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  1. Prem 1st Hartley wintney 2nd Camberley 3rd Knaphill Div 1 1st Redhill 2nd Banstead 3rd Worcesterpark fc Thankyou for everyone's input and hope everyone enjoys the season
  2. Get your final predictions in it all starts tonight
  3. Millers and BJR can we not tempt you into joining in ?
  4. Good few entries so far keep them coming
  5. Love it krooner if only the voices in our heads where correct we would all make a killing in the bookies look forward to following with interest in you selections
  6. Sorry the 2nd look forward to everyone's opinions
  7. Like to keep things positive so let's have everyone's predictions for 1st 2nd 3rd in the premier and division 1 and whoever gets the nearest wins a pint off me .closing date is first day of the season which is the 1/8/16.
  8. I love football and opinions make the game what it is.
  9. Maybe click on your own profile and look how you have attacked clubs on this forum and ask yourself why you bother wasting your time Instead of promoting non-league and the ccl in a positive light from my grasp on the situation without the people who run clubs there is no clubs regardless of your Opinion and lack of physical contribution. My view on Psf are used to improve players and teams ,cement signings and team spirit and secure a foundation to go into the season ahead. regardless of results. That's my 10 pence.
  10. Secret squirrel club these days it seems some people are infact embarrassing themselves and not the club in question. Sour grapes? Bad taste? Lack of knowledge ? Maybe help the club in question or leave them to it ?
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