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  1. If your comment, Sym, on Wordsworth's remark to the Ref is correct then he is certainly living up to the heading announcing his arrival at the club, quote " A WAY WITH WORDS"!!!! By the way did we sign him as a Footballer or Journalist. Since AL has taken to the airwaves a lot more lately perhaps he wanted to employ a new script writer. Like you RG I agree that we need Coker's involvement again in the team which would add some more pace and cutting edge up front. Which we need at this time. But again no doubt another player with a long CV of teams behind him will be signed up and then shortly afterwards shown the door. C'est la vie!!!!
  2. Reading the previous few posts it seems that if the club have any video which includes the "debacle" should carefully scrutinised it find out who initiate it. Especially, as reported, attention should be drawn to the player who was boasting about how he punch someone. Perhaps this person would have stopped showing off if he new that his actions had been witnessed and that, even if it was perpetrated during a football match, it still can can be regarded as a Criminal Assault under the Criminal Justice Act. If found guilty it could give rise to a minimum sentence of six months jail. Perhaps this will take the smile off his face and for him to own up instead of making his team mate take the rap. From what I have read I would think there is enough evidence to give good cause to appeal to delay the mandatory suspensions until the facts are established as to who actually caused the melee. Also that the sending offs were disproportionate to the number of players involved. Whether or not the club take this view is up to the board. But it might be worth them taking legal advice on the matter. After all it is the club and fee paying supporters who stand to lose out by being penalised by all all the suspensions hanging over the club and their ability to maintain a play off position. Finally I see that Coker seems to be out of favour again. What is the news on him. I still see him as one to enhance our goal tally and would like to see him back.
  3. Thanks 55 for throwing some light on the affair. Regarding CC's I agree it sounds that the sending offs has decimated the centre of our defence. But looking at it again I think that their still is away out. Consider another scenario in that, instead of the two sending offs both sustained injuries, one would hope that AL and his staff have contingency plans for such an event. It is times like these that both Staff and players have to dig deep. I would like to hear from others who were at the match as to how we coped with 9 players. It could not have been that bad since we kept them at 0-1 for at least 30minutes. Some must have played in central defence. Also I wonder what AL said to the Ref for him to be sent off. I bet it did not help in the decision taken by the Ref to disallow the goal from Payne's free kick. Finally I too will be interested to see what, if their is one, the video shows of the incident.
  4. I tend to agree CC with your view entirely. But after I saw his interview I had to change my original post in order to include his observations. Consequently if, as AL said and I have no reason to doubt him, the management tried in vein to get the team to comply to their plan then even I do not think the manager should take the can on his own for todays fiasco. As you know I have been very critical of AL's appointment from the very start but today the team must also be held accountable as I have stated in my amended post. But if they have not got the ability to play to a plan or decide to go their own way then no manager can change them. I also agree that sooner or later changes will have to be made but I am prepared on this occasion to see how the team react in the next couple of games. There are more other considerations to consider in addition to the manager's situation and that concludes the future plan for the club as a whole. Especially the financial aspect.
  5. Found it strange that neither Cass or Della Verde were in the starting line. You have to start with your best forwards in order to at least compete from the beginning. The first goal in todays circumstances was always going to set the tone. Having said that I must give AL credit for his after match interview. It will be interesting to see if the players actually do respond it. Because if his comments on their attitude to the game plan has any validity then some heads will have to roll. It may answer my many times asked question as to why many of them have a long lists of clubs in their CVs. After all there are still plenty of good players out there , in lower leagues, who are only waiting for a chance. That is assuming we have got someone out scouting for them.
  6. The difference in the quality of the Southern Premier leagues to the Ishmian Leagues is clearly shown in the results as a whole. The only comment I can make on Seemgee's remark regarding "concentrating on the league" is that we are lucky to be able to do so. I am glad we weren't designated into one of the various Southern Leagues when the pyramid was reshaped. Look at Hendon's predicament. What is it they say about the size of ponds and Big Fish?? I think we have been given a very clear reality check. As for CC comment on AL I can't see that happening this season. So Viva the Status Quo!!! Not unless he decides to go make podcasts on a permanent basis. Can't wait for his next TV on U-Tube!!!!
  7. Tom S, perhaps may be not, but the many posts that were made were always good reading.
  8. Quite agree LS. But we have to get get back to aiming for a 2 pts a game average to ensure that we stay in the payoff race. But again there is still a long way to go with many twists and turns.
  9. Very true RJ but one should expect the home team to attack more as they are more adapted to the way the the ball behaves on their own pitch. That is their advantage. But as I said several weeks ago if you make up your squad with the majority of players being defenders one cannot expect much attacking. For the past few years we have relied on Mo picking up punts forward and making some of them into goals. That is in the past and we now need a new approach as to how we should play with the squad we have got. But that leads us to the big question which is, are the management team capable of coming up with a new game plan, so that the current squad can start playing to their strengths??? That is what managers are expected to do. Not to assume that one way suits all.
  10. Sounds as if it was another sterile home game. Any comments as to how things went? Also I seem to be unable to get into the clubs official website. Is anyone else having a similar problem or know what's causing this? I would be pleased to hear.
  11. Well this debate has gone down well. In addition to picking up my Season Ticket and Membership Card I am wondering what other excitement will come my way on Saturday. Mind you if it was announced that the club were considering putting up their prices on all Beers and Spirits from Saturday, the posts, on this forum would be never ending.
  12. Can't agree more CC. But I am a little concerned that a certain complacency may be creeping into many peoples thinking. That we should not rock the boat and accept the status-quo. I know that all of us are going to feel the pinch over the next year or so and that includes clubs at all levels. But even to retain our current league position we have to be willing to invest in obtaining better players and management. If only to keep the crowd revenues at current levels. Even if it means culling the current squad numbers. Of course until this is done planning for a new type of pitch and ground improvements, which are admirable objectives, will have to be put on hold until the financial recovery starts. That is unless a wealthy benefactor comes along. But then should we win the next 5 games no one would be happier than me; and I would have to withdraw my comments. But that is quite a wish!!!
  13. I regret having to repeat myself but having read your comments BG makes me wonder what they do in Training. Are they fit enough and are they coached to play as a unit. Your observation again shows that we have either NO Discipline or the players, especially in defensive areas are just not good enough and changes are needed. As far as an artificial pitch is concerned my advice would be to put it on hold and invest in a few players worthy of playing on it. It would also help if we had a new coaching outfit who know what type of player is required to attain success at this level in 2022. Preferable with Mo type Goal Scorer amongst them.
  14. Well DJW this has been on the cards from the beginning of the season. AL's management, with his coaching staff, is coming off the tracks. As I stated recently the whole squad is unbalanced. Plus his approach to the game is out dated. He is taking us back to square one. I say this as an 80+ supporter who thought he had seen it all. We cannot keep hiding from this when it is staring us in the face. Decision have to be made!!!!
  15. If you can see it and I can see it Reb. Then why cant can't the managing staff?? Goals are what count. If you can't find another striker then try one of the midfielders until you do. You have to keep as many as you can of the opposition in their last third. why do we say " attack is the best form of defence" Of course you do need a coaching staff who know how to organise it. I am not sure we have one. We have quite a good squad but they expect leadership. Lose next week and then some serious decisions will have to made. I say this as someone who has again renewed his Season Ticket in support of the Club with little expectancy of being able to use it.
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