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  1. With pre season starting in just under 4 weeks I'd say we need answers from these players very soon so Scott can decide what other players we need to bring in for the squad. At the moment we have 12 players (that includes next weeks signing) so I think we need a minimum 4 players which will give us 16 plus the two young lads from A23 which will give us a squad of 18.
  2. Worthing have strengthened with the signings of Joan Luque from Maidstone and Nicky Wheeler from Dorking.
  3. It is a gamble having all new signings from lower levels so possibly this new signing to be announced on Friday will be a player from our level or a higher level with some pedigree.
  4. 4th. The thing to remember with Mickel is that he banged in 16 goals last season with 6 assists and being young and raw there's still plenty of improvement to come from him.
  5. Not sure the Windsor supporters will like being called Windsor Youth FC. I'd be against us being called Slough Town Youth FC.
  6. Not as much as the money 😅 Which you can't blame him for with a young family to look after.
  7. I was listening to Talksport earlier on and they were interviewing the new Chesham director and celebrity Alex Horne. He happened to mention that Chesham are gutted at losing their best player Jeanmal Prosper to Slough. One of the presenters jokingly said Slough must be the Man City of non league
  8. Have to say so far, on paper these are great signings. I think someone said on Twitter that they haven't felt so excited about a new season for some time. I couldn't agree more!
  9. I would guess the younger ones with potential to go higher will be on a contract.
  10. You along with every man and his dog Apart from Curtis 😉
  11. I wonder where 😅 Our latest signing is Dan Bayliss, center back from Bracknell. Excellent signing!
  12. At the moment the squad looks very attack minded which I think is what Scott wants. It's all about getting the balance right.
  13. Gary Abisogun, winger from Bracknell. Looking forward to watching some exciting attacking play from Abs.
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