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  1. Ian_W

    16-January 11 - Happy Birthday Laz :)

  2. Laz

    Dorchester prediction

    Dorchester 0 City 2 Hakim 350
  3. Laz


    I've now spoken to "Tractor Boy". See you at Hitchin later, Hatters.
  4. Laz


    I've not heard anything. I'm sure he'll be at Hitchin tonight.
  5. Laz

    WGC friendly

    It's off! Just heard from the tractor bloke.
  6. Laz

    WGC friendly

    I spoke to the Red Tractor Bloke and the instructions were something like: park in the first car park on your left, walk through the woods, through a field and the game is in the next field! Beware of the Bull!
  7. Laz

    WGC friendly

    In the abscence of an updated website... Yes it's tonight, 7:15 at Oaklands Smallford site. I believe that's in Hatfield somewhere. Admission will be over a style in the hedge surrounding the ground! Why not play it at the park?
  8. Laz


    I noticed that. I wonder if there will be sufficient support for a coach. I might get the train down there and coach back.
  9. Laz


    Gutted about Worcester on a Monday!
  10. Laz

    Final Prediction League Table

    Finally, AFF wins it! Congratulations!
  11. Laz

    paul bruce

    Idle speculation? I'd like to see a few signings at City soon. Hopefully, the Review will have some news tonight.
  12. Laz

    Supporters Club AGM - Thursday 15 May

    Anyone who wants to know what was said should have gone to the meeting!
  13. I think it should read XI for Spurs and Watford, not X1.
  14. Laz

    Hampton prediction

    For Helski... Saints 2 Hampton 1 Hakim 599
  15. Laz

    Hampton prediction

    City 2 Hampton 1 Sunday 400