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  1. peter foster

    Burger Bar ...

    The hot sausage rolls being sold at £1.50 a throw in the bar were splendid....
  2. Relaces City's cancelled game at Heybridge Swifts following vandalisation of the Heybridge pitch.
  3. peter foster

    New Ownership of the Club Announced

    Per the Official Website just now- Margate Football Club are delighted to announce that SIR Investments Limited have completed a financial takeover of the Club.
  4. peter foster

    Claudiu Vilcu

    He's left Bishops Stortford.
  5. peter foster

    Hx 0 Romford 1

    That's no way to speak of David Fletcher....
  6. peter foster

    HORNCHUCH 0 ROMFORD 1 - report

    Beating Chelmsford? You've got a long memory, Romford boy...."
  7. peter foster

    HORNCHUCH 0 ROMFORD 1 - report

    Now that's not very nice, Eastside Urchin, now, is it....
  8. peter foster

    HORNCHUCH 0 ROMFORD 1 - report

    Nice example of sour grapes, there, cup of tea....
  9. peter foster

    HORNCHUCH 0 ROMFORD 1 - report

    Picture was taken July 11 1966 at Olympic Way, Wembley.... Can't fathom the driving test reference, I'm afraid....
  10. peter foster

    HORNCHUCH 0 ROMFORD 1 - report

    What did you expect, romford boy? Objectivity?
  11. peter foster

    Cardboards Monday night

    Leave the nice Rickaaay supporters alone, now, Paul....
  12. peter foster

    Cardboards Monday night

    Well it will be your first game for 23 days but I'm undecided as to whether this situation is of advantage to City or not. On the one hand you could be lacking in match fitness and sharpness but on the other hand you will be well-rested and any knocks which your players have been forced to play with may well have now remedied themselves. Should be a great occasion with, hopefully, 1k+ in attendance producing a great atmosphere. (Hopefully, you'll find that the new covered ro-ro has helped render MP more of a football stadium than you recalled when Ricky last played there.) And the presence of our former manager can only add to the occasion! I'm sure he would like nothing better than to turn us over against the odds on our own patch. The pitch will be in reasonable condition and you'll find that our bar stocks real ale. And a reminder that drums and other musical instruments are banned from the ground under the terms of our lease with the council. Have a safe journey. If you get there before 7 you'll probably be able to park in the stadium car park otherwise there is always off-street parking.
  13. peter foster

    Cardboards Monday night

    I now suspect that these little formalities matter to you, Mr Proudfoot....
  14. peter foster

    Cardboards Monday night

    Can I quote you on that....
  15. peter foster

    Cardboards Monday night

    I felt my source to be impeccable, Mr Proudfoot....