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  1. Well somebody had to start this thread sooner or later... With London Colney falling apart, Hertford going up and a lot of upheaval at Cockfosters, we seem to have lost our top 3. Was all very close behind them last season. If Hoddesdon can keep their team together, they should do well. Wether they have or can resolve the ground issue of last year is another matter. Welwyn seem to be building a Spartan All Star team. If the players buy into it and play for the club, rather than their modest travel expenses, they should do well. Berko will surely mount their perennial challenge and seem to be setting themselves up for it nicely off the pitch at least. Despite Wembley and Tring leading the chasing pack last season, I'm not particularly convinced by either. Wembley were fantastic on a good day, but went off the back of a win at Welwyn to home losses to Edgware and Hadley to beating London Colney away. Biggleswade could finally start to live up to all of the off the pitch hype. Can see Edgware and Leighton making big improvements on last season. Could well be the most open season in a long time. Sorry for rambling. I'll make actual predictions when some dust starts settling.
  2. Can see Leighton shocking a few people next season. Seemed to turn it around towards the end of last season. As for Barker, the statement when he left seemed to imply him taking on a step 4 team was imminent. Haven't seen any announcement yet though. He'd built a good side there. Can't imagine it's possible for them to go up at that ground though. So perhaps he wanted something with a chance of progression.
  3. Ridiculous from them really. They clearly wanted promotion last season. Went to the effort of "upgrading" their ground and built a team capable of it. Surely they spared at least some small thought to how it might actually pan out. If it's purely because they wanted Southern League over Ryman, then I really don't get it. I can't see one being far worse than the other in terms of travel for them. Anyway, looks a done deal. Hertford players have already been told they're promoted according to Twitter. Probably not the way they would have wanted to go up. But I'm sure they'll grasp it with both hands.
  4. Seems so. 3 from Cockfosters and 2 from Colney have already joined Welwyn I think. Only 1 from Cockfosters to Hertford so far. But a few not so subtle hints floating around in the Twittersphere. Can't imagine Hertford will want/need to do too much though. Just keeping last seasons squad together will probably see them start as favourites. Though WGC could mount a big challenge based on their early activity.
  5. Early indications that Hertford and Welwyn will be swallowing up large chunks of the successful Cockfosters and London Colney squads.
  6. Players all seem to be jumping ship. Not a good sign. A massive shame after winning a very competitive division. If they do intend to turn down promotion, what happens? I imagine there'll be another reprieve at step 4. But who do we lose to accommodate them (if we do)? Feel it would be rather harsh to unreprieve London Tigers having already announced them as part of the league for next season. And even harsher if the newly promoted clubs were prevented from coming up.
  7. Complete speculation on my part, but perhaps he asked for a bigger expenses budget to deal with the increased travel and higher level. And perhaps they said no. There are several possible reasons. I'm sure it'll all come out in the end.
  8. As I'm sure I've said in other threads... There is nothing wrong with the football that has been played for many many years. Another case of anonymous suits trying to justify a wage.
  9. And Heybridge were 0-2 down at half time. And Soham were 2-3 down in the 85th minute. Got to be the most agonising relegation ever. Agree that they will be in for a bit of shock if they join the Spartan as well. I know it's hard to compare divisions, but I've seen them a few times this season and the general level doesn't seem much better. Will be great to see the Hertford/Ware derby coming back though. That always used to be a rather spicy affair...
  10. Some great attendances over their way lately. I think they do a few things with the community and it seems to be paying off in terms of the town as a whole identifying with them and getting behind them. No mean feat in the London environs. Where most young kids want to go and watch their heroes at Arsenal or Spurs.
  11. Great stuff Mr Fish. Perhaps not lived up to the very high preseason expectations. But from my visits to WGC this season, I would certainly say that the club as a whole is moving in the right direction.
  12. I had heard that London Colney's ground had ticked all of the boxes this year. So we've got a good fair fight on our hands. Based on league position, it looks like Hertford have the tougher run in. But we're getting to the stage of the season where you're better off playing a team comfortably 4th than a team fighting to avoid relegation. I would love to see a bit of last day drama for once. And I could well get it this season. Can't see either team not dropping any more points.
  13. Either zero tolerance or nothing. At least then people know where they stand. To be honest, I don't really see it as a problem. If you go to any premier league game, you'll hear swearing for the full 90 minutes. It just seems worse at our level when there's one bloke on his own, not being drowned out by many thousands of others. And let's not pretend kids never hear naughty words anywhere else in life. Football is football. And it's worked well enough over the years without constant "initiatives". I guess some people just like to keep busy to justify a wage.
  14. This is madness when you consider where Welwyn have come from. I think Fish is doing an alright job, and talk of his mega budget is wildly exaggerated. As for unrest in the squad. You'd have to be a part of the squad to know how true that is.
  15. My name is Catdog Rovers. And I support grassroots football in my local area. In this league, that mostly takes in Broxbourne, Colney Heath, Hertford, Hoddesdon, London Colney, St Mags and Welwyn. I don't have enough history with any of them to be considered a real fan, that being said, I tend to find myself watching Hertford more than the rest. But in a grandma at sports day kind of way, I like to see them all do well. Can we meet up for a group hug now we all know each other?
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