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  1. BTG, I have always said a wins a win and we all should be pleased. But I believe we have to play away at the majority of those teams above us. Let's see how we get on then take stock.
  2. MTH, I think when AL was appointed I did say the Board had had the choice of two young managers. One who as an assistant manager/coach had help a club not too distant from us to the National League play off final. At the time I believe the Board felt that both of them would put a strain on our finances because they had no experience of a club like ours. I don't think football management ability had much to do with their decision, hence they went with AL and DP. Who were considered to be a safe pair choice. But with the current philosophy I'm afraid this will always happen. I also said at the time that a Stadium like ours needed a team worthy of bringing in large enough crowds which add to more revenue so as to make the playing side self sufficient. To achieve this you must have a better product.This would then give more of the other sources of income available towards the Charitable works in which the club wishes to engage in. But then some will say what do I know. I do know that the accounts show an untenable bias to playing expenditure over income. This has to changed but if gates continue to fall all aspects of the club will suffer and will lead to the undoing all the achieves so far acquired by so many hard working people. "He who dares wins." A cliche I know but there is some truth in it.
  3. Hi Thoe, you must have just read one of my posts of 3 Seasons ago. We are finally singing from the same song sheet. But it doesn't mean we are bad supporters!!!!!!! Like you, my concerns have always been for the club and I was hoping that after Paul Reeds uplifting report of his plans and hopes for the future we would start to tidy up the back room. I suppose it may happen soon but I still worry that we may have left it too late. Also like me, I am sure you don't delight in seeing everyone's dreams start to diminish because of one persons intransigence and those who think that nothings wrong. All we others can do is hope for a miracle. For me I am not persuaded to sign up next year if he is still in place. Nb. It's interesting to read in the official report that "the chaotic defending is still continuing" and that " Blackman picked up a second yellow card... both were cheap and unnecessary". Then it isn't just us few!!!!!
  4. R, not sure the whether the last 3 words of your post were meant to be praising our derogatory ...... my only reply has to be " Up yours"!!!!!! No offence intended.
  5. AsI have just said CC actions mean more than words.
  6. Many of us Theo have been saying this for sometime. But we are always being told we are wrong and everything is under control. But one can only take so much. I would have expected a crowd at least in access of 400+ today. It makes a mockery of all the suggestions that are made about how one should have a chat with the manager etc to air our opinions. To me actions mean more than words. Like you I am worried that all the good work done off the pitch to get us where we are can soon turn to nought by some peoples intransigence. Although well into my 80's AL's playing staff approach to managing/coaching a team makes then seem even older dinosaurs than me. Should the Board ever decide to make a new appointment I would suggest they co-opt the advice of a coach with at least UEFA "B" Badge qualifications to help in their deliberations.
  7. Let's agree to differ SS you see your game I'll see mine. But then you can't contribute while he's off the field!!!! I am not sure if other managers would agree with your assessment though otherwise they would have picked him up years ago. There were always more scouts watching the EJA matches than ever at ETFC. Managers will take footballers with aggression but not only if you can show a willingness to drop your bad habits. That is where he has failed. What you say CC doesn't surprise me at all. See where Haringey Borough are since he left. If only he was still with us, even if some thought him difficult I would still welcome him back.
  8. SS, that is why I didn't exonerate AL from some of the blame. But when you have played in non-league football you soon learn what to expect from officials. I'm afraid Blackman's tackling will always be under scrutiny, one because of his record and two the fact he invariable goes in off the ground with his studs showing. Unfortunately very little has changed since I first saw him play youth football in the Eastern Junior Alliance. If it had he would be playing at a higher level. So when it comes to his case I find it hard to blame the officials. They can't all be wrong. You see one of him as one of our outstanding players. No doubt because of his energy and by his running all over the field. As I have said many times I see someone where it is hard to see in what position he is supposed to be playing. I said sometime ago from my own experience that a player who goes about his business and does delegated job quietly and efficiently is a player's player. He and similar players in the team are the ones left to pick up the pieces, whilst X goes gung-ho everwhere, leaving who take the blame when things go wrong.
  9. CC, I'm dumbfounded and very frustrated but, considering my previously aired views, for once I don't hold the manager completely responsible. The result of the game lies right in the lap of Mr Blackman. The game was always going to be hard enough with 11 men. Consequently after Billy's penalty, which put us in front, Blackman should have been substituted for a more defensive minded player rather than a tearaway cavalier.The longer he stayed on the pitch a second yellow was bound to happen. Surprise, surprise!!!!!! Can't wait two hear the excuses made for him; even though is disciplinary record speaks for it's self. Perhaps while he is suspended some one will show him how to tackle properly.
  10. LS, although I was hoping for a change at the end of last season you may be right with your scenario. However my big worry is that the get behind the manager brigade will hold sway. Resulting in "lets give him another year and see what happens". In that case I am strongly in sympathy with Djw's view, because that could put the whole club in jeopardy. PS. In order to preempt any admonishments may I say that I always get behind the manager as it's the best place to see what he is getting up to.
  11. 72W it's not the case of wanting him to go mid-season but that it's whether those around him can get him to utilise what he has got at his disposal. After all he brought the players in. He must have had some idea as to how he was going to use them. To many they seem to be left to their own devices. I have already said the next few games will see in what direction we are going. Until then I agree nothing can be done but hope.
  12. Can't agree more with the above. But then much that has been said repeats what I have said for sometime. Especially Theo's post. MTH also makes an interesting comment on the obvious silence. One can blame the players as much as you like but when are members going to recognise where the real problem lies. It certainly isn't any of the members who work so hard behind the scenes. But like Theo I feel there are still a few including ,some on this forum, who think that we are expecting to much and should not criticise what we see before us. They even suggest, be it surreptitiously , that by doing so we are disloyal. To me loyalty is caring for a friend so much that you are able to tell him when you believe he is wrong. We can't all be sycophants!!!!! "Tin hats on boys here comes the flack"!!!!!!!
  13. A very erudite summation BtG. It was vital that we won yesterday, not just because it was Cheshunt, but because the next 4 league games will define our season. They will determine whether or not we have a chance of reaching the play-offs. Each game will require AL and the team to step up to the plate and show us if they are up for the challenge. A good start this coming Saturday would be a big boost!!!!! Time for airing our opinions is over, results are now all that matters. Hoping for a good home crowd to help the cause.
  14. That has always been my view Andy and WR. But I was trying to suggest to our critics it is up to AL to show leadership, not us. What I was inferring is that the time for talking is nearing it's end. They have all to be judged on what happens in the next few weeks. When I say they, that includes the other senior playing staff. It is their responsibility with AL to show they have the ability to motivate the players to get back on track to move forward and achieve at least a play-off place. If they do I will happy to be the first to apologise for doubting them. If they don't then no doubt our critics will be saying it's our fault for being disloyal. I await the outcome.
  15. I agree Theo. The suggestions being made that one should ask AL questions. For what purpose.?? What is the point? In common with many of us he is unlikely to admit that he is doing things wrong. Of course not. Probably you will may get a watered down version of his same old mantra , which has been reported on this forum. He will assure you that he is trying ideas to reorganise the team but the players just don't listen. But even then this is again unlikely if there are players present. Therefore the whole exercise would be futile. Football is about winning games. It is also judged by spectators on how you go about achieving this. I believe that the club has reach crossroads. The next few games will show us whether AL can work out which is the right road to take!!! I sincerely hope so for all of us sake.
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