) There were 2 occasions in the 1st half where Mo could have squared it to Bricknell for an easier shot but elected to shoot himself, but good to see the confidence he had Both Greene and Youngs had good solid games on the wings - I think after both have been subs recently they were both up for putting in strong performances. Does feel a bit of a waste seeing Sam out wide rather than in the thick of it, but he had some lovely touches, turns, and was very impressive. Greene had some really strong runs. Second half and the expected Enfield 2nd half foot off the gas took place, as predicted by some on the terraces. Wingate walked through us far too easily to score. But unlike other games we kept going and got a penalty almost out of nothing - their player didn't see Mo and clattered into him - definately a penalty in my view but probably unlucky for them. Billy kept hold of the ball despite Mo having the opportunity for a hat trick (maybe revenge for the non-passes in the first half!) and restored the 2 goal cushion. The bench was a young one with Sutton, Taafe and Chaney all missing, but was good to see Bilal and Junior on, and both played well. The 4th goal was a great move which saw Bilal place it on Junior's head for a simple goal - he looked so happy to score and enjoyed the "Junior" chants! He then had an even easier chance when the ball came across to him from the other wing and inexplicably missed (I genuinely think I would have scored it, it was that easy!) - but hey we were 4-1 up and still all chanted Junior! Josh Davidson also came on, and looked decent, few unlucky bounces. We had several other chances before the end and there was a great buzz. Hats off also to Ryan and MJ who both played really well in the centre of the park. Also extremely impressed with Weatherstone. He was the only player not to run over when Mo scored the 1st, out of respect for his history with Wingate. His leadership and organisation were excellent, and we looked far stronger as a unit at the back - Dan Rumens had a solid game, helped by having an experienced partner with him. Really enjoyed the game, some great singing (Last Xmas - next year .. I'll give it to Billy Bricknell was brilliant!) and a positive feel about the place. Two new signings that have improved the squad, and are playing well. Yes we can still be direct at times, and we did sometimes lose the ball in promising positions, but we were trying to do things differently. Overall think we are looking in great shape for the second half of the season. Up the Town!
  15. Brandon has signed a contract at Ware
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