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  1. Craig Calver is back at saffron walden - played for stortford last season
  2. Potters Bar today line up with Callum ellesley and mason tunbridge !! Ex es Kieron cathline and Samson esan are also in their squad Total of 8 ex towners - with Payne, QC, BWC and Charles as well!
  3. Interesting update today - we have a friendly next week but 1st team not involved as they are self-isolating .. real blow to preparations for the season - does anyone know if there is the opportunity to defer the opening league game? Would we want to? Hope everyone at the club is safe and well
  4. Edgeware last night fielded McGleish at CB - aged 46 - alongside McCluskey, with Adam Wallace up front
  5. Matt Nolan in goal for Cockfosters last night in the Fa Cup
  6. Very pleased to get Josh confirmed .. very cultured, good on the ball, and can play in a variety of positions. Great to have Percy back - been impressed with what I have seen So 8 signed up excluding the 2 youngsters above .. Hopefully, the Sams - Hatton and Young, Muleba, Sean, Lyle and Junior all commit soon as well. Plus a couple of the other trialists have looked good - at left back and midfield ...
  7. Starting to feel excited now ... though it will be a very strange season - with players/teams potentially having to suddenly quarantine for 2 weeks if someone gets covid - could be a real topsy turvey season. My 2 initial comments are - midweek games on a Wednesday rather than a Tuesday? Is this to give the players more of a breather between games as there will be a lot of midweek ones in a compressed season? Or a commercial reason to boost attendences - or both? Whilst there is no way of knowing who will come out strongly this season, the fact that our final run of 8 games does not contain any of last season's Top 8 is a good one. Conversely, November is a key month - we have 6 games from Nov 7th to Dec 5th, and 5 of them are against last season's Top 8 ...
  8. Agree AT it was so nice to be at a live match - never looked forward to a PSF so much! Feeling optimistic for the season at present - we have kept the core of the squad from the end of last season - and a few of the trialists certainly look interesting from this match and the others seen on video. No Muleba so far but I understand work commitments is the reason rather than anything else?
  9. Still got some A Triallists playing so who knows???? James Mulley played (and scored) for Uxbridge last night
  10. Bilal and Samir both played for Wingate tonight
  11. Ade Cole has joined Hemel - just seen this ..
  12. Crook joins Chelmsford Krasniqi joins Maidstone
  13. from the updates last night that suggest fans can attend at our level and below .. I am planning to be at Hertford away Friday night ...
  14. https://mixlr.com/radioclarets
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