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  1. Theo - can you share the link to the spreadsheet - interested to see all the changes across all leagues! thanks!
  2. For the final time this season ... good interview with Andy as well ..
  3. So the big day is almost upon us and I'm really excited ... brings back memories of Dulwich in 2017 but also the heroics v Grays in 2012 - 10 years ago! I am feeling confident, predicting 2-0 to the Town ... and a Cheshunt upset meaning we face them at home in the final ..
  4. I agree with Benj more than LS .. I do always try to see the positive, but in my view... - It is already the joint best ever finish - and we could still finish in 3rd ... plus good performances in the cups .. - We were potentially challenging for the title until February - With the uncertainty of the last 2 seasons, don't think we can blame the management for the squad in place at day 1 of pre season - they did get it right for the start of the league campaign - When you look at the calibre of players we have, Andy & Mario must take the credit for getting them on board - I am sure that Mo, LDV & Cass would have had many other options but chose us - Going into this play off I think that any of them can win it .. - Plus, I think the club overall has really come along in the last 12 months - better crowds, fantastic noise and support, the 20 year celebations and merch - overall everyone who has been involvedd in the club in any way can be proud of what has been acheived..
  5. Andy, Apollo finished in the same position as Enfield did in the 89/90 season ! Unlike Mike Ferguson I did keep going to the bitter end!
  6. Hi OT, Agree that we could have won more than we have. Looking at the table now, I think it's fair to say Worthing are deserved winners - 13 pts clear of us and a GD over 20 better than ours! Plus they have played exceptionally well, and have been up there for the last 2 cancelled seasons .. yes we have given away some games this season, but overall play offs is fair for us .. At one point I did genuinely think we were gonna win it before our Feb blip! Seeing we are only a few points off 2nd, and level on points with 3rd shows how close we have been .. had we beaten Brightlingsea and Cray in the last week then we would now be in 2nd !! However I have now talked myself into believing that we will win at Hornchurch and then have Cheshunt at home in the final!
  7. 🤣 My managerial career started and finished with Apollo FC in the Edmonton & District League!!
  8. A far more solid performance than the prior 2 games ... We set up with 3 at the back - with Taaffe and Bilal wide .. (nice to see Andy reads the forum and took my suggestion on board!!!) PK, LDV and Cunnington back in, with Sam & Mo subs (both a surprise to me!) We mixed it up a lot more, and tried to pass it around a lot more LDV with the breakthrough after about 20 mins, scoring well from the edge of the box ... We looked more solid the way we set up, and Nathan didnt have too many saves to make in the game .. and we harrassed and chased around, some good tackles and blocks A lovely Sam flick for Mo to end his drought was a nice end to the game ... LDV & PK looked more like their old selves, and I thought Taafe had another good game for us .. Bilal did ok but seems to be lacking in confidence - Ryan put in a good shift when he took over early in the 2nd half So the play off 4 are decided with Cheshunt winning v Stortford, whilst Hornchurch also lost! Had we taken just 1 more point in the previous 2 then 3rd would be in our hands. We can still do it if Wethers does us a favour and takes points off Hornchurch, but Bognor wont be easy. Regardless, I am now thinking that perhaps our set up will be better suited to playing away rather than at home v Hornchurch (although your stats suggest otherwise CC) .. and yes I would far rather play Cheshunt at home than Stortford away in the final ! The support was fantastic throughout and the players have commented about it on twitter - it is absolutely 1st class (... but a bit less swearing wouldnt go amiss ?) Hopefully Scott's injury not too bad? And any news on Harold? And assume we will have sub gk on the bench for the play offs which means someone else wont be involved on the day .. tough decisions!
  9. A better performance than the previous week .. but we certainly aren't firing on all cylinders ... play offs mathematically secured - congrats to all at the club for a tremendous effort this year ,, Whenever I think back to that mauling by Spurs U23 in pre season, you realise how far we have come! The positives for me - Jake back into spectacular form - I think his second should be counted in our goal of the season comp! And his all round play was great too! And we did give it a real push team wise at the end to pile the pressure on ... On the down side .... Mo is not his usual self at present, the defence continues to leak goals - Harold was our best defender at the time of his injury against Horsham back in January - if he is now fit he should be given a chance in my view.. So play off combinations are taking shape - Hornchurch could still pip Stortford to 2nd - I would prefer to play Hornchurch in the semi of the 2 of them - as we have the psychological advantage of the double over them .. And looking ahead to a final - maybe away from home is better for us after all - the home side will attack more as at home and perhaps us playing on the counter will work better? If we want to avoid Stortford then I think Lewes or Folkestone would be more likely to beat them in the semi than Cheshunt .. but as suggested elsewhere, anything can happen in one off games ... so all speculation! I would also like us to consider moving to a back 3 .. given the recent defensive mistakes, would this give us more security there? Controversial and maybe we don't have the time to do this, but I think it would improve us defensively, could allow us to play an extra attacking player, would encourage us to use the wings more ...
  10. Well that wasn't how the script was meant to go ...!! We started ok in blustery conditions and created a few chances ... their keeper dropped a corner for Cass to ram home .. and everything felt fine .. They started to play their way into it a bit more .. though dont remember Nathan having much to do save wise .. then scored just before half time .. I wasnt looking but the consensus seemed to be it was a poor goal to concede .. and could have been an own goal .. Jerry went off imjured mid way through the half - hope its not serious hes been in great form .. and Nathan slotted in for him .. 2nd half was poor - they were the better side and seemed to want it more than us ... We made an attacking sub with LDV replacing Maja - which surprised me .. but did show intent for us to try and win it .. With Taafe and LDV on the pitch I would have put Mo up top where he can do most damage .. they were clearly going to focus on him .. and I hear they are the only team he hasnt scored against this season ... It could have been fine - Mo broke through and put the ball in the net with 10 to play - but it was offside - didn't look it to me .. Then in the last minute we gave a way a free kick .. and after we partially cleared they smashed it home to go mad (reminded me of our 2014 Great Escape type celebrations!) The ref didnt have a great game, a few of their players were whinging a lot, but in truth we did not deserve the win .. Mo clapped the fans briefly then rushed off down the tunnel .. Andy was clearly angry too ... So a poor performance but after 6 straight wins .. maybe better to get this out of our system now .. Sammy, Lewis and Scott all had good games in my view .. So what has changed - well with Lewes, Folkestone and Cheshunt all drawing - we only need 1 point to be matheatically in the play offs .. Our chance of getting to 2nd seems unlikely now ... so it is likely to be us v Hornchurch - venue tbc depending on the last few matches .. but more likely to be at theirs now .. Yes we've done the double over them, but with 3 ex Towners in the side it will be a tough one that could go either way ... And from what I saw on Tuesday they have 3 quick forwards we need to be prepared to counter .. Having been reluctant to change a winning side, I now expect PK & LDV to start the next game ... Bilal should be given a chance too, and Harold and Muleba need some game time ... we should rotate a bit next few games to get the team combination right for the semi, and ensure all the squad are ready should they be needed ... I am told Adam's injury is not serious which is great news .. he should be starting if fit in my view So a bad day at the office .. but its all about being ready for the semi now .. despite being frustrated, I still clapped off the team at the end .. they have come a long way .. and we still have this within our hands .... we're all in this together ...
  11. I am also starting to think - who do I want in the semi ? I went to the Cheshunt - Hornchurch game last night - Hornchurch deserved it overall .. Both sides were quite direct .. after going behind Cheshunt scored a great goal from outside the box, and then gave away a soft own goal when the defender knocked it past the keeper! Before then I thought a draw could be on the cards .. Cheshunt had a mini rally at the end, including the keeper up for a last minute corner .. but the Urchins hung on ... .. Mickey P has also gone for an agrressively short hair cut! Hornchurch front 3 are very strong, but overall on our day we should be confident against either team I am looking at Stortford, Hornchurhc & Cheshunt as similar to us in playing styles - battling, aggressive and hard to beat .. I think we would fair better against these teams than Folkestone or Lewes who play the ball around a bit more .. I agree we want home advantage for the semi - and if we are away to stortford in the final we would still take a good following ... If Stortford fail to win all 4 we could sneak 2nd If we drop pts, we could end up in 4th .. away to Hornchurch.. A 2nd or 3rd place would be BEST EVER .. and I believe we should not be scared of the other teams in the play offs .. CC - money aside, to me after 10 years in the Isthmian prem (was that Grays semi really 10 years ago!!!) we are ready to take the step up
  12. My first game for a few weeks .. I said beforehand I'd take a scrappy 1-0 and that's what we got ! Great early goal with Youngs flicking in a well taken Taaffe corner! Mo then had 2 really good chances to extend the lead .. on both occasions Cunnington was well placed to tap in .. and that would have closed the game off early.. I understand Leatherhead have a completely new management and team, and they did not look like a team struggling at the bottom .. they can be disappointed not to get a draw They had their own "Lee Chappell" long throw specialist and we defended resolutely .. We did play direct when we got the ball .. and 2nd half they were probably the better team and it was anxious to the end ... Only 1 sub - Taaffe (who had a good game) replaced by Nathan with 15 to play Didnt hear who was MOM but it was Youngs for me .. some great play just behind the striker! Close 2nd was Cunnington who battles for the whole game and was a key outlet for the team! Did going ahead early mean we took our foot off the gas? Maybe? And with the bench we had I would personally have used PK and LDV (or Bilal) to give some fresh impetus in the 2nd half ... Clean sheet will have done us the world of good .. I did want us to sign another CB but with days before the deadline I assume this wont happen .. we have Harold back from injury as well Our target has to be 2nd or 3rd place ...to get a home tie in the semi Elsewhere Hornchurch won again despite Jo Wright being sent off in the First Half. Cheshunt dont appear to have given up on a Top 5 place winning at East Thurrock - they have some big games coming up and can do us a favour by beating our rivals! Folkestone lost 5-0 at Horsham .. this will give hope to Lewes and Cheshunt ... So all to play for ..
  13. So any feedback on the game today ?? Last week the Worthing thread was full of negativity before the end of the game, today no comments nearly 2 hours after the final whistle? Wasn't there, but looks comfortable with an early goal, we kept a clean sheet .. Andy being prepared to make the changes after our poor run to shake up the line up ... bold move dropping Cass that could have seen criticism had it backfired .. Great to see Maja back in the 11 too ... Be good to hear everyone's views .. Lewes & Stortford drop points, and the predicted final table expects us to finish 3rd ...
  14. Just noticed this hasnt been posted up ... from 2 weeks ago Enfield Town 0-2 Bishop Stortford | Highlights - YouTube
  15. Rodari brace sets up HUGE win! | Worthing 3-0 Enfield Town | Highlights - YouTube
  16. I wasn't there so difficult to say too much - based on the 5 min highlights Worthing have posted up - I will put in the other thread now, looks like we went with a back 3 with PK and Bilal as "wing backs" Goals were poor to concede marking wise, PKs red didnt look a red to me, their player went down easily .. but PK didnt protest - so maybe it was fair? Their guy was clean through after he failed to cut it out .. First half commentary they werent impressed with us, their forum likewise - so we can all agree it was not a great day... So we are on a bad run of form, 3 poor performances in a row by all accounts ( I was only at Wingate of the 3) .. but I dont get the negativity and statements on this thread like the manager should go now? - Still on course for BEST EVER finish - yes we are having a blip now, and I'm sure the playing staff and management will be working hard to correct this - but we only have 1 play off contender in our 10 games left .. a good % of wins and 2nd place is up for grabs - which means we have 2 home games in the play offs .. even 3rd would mean a home semi tie .. - If we had decided we didnt want to go up, we wouldnt have invested in Cass - I'm sure that extra part of the wage budget wasnt just lying around .. and credit to the board and Andy for making such a great signiing, along with the squad we have assembled .. - Attendences reaching 750 .. thats what we got in the GMVC in the 80s ... So yes, right to be concerned as we are off form - but still 2nd place up for grabs ... and I-personally think the club have moved on at all levels this season - and every person who has contributed to that can be proud .. there is now a gap between 6th and 7th .. and unless there is an extraordinary run by one of the clubs in 7th or below, there are 5 of us competing for 4 play off places .. we simply focus on our own games and the others will drop points against each other East Thurrock next who are fighting for their lives and won 1-0 v Carshalton yesterday .. this has to be 3 points .. Let's keep positive ... play offs was the target at the start of the season - still well within reach .. PS Worthing forum implies there was some sort of trouble at the end - can anyone shed any light on?
  17. For those of us not there, Worthing have live radio coverage - see their Twitter site.. Attacking line up for us .. fingers crossed …
  18. POST-MATCH INTERVIEWS! (A) Bishop's Stortford F.C vs Enfield Town F.C - YouTube CAMERAMAN WIPED OUT! 🎥❌🤦🏿‍♂️ | WINGATE & FINCHLEY V ENFIELD TOWN | NON LEAGUE FOOTBALL | - YouTube FLARES, 5 GOALS, POWER CUT + GOALKEEPER TAUNTS ANGRY FANS In Wingate & Finchley 4-1 Enfield Town! - YouTube Wingate & Finchley Vs Enfield Town - YouTube Wingate & Finchley Vs Enfield Town - YouTube Wingate & Finchley Vs Enfield Town missed penalty - YouTube Wingate & Finchley Vs Enfield Town - YouTube Wingate & Finchley Vs Enfield Town amazing goal - YouTube Wingate & Finchley Vs Enfield Town - YouTube
  19. WOW lots of debate on the forum which is nice to read! I almost didnt make it last night - was at standstill on the M6 near Birmingham and sat nav said 748 arrival .. but managed to get in for 730 .. Just the one change - and I thought it was right to start Bilal who would be up for the battle against his old club - and to be honest would have given him longer than 45 mins .. First half was pretty poor - a neutral would probably have thought that Enfield the promotion chasing team were in blue - but we did have a few chances - Cass closed down a defender well to be clean through that would have made it 1-1 ... and there was another good chance too .that was straight at the keeper .. 2nd half we went to a back 3 with wingbacks and it did shore us up - we played better and got an early goal .. perhaps its time to give Cass penalties after another miss by Mo - Overall not good enough on the day but we are still in a great place .. .. As a derby, Wingate were up for it, and Wethers and Hatton would have been wound up for it - their cup final! .. I think after 2 poor games in a row, the management team need to shake up the line up for Leatherhead - teams will be watching us and learning how to play against us - on paper it should be 3 points so I would like to see some attacking intent - maybe like the Bowers at home approach when Taffe and Coker were wing backs! Anyone know where Cunnington was last night? I would like to see Mo more centrally again closer with Cass too .. And I still say we need a top drawer centre half that is comfortable taking possession .. other teams are far more comfortable passing around the back than we are .. though would this be the rigtht time to introduce one? We should still make the play offs comfortably - something BQ never did as we were always chasing at the last minute .. Yes we are having a mini blip - but if we can secure 2nd we guarantee home fixtures in the play offs -- I think Worthing are too far ahead now, but we should be aiming for 2nd in my view .. It is about coming into form at the right time .. .. special mention to the fans who sang throughout - .. and at the final whistle I noticed Super Capt Kirby in the crowd - was great to see him (I did suggest he comes back to orgasnise the defence ...!) Yes agree the ground is dangerous but used to it now ..! Thought a missed opportunity not priniting a programme - ... Up the town!
  20. Samson Esan joins Maidenhead from PB Adam Pepera is at Evesham Utd
  21. Couldn't make it down yesterday .. 2 different friends who went both said it was poor .. and along with the above - as TCE says, forget and move on .. I don't understand the doom and gloom though on the thread - we are 2nd in our own right - even when teams have played any remaining games in hand .. I refer back to that depressing night in July where I brought 2 people to the Spurs game and was frankly embarassed. Any fan at the time would have accepted being where we are at this stage .. Before yesterday we were TOP of the form table .. interviews with the managers of the last few teams we played have been very complimentary ... and we are still a point ahead of Stortford on the same number of games - and they have a harder run in .. We are in the driving seat for the highest league finish in our history, attendences are getting to the levels I remember in the late 80s in the GMVC when I started watching enfield - lots to be pleased and excited about! You can look at our record against the other top sides as not the best (good analysis CC) but we only have 2 more matches against the top 9 in our final 12 games .. most of the rest of the top 9 have 5 or 6 against each other .. so there will be plenty more twists and turns .. And whilst we can say Folkestone, for example, looked far better than us on the day, they couldnt beat Bowers at home 3 days after our comfortable win .. we want the best for the club and set high standards .. but we are 2nd on merit .. and all teams have off days .. And if we end up in the play offs, home advantage will be of significance .. I was equally surprised that Chappell and Bray were both unavailable - doesnt say what the reasons were - having spent a lot of time on the bench, would have thought they would do anything to be their and keep their places - but these things happen ... So onto Tues & Sat - lets keep the pressure on Worthing with 6 points from these next 2 .. Up the town!
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