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  1. OH goodness me and I have to take a lot of stick for my views and I've never once mentioned Barnet......until now!!!!!
  2. In my previous post I meant to say " .....it is not totally anonymous......" but does it really matter? Just be pedantic!!!!
  3. I too appreciate what Barney has said and agree with practically all of his detailed appraisal. Especially his thoughts on those who give some much of their valuable time as volunteers for our benefit. However, just a minute point, so far as this forum is concerned I regard it as a debating outlet between interested supporters where different views are aired. To the best of my knowledge it is totally anonymous as I believe each subscriber has given his e-mail address and we have a sensible arbiter in Father Jack who admonishes any post considered out of order. We are now near the beginning of the new season so lets hope it's an enjoyable one for all of us. Players and supporters a like.
  4. Accepting that I am clearly out voted I will rest my case. Repeating a statement constantly made over the past two years "let's see what happens in the next few months". As Thoe inferred, in an earlier post, the squad seems more than adequate to hold it's own so long as they are organised. In answer to the "Observer" fortunately the beauty of this forum is that many subscribers hold different views but all have one thing in common the welfare of the club. That is why, with others, I accept the majority view and being upset is to childish to contemplate.
  5. Spot on Theo. Who knows lets hope one of the new squad will meet these requirements. But will AL listen to him. Let's wait and see.
  6. Sorry just my opinion. By the way I never said he gave less than 100% just how he uses his energy. With luck he may fit in better with some of the new signings. The two I remember from Royston certainly passed the ball well. By the way a footballers footballer is usual the player who is goes about his business effectively and is appreciated by his team mates but often unnoticed by the crowd.
  7. Thanks WR but my health does not affect my opinion. My reason for what I have said is because there are plenty of young mid-fielders out there with no lack of skill and know how who want a chance. Unfortunately we have a regime that seems to be set in its ways as to how they wish the team is to play. For some time to me and for many others this appears to based on a kick and chase game. I have always been on the side of those who try to build a side. To do this you need the a mix of old and young to work with and the expertise to bring them together. This means having young players with skills to work on and the experience of older ones to support them.So far as EFTC is concerned in my eyes that was one of BQ's great strengths. I believe that there are a number of like minded members who think the same. But if I am wrong I will still come along as often as I can. If we win go home feeling content but if we lose resort to being a grumpy old git!!!!
  8. Why does your comment MB not surprise me. It brings to mind what Len Shackleton wrote in a chapter of his book (to paraphrase him) he headed it " What the Average football directors and administrators know about football" he then left a blank page. I could give my reason how I formed my opinion of RB but to argue our positions we would have to be on an equal footing ie, hold an EUFA coaching badge. But here are some clues as to why I am critical of RB play . Excitable like a terrier, yes chasing his tail all over the place; invariably out of position resulting in desperate tackles; blaming other team mates for his failures; to name a few. If you consider that helps the team there is nothing left to discuss. Perhaps if you were less cryptic in you observations of others and took time to consider more you may start to realise that this type of football is what is frustrating the supporters.
  9. 31/2 then. Looks like it could be another kick everything that moves year.? ...... Don't answer that!!!!!!
  10. Well, since I am somewhat incapacitated I am happy to let you have my proxy. Looking forward to hearing that you have raised the question.
  11. LS that explains my position exactly. The lack of PR to members. We are not just supporters!!!
  12. OT, as I said earlier we are now where we are. Once the announcements are made the credibility the Chairman newsletter,part mentioned above, will become either reality or wishful thinking. I accept what he said at the time was what he truly believed. The outcome of the coming season will be judged upon the skills level of the players to whom he refers. Whether these live up to LS's expectations we will have to wait and see. The club having come this far I do not think any of us can accept any further step backwards. I do hope that the Board has made this clear to AL.
  13. Surely " MB" you meant to say " It's a real problem......". When trying to be brusque one sometimes are too abrupt so as to lose sense in the intend meaning, don't you think?. In answer to Barney, I agree that no one can expect every detail regarding the recruitment of players to be widely promulgated . But there are other ways of letting members know of the clubs progress ie. a simple statement " that to date X number of players have already stated an intention to commit to the club for next season" Even a nebulous announcement such as this would have stopped most of the disquiet shown on this forum. Of course it is of no consequence now because we have past the date of secrecy. One fact however, it is strange that when we were in a similar situation two years ago, announcements were being made almost minute by minute. What so different now?
  14. Oh dear, to think I have been accused on this forum in the past as being rather pompous. Nice to know I am not alone. Like the phrase " Keyboard Warrior" but a " geriatric one fingered keyboard warrior " would be more correct in my case. Mentioning fines and deductions, it's a pity we weren't a little more astute in the past. As it happens I do have some knowledge of the machinations of the FA having been involved in the winding up of several football league clubs. I soon became quite critical of the ruling FA members, most of whom I would never have let any where near a commercial concern in which I had any association with. I am also, believe it or not, fully aware of the pitfalls of being a long standing chairman of a members funded sports club. If nothing else, I found that if you kept members in the dark you will always be in conflict with them.
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