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  1. I feel that ST was just a tad OT in saying that we were in control for the full 90 Minutes since in the first 20 mins we gave 2 out of 3 passes away, sometimes in very dangerous positions. Fortunately Billy Bricknell showed his class with 2 first half goals. The first a brilliant off the ball run between the opponents central defence. The other a calculated drive into the far corner. It was these to goals in fairly quick time which brought the team to life and from then on we controlled the game. This carried on into the 2nd half although twice McDonald was brought into action with saves which were brave and had no right to be stopped as on both occasions the Thatcham player was left alone in front of goal. However, I agree with ST that once we got in front we always look as if we would score more. Again a Bricknell blast from the edge of the box made it 3 which were followed by another 2 from Mo. All in all a good days work. If this is carried on to next Saturday then I think we can start to consider ourselves well in with a chance of a promotion place. Finally, as alluded to by ST, there was the case of the disallowed goal. Can any one explain what happened. I must have blinked or something. Also what do you have to do to get sent off these days. How the player who kicked MO in both legs in plain sight of the referee and his assistant, when the ball was more than a yard away, only got a yellow card is a mystery. Perhaps someone could also enlighten me as again I must have blinked !!!!! Looking forward to the cup draw and to the clash with Folkestone next week.
  2. Although an admitted doubter I still wish to congratulate AL on his award. I hope he will win several more in the next few months. It can only be good for the team and for the club. I still feel we need another good midfielder and perhaps if he and the players can keep us in the top 3 they may attract such a player.
  3. Well,well LH, I have to admit it , I agree entirely with your comments. I too am concerned with the own goals conceded in the past two games. As I said after Saturdays game the defence could still do with a bit more fine tuning with another central defender and a midfield play maker. But I still think a point is better than nothing. I too was looking forward to going next Saturday but unfortunately a prior dinner engagement, made a while ago, has had it's start brought forward an hour, so I can't be in two places at once. I sincerely hope that we progress as every little extra revenue would be welcome.
  4. This was the type of game we need to win. Not pretty at times but, with our front line and Mo's inspiration, we should be able to keep in there. At times still got worried with our defence. Tuesday is going to be a test so let's hope we can rise to the challenge.
  5. Thanks LH for keeping us at home in the picture. Must have been a little hairy in the final 10 minutes. Pity we let 3 in but so long as we score more than the opposition, I will accept that. Mo is certainly our talisman. I am sure there are plenty of Clubs, both EFL and National league ones watching him. Also good to see Charles back on the score sheet. Looking forward to seeing more detailed reports. A little nearer home I see Ward-Cochrane put 3 past Bognor away from home. It's a pity we did not not persevere a little longer with him.
  6. CC he must have seen a copy of Bolton's bank statements and, as I said earlier, he must have thought the grass is not always greener elsewhere. At least for the time being. I suppose it's better the devil you know. I don't begrudge him trying to do better but still feel sorry for the other youngsters still on the side line who are waiting for their chance.
  7. AS I said Barney it all comes down to choice. Whilst clubs continue to allow players and their agents to dictate terms there will be little change. However, as finances get harder for clubs in the Football League, the balance may start to swing in favour of those who are in the lower level to acquire players. As I am now getting into the realms of supposition and, as much as I have enjoyed the conversation, I think I should bow out now until another topic comes up.
  8. Yes I believe that transfer fees are still paid to clubs for contracted players even at our level CC. As I said earlier the use of contracts remains the same it just is now a matter of scale. Now it has to relate to the state of your finances and if entering into contract with players lies within your business plan. The principle remains the same but now days the risk of getting a reasonable return is higher, brought on by the advent of agents. During the 70/80s EFC investment level was difference as they were owned by a shrewd entrepreneur with outside professional advisers. Most players were under contract. When Paul Furlong was let go by EFC they received several thousands of £s plus a % of sale on transfers. The flip-side to this was the purchase of Abbott, for his second tour with EFC, which cost the club in the region of £7000. Yes times were very different then. Yes Steph, we got/paid fees for most players at that time. .
  9. Thanks B10 I am very much obliged. I have raised the point before and it's the first time anyone has enlightened me. Thanks again. I am sure that it is written somewhere. Just laziness on my part after years having to read all the small print. I too have no criticism of how the Board operate and appreciate how much time and effort they put in on our behalf. Although I still have doubts if the playing side of things. But that's for another day. Agree Barney, it is a tragedy that agents call the tune. But I bet that the players have had to sign a contract in order to obtain their services. I also bet if scrutinised not many of these contracts would not stand up in court if challenged. That's the terrible irony of all this agent business. But then I am glad I don't have to get involved any more.
  10. Possibly so Barney, obviously I am getting too old but when I was first employed I didn't expect to be senior partner over night. Not because I didn't have ambition but because I wasn't qualified then. If management is agreeing to only players terms, at this level, then the game can only go backwards. But then for some time I have believed, both as a player as well a a retired commercial professional, old players who become club managers should stick to playing matters and not be let near any players financial and legal agreements. No wonder so many clubs go bust.
  11. Thanks Barney for your interesting reply, your are not a long way from reality, far from it. Because I too could be wrong in my understanding of OT's remark. If right I was trying to expound my interpretation of what I think he meant. It was an answer to another's inferred accusation of " having a moan again" jibe. As you have asked, all I can say in answer to the question you have raised regarding a player wishing to leave etc ,is that it all depends on what is written in the signed agreement. However, both sides usually want some security. But you are quite right there is no obligation for anyone to enter into a contract. I tend to feel that a lot of people seem to think contracts have to be lengthy, but a simple agreement may only be a few short sentences, so long as it meets each parties needs. Take a Bank Note for example, which is a simple form of contract being a promissory note for payment. On the point being discussed, I find it hard to accept that if you acquire,what you consider to be a good assets(player) and you are willing to pay above the norm for his services it seems sensible to want some return. The example I gave in my previous post was just a simple two way agreement. I believe there is another point one has to consider and that is the effect that the spinning door syndrome creates by the easy through passage for higher paid players, on the remaining squad. After all it is a team game and the team is the most important. Not the high earner who may leave at any time. It's the rest of the team that have to pick up the pieces. I am sure what we have been discussing has already been considered many times by the Board. Similarly in dealing with with the clubs finances. But since I have never seen a set of it's Accounts or even a simple Annual Income and Expenditure statement I can only base my observations on what I see, am told or read on this forum. Or perhaps I have I missed something? I am member of a number of social and charitable societies, to which I subscribe. Whether I attend or not I receive every year a copy of each Treasurer's Financial Statement. Perhaps we should now get back to "Football" matters before I bore everyone to death. Look forward to reading your posts in the future. By the way I see you're getting lots of approbation from W72 , perhaps now's the time to get worried.!!!! Only kidding!!!!!
  12. I do think you have missed OT point,MTH. I have interpreted that it is his way of expressing his amazement in the lack of business sense being shown. Otherwise your "good" players on higher wages will come in one door and out the other as they please. If you are happy with that then as a member I am not. There seems to be a miss conception in the use of contracts. Although not personally involved when my firm were processing clubs going into administration, I was shown some players contracts, invariable they had a get out clause in favour of the player. The safeguard for the Club (the business) was that they retained the right to seek a fee for his transfer so long as it they paid him and the player agreed to the transfer. Far better than most normal employment contracts. NB .. I raised these point about 4 years ago, when the subject was last raised, so please don't bring up the clubs financial status again. The principle applies to all businesses huge or small. Also please no more advice to get more involved. My interest in the Club end purely as a supporter and a member and as such the ability to comment on this forum.
  13. Oh well OT, just another little mess we've got ourselves into Stanley!!!
  14. Point taken OT. In the words of another "it makes me laugh", I wonder if the manager knows?? Not surprised at the news of Mo performance. Looking at Boltons other buys he will be in the 1st team soon.
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