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  1. As many have already reminded us there is still a long way to go. But if we can by the end of January ....had injuries at a minimum.... continued to work hard... averaged of 2 points a game and teams around us take points from one another, we will still have all to play for. None of the above is assured, what with Winter coming on and a small squad. But if we do it will be one hell of an achievement...." he who dares win wins" !!!!
  2. To nights KIngstonian v Cheshunt 1-1 draw was another welcome additional bonus.
  3. At last I have been able to see a game for my self. Again Theo I ask the same question particularly about Coker. Why bring Kirwan off and leave Coker on who at right back appeared to be all at sea. Also, having seen him now several times, please tell me what does Cunnington bring to the team. I do feel that Youngs deserves a mention because, especially in the second half, he was the hub of any link up play which up to then had been missing. I would have also liked to have seen Taafe given a spell on the pitch. I am afraid he may be the next to go which would be a shame. That said
  4. Good one Theo. Glad you to see you are still in the betting game. Mind you I am not sure I subscribe to either of your options. But I agree with your sentiment. If you remember I did say some time ago, "what our stadium needs is a winning team to fill it". However, from what I have read recently we may be well on our way to achieving that. Although this may always be hard for us to do, because of the proximity of Premier League clubs, it is good to see that our average crowd is currently up on last year.
  5. Thanks Theo for your usual balanced report. Looking forward to being able to see for myself the game against Worthing on Saturday. I am also looking forward to seeing us keeping our 100% home record. So long as I'm there I am not too worried as to how it's achieved. I do hope my friend BU doesn't spend a lot of time exercising his physic powers to find a subliminal message of negativity in the above because, surprise.....surprise, there isn't one. It's all genuine. See our friends at Lewes are still gradually entering the mix following another home goal spree.
  6. I would find it acceptable if we win at least one game and keep our momentum going ie. an average of at least 2pts a game. I agree that another 6pts would make September memorable. Although it would be hypocritical of me if I didn't admit to sharing some of CC's concerns. I believe that going on a more offensive approach is not the be all and end all of things. But as I have said recently, I still think it is better to start on the front foot and adjust accordingly than go long ball from the start. For the reason I have previously given. So I hope, injuries permitting, we continue to carr
  7. Like Theo, I have only wanted a change of direction in the teams pattern of play so that they could show their full potential. This is now happening and from what I have read has resulted in making everyone, including me, buoyant. In passing, I may be wrong BU, but I don't recognise anyone writing " no one wants to play for him ". I suppose it depends on how you decide to construe their words!! Also if you have ever played you would know that points from games in hand are meaningless unless achieved. Consequently again your assumption of my thought process is way off. But let
  8. To Cor: I say very pleased. See my post on the reports of the Leatherhead games. To BU I say, putting your words into other peoples mouths makes a very one sided conversation!! To both of you I also say, I am finding it difficult to make any worthwhile comments just now as I am otherwise physically engaged. Which leaves me laying around for a few days. However, it might surprise you both but I am pleased that someone has changed his stance as to the best way for us to play. In fact I may be feeling a little smug because, together with my fellow believers, he may have seen the
  9. Although I was again unable to attend yesterday I can fully understand the praise given to Ryan Kirwan. On the few occasions I have seen him, but only as a sub, he showed that he had lot of ability joined with pace. I am glad to hear that he is getting a chance to show it. I am also pleased to read we are now still continuing a willingness to play on the front foot. This surely is the best way for this squad to gain success. It also brings everyone into play. If I get the OK this week, I am looking forward to seeing us take on Worthing next Saturday. IN the meantime another win on Tu
  10. I agree LH but we must play with courage and take the game to them. To achieve this I am hoping that we start with the same attacking team as Tuesday and make that success breed more success.
  11. Gratifying to see that our gates are up this season by some 30% according to the League website. Long may it continue.
  12. Exactly Barney. I too don't pretend to know the answer. Like FJ and OT you have at least thought of the reasoning behind what I am asking. It is what do we expect from our Youth teams? If it is for more involvement with the Enfield society, so be it, that is fine by me. That in it's self is an ideal worth pursuing. It falls fair and square with at least two of the accepted reasons for obtaining a charitable status, Education and Welfare.
  13. Thanks guys for taking the time to explain your understanding of what I was asking in my recent posts. It shows the spirit of this forum. Bu then we are all guilty at times of only wanting something written to mean what we wanted it to mean. Usually for our own advantage.
  14. By God, BU, who's crawling out of hole hole? Here you are again taking out of contexed what I have said just to have a rant at me. I was making an enquiry of anyone to enlighten me what was happening with our youth set up. As I believe all members have vested interest in it with their funding. Do you!!!!! and, if you do, don't you have a similar interest as to how they are progressing. I don't recall asking the ages of members of our current squad. Or as you infer trying to denigrate their achievements so far. Although as I said it appears not many came through our system. No dou
  15. I tend to agree DJW, like you, I have been very critical of AL's tactics. But, as I have said before, I do hope he sticks to an attacking approach and not go back to the long ball straight away. I appreciate that when playing away one has to be cautious until you get used to your playing conditions of the away pitch. But playing 3 up front from the start is a good move. Because it makes the opposition think twice about go on the attack from the start. Because they have to hold at least 4 defenders within their own half. One can always adjust if circumstances require it later in the game
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