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  1. Thanks OT, I do share your passion but things are as they are. Would be nice to know who, if any, are staying.
  2. As I said on an adjacent post (The Return of Football) it's good to be kept informed. I await to hear if we have still got a manager. But don't hold your breath.
  3. I understand your frustration OT but in view of the current virus there is very little to comment on. Even then from top to bottom very few people know what will happen next. In the past few weeks many of us have been concentrating trying to keep the club going by making donations. On which much has already been said. However, I am sure many will return to air there thoughts once we hear more about the position about the playing staff for next season, when ever it starts. SO far we know about ground improvements but nothing much relating to team affairs. So as far as I am concerned for once I have very few observations to make. It seems that once again we are left with having to learn from outside sources about who is leaving but very little, if anything at all, about those staying or coming. Even if the was no Virus, I have learnt that under this current playing management this position is to be accepted as the norm. Consequently until there is movement on this aspect I feel I have very little constructive to add. I will await further developments and will continue to read the forum regularly and will enter again once I feel I have something to contribute. In the mean time I wish that everyone will stay safe.
  4. Even for me, having been retired for 20 odd years, my life hasn't change a great deal other than the self isolation. But there is one thing that is becoming evident from my daily walks. That is the great spirit of all the people I pass, at a safe distance of course. It is almost back to my younger days when you always got a halo and smile from people you even didn't know. It reminds me of the family who looked after me as a evacuee during WW2. It certainly has the feeling of we are " all in this together ". What ever happens in the next few months I hope this attitude carries on. In the meantime I hope you all will remain safe and that we soon see this thing through.
  5. I have to agree with Andy and OT. At the present time I am only concentrated on hoping as many of us stay clear of the virus and through out the nation come out of this fit and healthy. The sooner that it's over we can all get back to what we do best on this forum, see things differently. Until then lets all hope for a better future for all of us Old and Young alike.
  6. I am afraid life is going to be put on hold but if we save one life by doing so it will be worth it. Whether how we are going about it is the right way only time would tell. At least something is being done.
  7. You have put your finger on the true reality 55S. But to day it would be hard even if we had a benefactor as times and peoples expectations are different. Many a time when the TV came to Southbury Road they would show all the teams playing on the Playing fields. Where are they now?? Unfortunately, as things stand, the only thing that would immediately improve our position is to increase entrance charges but with our product that would only be counter productive and we would start to lose even the ardent supporters.
  8. CC I hope you ate it after you had read it, the message not the pigeon I mean!!!!! Don't want to be admonished again by the senior member of the Politburo. I assume you did signed the ETFC's Official Secrets Act when joining the forum.
  9. Is it me or is the league table not up to date?? According to the played grid we have played 29 games and should now have 51 points. Pleased to see another win achieve. Once again Steph makes a valid point we must maintain our form and keep up the current momentum. Also,some seem to be concerned about whether Shaun is fit for week. But who will he replace I hope it it is Charles especially as he seems back to his scoring form? Also his pace is a great advantage to us now Mo has gone.
  10. Theo, yes I was happier because we at least showed some idea how to play. As I have said before achieve this and you begin to take some pressure off the defence. It also left Thomas to control better the centre midfield because he had someone near to him to inter pass with. Also as I have said,see quote: Urguhart played quite a part in this as began to organise the back by continually looking across the defensive line. But one or two of the usual suspects still insisted in long balls when not under pressure. But I can live with that. If I were marking them I would give 8 out 10 for trying but can still do better. I believe that Taafe's midfield display was the undoubted the catalyst that influenced this. I hope he can inspire some of the others to follow suit. If so I will continue to feel a lot more satisfaction. Yes I am a hard man to please!!!!!! The later!!!!
  11. Thank God this week Dr Jekyll turned up, in the place of Mr Hyde this week, in the form of Lewis Taafe. A midfielder who kept his position and made passes to members of his own team. Which is what some of us have been looking for for some time. I too was surprised at his substitution LS, but assumed after his long lay-off it was precautionary. The defence was somewhat more tighter than for many weeks although they still keep trying to hit 50yd killer balls when a simpler pass was on. But for once AL and his companions stopped screaming out useless advice. Of course if it wasn't for their goalie we could have had several more. I did suggested to my companion shortly after Taafes' goal it was time to introduce Charles' pace whilst we had them on the ropes. But later was better than never But that said from our point of view it was more entertaining to watch. Subject to injuries I do hope AL does not tinker with the team too much next time out. His first problem is what does he do with Blackman, assuming he is still not under suspension. As for the team as a whole so long as Mr Hyde doesn't immediately return next Tuesday and Saturday we may be in with a chance yet!!!!
  12. Point taken Theo, I too agree that enough has been said. So I will let it go and just take each game as it comes and and see what transpires. Deep down I still have hope.
  13. Dj, It could be that 3/4 years ago our ambitions were set higher. Partly due to some success our revenue has had to be distributed differently since the increase of our overheads; ie. New Stadium, Travel expenses etc. In addition, if my understanding is correct, the Football Supporters Society appears to have now move into having a Charitable Trust Foundation status. This may have some affect on the Football Club finances, as in law, all donations received will have to be used in connection with the Charity's declared aims which I believe includes some community projects. Although we may benefit by the tax exemptions currently in place. So we are back to square one. Unless we cannot encourage more people through the gates we are going to struggle even more financially. Like any other business the best way to do this is by improving ones product. This means considering how best this can be achieve. I, for one, think this could begin by looking into with how the administration playing side of the club is being run and whether it can be improved. If some people want to call this whingeing and others an obsession so be it, I call it logic.
  14. LH much of what you say has merit and of course most people understand what is entailed should we ever be promoted. But that is not the issue right now. The reality is that a high proportion of members are not happy as to how the playing side of the club is being managed... NOW. As WR says gates are falling already. Get these right and quite a few other things will start to fall into place. Ps. You forgot to complete your paraphrase of Kennedy's speech as he went on to call all the crowd "doughnuts" by his use of the word Berliners. I hope I am not construing too much from this omission!!!!
  15. I understand what you are saying W72. But unless the immediate problems aren't addressed the club will find it hard to even stand still but will start digress. Not only as a football club but in it's position within the community. Consequently if this can't be resolved with money then it needs a bold change of personnel in order solve this. A philosophy of working for the future is admiral but if you have a weak foundation it is hard to progress. For many it is not about winning and losing, it's how we win or lose. Consequently they find it hard to buy into AL's style of playing. It went out years ago. Supporters want at least some value for their money. This starts with a manager who can inspire his players to play up to their full capabilities. Also with the empathy to encourage the young players to become better players. Unfortunately AL's does not show to me he has this ability. That is if his shouting and gesticulating from the touch line is anything to go by. As previous posts have said, rather we paid an up and coming young manager with a plan for the future or stay with one who only ability is to acquire players of whom it is said are fantastic acquisitions but who have gone in no time. We all care enough for the club to see the club fail because of one man's intransigence. But unless he shows some leadership within the next few weeks I am afraid you will see a slump in gates. With the number of posts saying similar things we cannot all be wrong!!!!!!
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