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  1. yea they have I was absolutely gutted to hear that 2 of our most consistent players for the last couple of seasons , but can only wish them well in playing higher a very big miss they will take some replacing but Im sure ben and his team are on it !! up the tangerines.
  2. wow abject ? for a start it was a lot better than Tuesday against a team that could clinch automatic promotion , hard to please or expecting to much I think swifty ! with no centre forward we are gonna struggle with goals conor only been back for a couple of games and didn't look match fit and james going on holiday for the last few games these boys are doing their best in difficult circumstances very hard week ahead for this team !!
  3. yep i agree this is not good fair play to ben bringing in them 2 players but we came up way short ,its seems to me the players just cant do nothing right mind you decision making shocking miss reading headers to concede a goal is shocking !! and holding on to the ball when you can slip a player in or just being greedy in possesstion is not good even when the shot is clearly not on , thought we went long far to much there was spells of slick passing but not enough, max wasted holding think scott much better in that position ,fact is again offered nothing upfront again if you cant score goals you cant win fact !! we have to change our fortunes and quick plummeting down the table rapido
  4. obviously swifty but seriously no paying fan wants to hear that id like to feel we battle every game for pride and the 3 points and I don't believe for 1 minute that was bens thought or the team !!
  5. yep thought we played well against a team who were favourites to win the league tyler pulled off some brilliant saves, the fish clearing 2 goals off of the line and jacks goal was nothing short of brilliance how important all these young players are for next season much better than sats game which was not very good even though we got a point whats that all about on the website as far as "ashford were concerned there wasn't anything special to play for" I don't get that so on that note I'm not travelling sat
  6. I wouldn't worry mr gunn even the official match report on the website gets it wrong it was beadle who put mark through for the lob on the keeper but hay ho doesn't really matter !!
  7. brilliant news about alex it will be like having 3 new players with conor and jack back to get us over the line
  8. well done to the boys winning 2 -1 could not go had to work ! a very welcome 3 points captain russ chipping in with a goal , mark with the other goal and a huge welcome home jack beadle !!!!!
  9. yep make no mistake to come away with a point on such a heavy pitch is a good result so close to claiming all 3 shame we couldn't hold on onto the next one !!!
  10. agree samad we need pace on the flanks even harry herdman
  11. ashford picked up all 3 points against a team at the bottom of the league table they made it hard for us we just didn't seem to get going all game we scored just before half time through a goal mouth scramble mark the scorer , the visitors should of had a pen thought we were lucky with that decision, we will take all the luck, on balance of play we probably deserved the 3 points though a scrappy game 3 points is what matters shame eli has left us already did hear chasing the £££ seemed a really good asset for us , onto sat s game barton rovers away
  12. swifty very tame report ! we defended like a team in 15th place and they played like a team in first place the scoreline could have been a lot worse, tyler pulled off some brilliant saves, and we didn't create to much to worry Royston they were in control all game they deserve to go up best team we have played . must win Saturday
  13. a hard fought win with the better playing team coming away with the 3 points winning by 2 -0 goals from romario and mark we worked hard all game ,with mark ,dan, and max and others contenders for mom, macca was forced into many saves throughout the game ,one of their players carted off to hospital with a cut to the head and dislocated shoulder after a running in with one of our players hope he has a speedy recovery our new winger was very quick down the wing and he can pick a pass so a good addition onto Tuesday
  14. I agree we deserved at least a point but that's football and we cant keep blaming the officials at this level they do get it wrong like a lot ! the lads played with grit and determination we cant not keep giving pens away and stupid free kicks that's just madness I do think our style of play changed slightly with kam on the wing he was a player that liked running at defenders rather than feed the striker leaving dan isolated so lets go back to how it was and get mark and dan banging in them goals like yesterday come on you tangerines !!!
  15. wow 3 -0 I wasn't at the game away on work all week can someone give me some feedback on the game please twitter not to enlightening thanks
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