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  1. Thomas & Hatton both booked - 54 mins. 0-0
  2. Charles replaced Weatherstone for the second half.
  3. Youngs off - Mubiayi on.- 34 mins. Still 0-0.
  4. Live periscope link for the game. http://pscp.tv/w/1PlJQVQEYkaxE
  5. Was good on "Celebrity" Big Brother.
  6. 1Nathan McDonald 2Jonathan Muleba 3Joseph Payne 4Scott Thomas 5Marc Weatherstone 6Glenn Wilson 7Ryan Blackman 8Sam Youngs 9Billy Bricknell 10Muhammadu Faal 11Ken Charles 12Junior Mubiayi 14Bobson Bowling 15Samson Esan 16Alex Read 17Callum Ellesley 18Sam Hatton 13Ed Thompson
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