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  1. yea they have I was absolutely gutted to hear that 2 of our most consistent players for the last couple of seasons , but can only wish them well in playing higher a very big miss they will take some replacing but Im sure ben and his team are on it !! up the tangerines.
  2. wow abject ? for a start it was a lot better than Tuesday against a team that could clinch automatic promotion , hard to please or expecting to much I think swifty ! with no centre forward we are gonna struggle with goals conor only been back for a couple of games and didn't look match fit and james going on holiday for the last few games these boys are doing their best in difficult circumstances very hard week ahead for this team !!
  3. yep i agree this is not good fair play to ben bringing in them 2 players but we came up way short ,its seems to me the players just cant do nothing right mind you decision making shocking miss reading headers to concede a goal is shocking !! and holding on to the ball when you can slip a player in or just being greedy in possesstion is not good even when the shot is clearly not on , thought we went long far to much there was spells of slick passing but not enough, max wasted holding think scott much better in that position ,fact is again offered nothing upfront again if you cant score goals you cant win fact !! we have to change our fortunes and quick plummeting down the table rapido
  4. i would just want to say congratulations to the boys its been a pleasure watching you this year, what a talented team we have really enjoyed it bring on next season !!!!!!
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