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  1. Thanks LS .. wasn't there but listened to the live commentary courtesy of David and Ram! Sounded like a deserved win with lots of chances, although against weaker opposition on paper. Great to hear about our playing style and really pleased LDV is back to his best! Looking forward to seeing the highlights Shame we conceded 2 still - any feedback on the defence/the debutant? I personally have been really impressed with Braithwaite this season so was surprised he was dropped. And shame Marcus was ill or would have surely kept his place after last week at Cray Not quite at our target of 2pts/game - but we are up there and now need to go on a run .. Oh and sorry to see Bilal go - really wanted him to succeed as a player with us - but aguably needed to bulk up a bit so not pushed off the ball as much - hope he does well at Walthamstow
  2. Hi All, Thought I'd post up my thoughts on yesterday for those not there. Think my 6th Enfield game of the season, and yes I was at Lewes last week for comparison. So a few changes from the previous week's line up show who Andy was unhappy with from the previous game. First half I would say we shaded it - Nathan made a couple of really good saves but I think overall we created more. Hercules and Wyllie on the wings -Wyllie made some good runs, and at one point was ruthlessly hacked down by their 10 year old looking no 2 who got a booking .. Hercules had a few positive forward touches, but 1st priority seemed to be support the defence rather than get forward .. assume this was a management instruction? Jake chased everything, challenged for everything and led the line well - he's vital to the cause this year, as is Sam, who came close with a shot, as well as being unlucky with a diving header when the ball was launched back in after being cleared from a corner. We made the breakthrough at the start of the 2nd half with Wylie picking up the ball, moving into the centre and driving it home - really impressive! It did feel like we switched off a bit after that, and Cray had more of the play before equalising - from outside the area, allowed too much time. I would like to have seen us push on and look for a 2nd .. Scott was replaced by Dayton (not sure if due to injury) and then Taafe and Hercules were replaced by LDV and Andre .. Taafe had an ok game after being out the side for a while, but no 2 goal heroics like the last time we were here in January! Although I thought the subs should have been earlier, showed attacking intent and we had a few chances to win - Coker shot tamely, and a Cass shot he created himself was well saved. A draw was probably a fair result - thought Lewes last week looked far stronger than Cray did .. Defence held up pretty well - one bad slip up from Richmond gave them a chance, but we did try pass the ball around more - but still think we have the players to do this even more ... Harold wasn;t playing for them - the guy on the gate said he's torn his manuscus and is out long term - but had been playing really well for them. Billy Crook was an unused sub for Cray, but appreciated the Ultras singing about the team of Billy Crooks (!)whilst warming up, and he came over to the Enfield fans at the end - everone was asking him to come and rejoin us - I would love it to happen! With no one running away with it, play offs still need to be the aim and I would argue slightly easier this year with less stand out teams? So an improvement on Lewes; let's hope we can continue to build on this ..
  3. So pleased for the team .. can't wait to see Margate's hghlights!
  4. Hmm .. no comments on this one so I'll start .. to be honest a pretty dire game .. I watched from the side as I was with a friend with his daughter, seeing us defend ..- and in the first 15 mins we were opened up 3 times ... a simple ball over the top and Kouassi was clean through .. Nathan made a number of good saves and would have been my choice for MOM.. We tightened up .. and can be pleased with the clean sheet overall, but we didnt really create much. I wondered it we had reduced the width of the pitch, given the number of times we passed it out of play !! Defence was solid overall - Bray won lots of headers, Braithwaite looks good at CB, and Payne & Spencer both performed well - but we don't pass the ball out enough - hopefully Josh is OK after his appearance back in the friendly - he is great at doing that ... Second half was more even, but I would say if anyone deserved the win it was Canvey - they were an impressive outfit who passed it well Last 10-15 we did make efforts to nick a winner, with Cass and Bilal coming on - and created a few half chances .. I did think though that we had no other attacking options on the bench .. with LDV suspended for 3 big games and not sure where Taaffe was? Would have liked to see Kian Wilkes on the bench ... or do we have anyone else in the squad who is attacking? So an improvement on our meeting 2 weeks ago, but we need to be winning our home games against most if we are to be up there ... Can we sign Kouassi? Surely we are a bigger club than them!
  5. I wasn't intending to make this game as away with work - but a cancellation on a Weds meeting meant I could rush down from Crewe and got there - and really glad I did, it was a very enjoyable game! 6 changes from the Canvey game which I wasnt at, but feedback wasn't complimentary. We passed it around well, and dominated in the air as well. There were a number of scuffles in the area as we unsettled them .. moments after their no2 pushed Braithwaite to the ground following a corner, he diverted Adam's shot into the goal for 1-0!! Second half we finished the game off by the hour mark - Coker was MOM for me with a really dominant performance, confident on the ball, scoring 2 goals in 5 mins, one from each side of the pitch. Whatever the reasons for his enforced absence, great to see him back in a towner shirt and it is like a new signing! Cass came on and hit the post, before LDV curled in the 4th (not Sam as they announced) and from open play not a free kick (he did come very close on a couple!) Nathan was called into action a couple of times and did well, pleased for us to keep the clean sheet. Pleased to see Joe Payne back - as I understand it not dual reg with Cheshunt but ours! He played really well, some lovely touches. Deyton had some nice link up play, Spencer looked confident on the right. Scott T back after injury, Sammy impressive as always ... Shame LDV was sent off at the end .. with Nathan having been clattered similarly minutes before could have been a yellow, but it was an unecessary challenge at 4-0, and their players made a real noise about it and possibly persuaded the ref ... Brightlingseas are not going to be up there challenging, but we have a bad record there - I can still remember the 1-2 last minute defeat in April there ... so great confidence boosting performance ... So despite a mixed start we are only just out of the play off places ... Well done All!
  6. shocking footage .. but in the absence of anything else .. As someone who lives 50 miles away it's very frustrtating for us to have appeared to stop filming - one of the benefits of the monthly subscription was to be able to see full matches at a later date ...
  7. It was my first competitive game of the season .. and it still felt like pre season before hand with it being a hot day .. People I spoke to all felt it was too early to judge the team so far - consensus was 2 good performances 1 bad, tough fixtures, let's judge after 10 games or so .. It was a comfortable win - we can play better but still created many many chances .. Prior to LDV's great free kick (I managed to capture it below!) he had put 3 balls in that Peter Crouch would have headed in, each was just a bit too high for our players .. Their defender was being given a torrid time by LDV and after being booked and then hesitant in a challenge, they promptly took him off with maybe 30 mins gone of the game! We created various chances - a Sam diving header, keeper made a great save from Bilal with his legs, Cass intercepted a back pass but was too wide, a clever move by Deighton was unlucky not to be converted, header from Redmond from a corner, Cass hit the crossbar but whistle had gone, plus twice their defender missed a cross - had a player of ours gambled they would have had a tap in on each occasion... There were more chances too ... Despite this, there was always the worry they could get back into it - until Cass scored from a Taaffe corner at the end. They were a poor, dirty team and I expect them to struggle - we can only play what is in front of us but can't read too much into it .. At times we tried to play it around a bit, albeit under no pressure, but there were still some aimless hoofs forward that simply conceded possession. True defence was solid but weren't really tested - from my limited views this season, I feel we need another CB and this partnership isn't strong enough to reach the play offs We went to a back 5 towards the end with Spencer coming on - given how good everyone says he was last season at Lewes, I'm really surprised he hasn't played more - perhaps the back 5 option is something we can consider against the stronger sides ? Didn;t see Kirwan's challenge for his late red, be interesting to see how we replace him - switch Spencer or McLean ? Josh ready? Back 3 with a wide player? Cass was fantastic - Shulton was MOM and played very well, but for me Cass led the line so well, non stop running, holds the ball up, links up well, he is pivotal to us this season! Agree with benj, good to see Bilal on, he did some nice things, some good crosses and worked hard .. at times pushed off the ball so perhaps need to build up a bit there .. So early days but good to see no one is running away - no 100% records after just 4 games, only 2 teams have 9 from 12 .. Potters Bar - top of the table - will be a good benchmark for how we are versus others ..
  8. For those that can’t make it they have commentary apparently … http://mixlr.com/bowerspitsea/
  9. Are we recording games this season? As someone who lives a way away and can't be there regularly this would be a real blow ...
  10. Does anyone have any footage of the game?
  11. Managed to get to my first Enfield game of the season at the weekend after 2 weeks in Turkey .. new ground, although Yeading's previous ground was apparently where the car park now is! Ground was very impressive as you approach, nice stand down one side, though not much behind either goal ... and apparently looks half finished inside! As for the game, well difficult to read too much into it - their side was largely their first XI as they kick off next week .. in reality we had probably no more than 4 or 5 of the expected starters against Folkestone ... They were by far the better side and could have had more .. we had a couple of chances falling to Bilal and Taafe, but not much.. Our new centre back Richmond had a mare in the first half, but was better in the 2nd ... Great to see Shulton back at the club, one trademark late tackle and some good interceptions! All the goals we conceded were good but from distance, and I felt we could have closed down earlier - I thought the same when I saw our Maidstone goals against (has there been any other pre season recordings? Not seen anything) Right back Spencer looked decent too ... Second half we looked far better, moving to 3 at the back and a number of changes ... great to see McLean back, bulked out as a pro, and that experience will be invaluable .. Our no 19 (collectively unsure who he was?) put in an energetic showing in the middle .. Marcus looks like he has a lot of potential up front .. took his goal well and set up the 2nd well .. Really impressed with the touches from Wilkes when he came on - including a great through ball for Marcus' goal - really pleased he has signed today .. So mixed thoughts at this stage for the season .. great we have kept the majority of the squad together - hats off to the management team for doing so ... Jerry and Mani are ambitious and I assume would have stayed had we gone up; PK dropping a level is surprising - there is the social media angle; Harold to Cray was a surprise - he was great until his injury then couldn't get back in the side .. And Mo is expected to go anyway .. .. better pre season than last year where we finished 3rd .. Defence was our biggest issue last season - on paper Spencer looks great and a fit Josh is key to play the ball out from the back more ... but not a settled unit yet ... Tough league but play offs have to be the aim again ...
  12. Maidstone away https://bit.ly/3yM2CrJ
  13. Time to start this thread .. anyone have any footage from the Cockfoster's friendly?
  14. PK is leaving - real shame! James Dayton joins us from Dulwich - winger, ex pro - anyone know much about him? Also confirmed that Josh Urquhart is re -signing for us after his long term injury - this is great news - we missed his ball playing abilities out from the back last season ...
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