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  1. No worries. I understand.. no doubt they will win it looking at it. Was more of a query of if the expected improvements that they need had happened or whatever. Time will tell I guess
  2. Ok fair enough. Seemed a bit funny that's all! I haven't seen that, not local and didn't read local news etc. That's good then that they will be graded.
  3. Yes I know they will win the league, I can read a league table.
  4. Yeah but last time I went there was nowhere near worthy of grading. And didn't go up last year after winning... Sorry, was an innocent question requiring about anyone who may be joining the southern/Ryman league. No need for the sarcasm
  5. How is the ground grading situation in CCL? Who had the grading? I know a few have applied? Any news from Hartley? I know they were some way off last year, genuine thoughts? Will they be able to do all that? Anyone else? I assume Walton are already graded?
  6. I may have missed this on a thread somewhere, however is there any news on promotion applications from CCL this season?
  7. 8/9 quid is the norm at step 4 to be fair... I went to that fleet game with my 14 year old son and he was free entry which was a good touch so no complaints from me. I have to say it was a very entertaining game between 2 very decent sides, fleet should have been out of sight first half, second half Camberley looked better side but fleet had the best chances and will feel hard done by to have lost, classic game of 2 halves really although fleet the better side which may surprise a few who dismiss step 4 as being shockingly poor! As a neutral it was a good watch to be honest and 2 decent sides. Well done both sides, I was surprised Camberley played a virtual full strength side from looking at their recent teams, thought they would have rested virtually all, credit to them though for not.
  8. Very good post Luke and well said. Only thing to take you up on though, you don't have the likes of Argent playing for you for peanuts and others turning down moves higher if they are not well remunerated! There is nothing wrong with that, can't deny it though. Other teams who pay a lot are not doing what you are so isn't to be ashamed of. Well done on pretty much wrapping league up and good luck with your future plans.
  9. Have to agree with you there Rother... What rumours is that Windsor Sec? Surely not Farnborough finally parting with Mr Day?
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