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  1. As the cab driver says "Fantassstic!!!!!! BG. Whose says that satire is dead. I do hope the " Special half one " reads it.Whether he understands it may be a different matter!!
  2. Very enlightening and positive post B10. However, for my part when you refer to non league clubs you forget we are not an ordinary club. Because when the questions is raised about the make up of the team and its administration we get the same mantra, it's the lack of funds. Even the Chairman refers to our not having of a single benefactor. Of course what he says is very true but surely that was considered when the concept of forming a community owned club was first discussed. In other words all members have responsibilities. One of those is to find how to increase revenue. In fact they have to act as joint benefactors. If they want to see the club progress they must be willing to invest more into the club. This is the reality of the situation and is rarely appreciated by members supporters clubs. To get members to consider this the Board should ensure that they choose the right person to manage the finances and administration of the team. This, in the eyes of many members, is where they feel the Board has failed and the cause for their reluctance to commit to next season.
  3. Point well put Steph and taken. Problem is that most " Blazers" at the FA and Administrating non league football do not take kindly to criticism or new ideas. In fact the same could be said for most clubs officials and managers who often take a similar stance. But that said it does not stop individual clubs drawing up simple agreements with a nucleus of players who they wish to retain, or sign, for nominal fee. Yes it would incur addition expenses against revenue. But if we are to move forward as a club this will have to be found. Otherwise the events of the past two years will become a bi-annual event. Some how this spiral will have to be broken. Several years ago when the Board acquired the long term lease on the QE11 Stadium I suggested the next phase was to invest in a team capable of maintaining its use. Some of the replies were quite vitriolic but I have not altered my view. The progression of the club is not sustained by the continuation of the status quo. That is why I, with many others, feel the retention of AL and his management shows a lack of ambition. It is causing some members to reconsider their continued investment in the club. This to me is the most regrettable thing of all.
  4. That's pushing it a bit far, even for me Reb. But nice thought.
  5. Exactly it Theo but no apology needed TJF as my post had me totally bemused on second reading. I think sentences got back to front.
  6. GG, I wish you had been around with your extensive knowledge as you would have been a great help in assisting the prepare the five cases I was involved which were put before the House of Lords. ( Supreme Court to you.) So I know a little about contracts. Just noticed the implication of your initials. Just right for a clever old NAG!!!!
  7. If it is true and Mickey is leaving, then knowing how much he liked being at Enfield Town, it does not bode well for the future. In agreeing with DJW it should be obvious that it not we the members who have started the downward spiral, suggested in early posts, it had already started by the players. To which I am not surprised. It must be hard and dispiriting to play to a system which seems to have been devised to ensure that only one player gets the goals. Knowing how much time and work the Chairman and most of the Board members put in for the club I am surprised that they can let this happen. I for one cannot comprehend what their thinking is. What has the manager got to say about it? Probably nothing, but then it was never his fault last year when things started to go wrong it was always the players. I wonder what Nathan MacDonald is thinking right now. At this rate he will have quite a few positions to choose to play in if current departures continue at the same rate. But is his signing better than retaining Matt Nolan. Although his continued long ball kick-outs falls very nicely within AL's philosophy. Once again AL's indifference to younger players rears its head again. I had better start cleaning my old boots.
  8. I welcome that the Chairman has made announcement on the forth coming season. No sour grapes but I still wished it could have come sooner.
  9. I agree B10 but you are missing the point. I am fully aware of the impact of " Members" thinking about their subscriptions. Welcome to the real world of commerce. I am not talking about supporters, who are worth there wait in gold, but supporter who are "Member Shareholders". After all that is how we are described by the club. There is a great difference between the two. I am fully aware of how non league is run and that most players are free agents. But what I am objecting to is the lack of information given to members. As such I don't expect to read the club's news solely from the Bostik League's bulletins or on other clubs websites. B10 it cuts both ways, ignoring the members can also start the downward spiral. I believe that is why Theo and many others are becoming disillusioned and the reason I feel so strongly about things. I only wish EDS' cliche answer was that simple. But he too has missed the point. Finally,I have said before I saw my first Enfield FC game in 1947. Other than absence doing Nat Service and my own playing career I have always been there to support them so I am not just a Johnny come lately.
  10. I see, Theo, we are being asked to renew membership by 1 June. We all know what we are signing up for regarding off the field, Shared ownership of the club, a Great Stadium and Facilities etc, but no mention of on field activities. I am all for PR and advertising but when is someone going to mention what the plans are being made for next season on the pitch. It is like asking you to invest in a new play/film without telling you what the story is about and who the actors are. It is hardly a good way to run a business.This analogy can be attributed to all forms of business including our club. It would have been more sensible to have sent a news sheet, to all members, detailing the Boards vision for next season, with the reminder for membership renewal. Consequently until the Board comes up with more info I intend to keep my options open. It now seems that we have shad to be informed by another club that we have already lost two players. Both of whom were held in high regard, by the manager's own admission and that of many supporters, one must wonder where we are going. (Note: I do hope that certain subscribers do not harass me again with the old mantra of why do I not stand for the Board etc or speak out at AGM's. I have already given my answer to that!!)
  11. True Theo, but think of the result for isn't it said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "clothes maketh man/woman". It's a pity that such saying do not transfer themselves on to our Football pitch. Our ground is good and our various team strips are quite smart, even some players in them are too, but overall they do not seem to come up to expectations.
  12. Yes Theo but I bet you will get more pleasure from seeing her in what shes buys than AL's match brand.
  13. If Wealdstone were to be even considering AL for their manager then they must be either in extreme financial difficulties or their Board has gone starch raving mad. I hardly think this is the case. As for AW I would have thought his time would best be served if he campaigned for an independent forum for his own club rather than lowering the standard of ours.
  14. You are not a cynic ST. What you say has been also said by many of those chosen to safeguard our interests. Your view is also something being thought by 17.5m with Cons and Labs substituted for Arsenal and Spurs. Anyway what do the Plebs know, other than decisions are always made by the Patricians*. *( Just to showing off my little learning, also in my day you had to know some Latin to follow for my chosen profession, and confuse you know who!!!!)
  15. Even I'm not sure that they are capable of being that devious MB!!
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