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  1. Benefactor quits, CEO *cough* resigns, team avoids relegation by the skin of its teeth. No, there's been nothing to worry about this season.
  2. For those of us not 'in the know', who is the new manager supposed to be? Maybe he's not available until the end of the season? Personally I think NB has done more than enough to be handed the reins next season but nothing in football would surprise me.
  3. There are advantages to promoting from within. JS/NB will know our players and have seen all our games this season, so know our strengths and weaknesses already. Plus there is the financial advantage of not adding a new name to the wage bill, relevant given the club are paying off TB and SC's contracts, which won't be cheap. A worry is the extra responsibility might affect NB's form, which would be a big negative as he has been pretty much our best player.
  4. I wasn't at Saturday's game but there is plenty of praise for us on Havant's forum. Funny how different sets of supporters see things differently. Thought Margate played better football then Sutton & can see them being around the top half. no way could we say we dominated the game, and I would guess possession was about 60-39 (the other 1 was the ref getting in the way!) in Margate's favour I thought we were lucky yesterday. Margate played the better football by a long way We battled well, gritted our teeth and stuck it out against a very useful Margate team
  5. Given the away kit was used for a couple of weeks before the home kit arrived, I'm guessing it's not deliberate. It's still a nice kit though.
  6. We've had some good memories in the KSC. Beating Charlton in 94, then Dover in the final in the same year, victory over Gravesend in the 98 final, the wins in 03, 04 and 05 (the Sykes memorial game), the 3-4 game with Charlton a couple of years back. However, the RLC has no real history. I also agree with an earlier poster about there being too many clubs in the league. It is strange that while football clubs are better equipped than ever to deal with fixture pile-ups (players are fitter, teams can use more subs, pitches are generally of better quality than the past, top level clubs ha
  7. If the game had been called off today at, say, 10am, people would have just said "but there was no more rain...why couldn't they have waited and tried to get the game on?"
  8. How can a pitch be classified as OK at 9:30am in the morning then after 4 hours of sunshine and strong drying winds be deemed unfit for play. I expect the first inspection would have been by a local ref, the second by the match ref. Two different people, two different opinions.
  9. A club that bears the name of a famous Zionist might do well reflect on the offence that may cause to others, especially given current events in the Middle East.
  10. Well, thank goodness we kicked off an hour early. It is pitch black out there.
  11. The mental but brilliant Alan Ainsworth wrote this about the new breed of Dulwich fans on the Hendon forum a while back... The extreme example of new-style "fans" have flocked to Dulwich Hamlet. It's not an apocryphal tale that many of Dulwich Hamlet FC's "fans" pitched up for the final game of the season last April with no idea that the club most likely needed three points to remain in the top five and make the play-offs. Many of their (almost exclusively white, male, middle-class, bearded) hipster student types do not turn up at Edgar Kail Way to watch football. They know next to nothing
  12. Hipster bellends who've jumped on the 'ooh, aren't local football clubs cute' bandwagon, that's all you are. Dulwich's average crowd was about 200 about four years ago. You'll latch on to another fad soon enough. Is this also the same Dulwich who reported all sorts of financial problems last season? People in glass houses...
  13. So how many games kicking off at 3pm on September 6 will need floodlights by the end?
  14. Given that the sun won't set until 7.21pm on September 6 that seems a little unnecessary.
  15. So has the Maidstone game been moved/venue switched from Tuesday, September 2? Still being listed as that date.
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