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  1. I suppose I was a being a bit crass BJ when I mentioned " a Touch of Wokeness". It is difficult to define what it actually means as their are different interpretations although most relate having awareness. One "Urban interpretation" describes it as someone "being aware of the truth behind things that he doesn't want you to known". Perhaps with hindsight I use the phrase incorrectly. Looking forward to the full report soon. PS. In todays world it relates mainly with regard to Social and Racial awareness.
  2. Thanks BenJ for your comments. That was all that was wanted at this stage!!!!!! However, do I detect a touch of WOKENESS in your comments. It so happens ten years before you were born, at the age of 19, I was over the Med with my squadron on the way to Egypt. We were put on standby several weeks. before and told our objective 7 days before the event. If the MOD and the government could trust a 19 year old with that information I would have thought that a football club could trust some of it's members with updates. Especially those who over the past 15 months have in different ways
  3. Have I missed something? I thought that the club's current position was going to be explained yesterday. But OT's comment has made me somewhat apprehensive. Did the Zoom meeting actually go ahead? Because, if it did, I was expecting today to see some sort of announcement as to when we could expect to see a summary of the proceedings.
  4. Now now OT how many times have we been told that we must get behind the manager. That is if we can find him!!!!!! Odds on he is praying that Bumbling Bo Jo will go for a further lockdown.
  5. There is an interesting piece regarding Tayshan H-S today on the BBC football internet. It seems that Tayshan has found a whole new way of life. I am sure everyone would wish him every success for the furture.
  6. BTG I didn't know you were a " Doughnut"!!!!! But then neither did Kennedy. See you when football next starts, unless the blonde tory boy thinks of another reason to shut us all down again. Like footballs too rough and can make you paranoid if you haven't had both jabs. Sorry I suppose I am all getting a bit too political.
  7. Success breeds success!!! It seems at last a number of members are now really trying to come to grips with the realities of our position. Taking the last two posts I find myself in agreement with the following observations. To me the most important one is contained in CC comment. It is similar to the one which I wrote at the time when AL was appointed. I believe the other two rejected candidates were younger, but one highly successful as an assistant manager at a much higher non league level. But probably deemed to have no experience of managing a tight budget. However, AL ob
  8. Strange I remember saying a lot of this over 3 years ago especially when we acquired the lease on the QE2. I now find myself having sympathy with both sides of the argument. Why, because both points of view have very little merit unless one side or the other pushes for change. That will I am afraid split the club down the middle. I have always thought that since the club achieved entry into the Ryman Premier league the majority of members, what ever side they were on, were happy with the default position of the club retaining the status quo. I believe that is where AL came in and to be f
  9. Just a tip to management. The manager of Welwyn Garden City Div, 1 in the Southern League Central, seems to know what he is doing. There must be others around doing the same. I doubt that their budgets are as much as ours.
  10. I am afraid I missed to nights game but kept tabs on what was going on. Pleased to see that we were still 2 up with about 14 minutes to go. Could not be believe it when we finished 2-2. But then I wasn't really. Like you CC I have made my views known about AL. It is not the first time his lack of organisation in defence has let us down in the last few minutes. Why do we always continue to chase a game already won. I am afraid I am getting to old to wait for the phoenix to rise again.
  11. It's seems a bit pointless us all squabbling over whose right or wrong. As I said in my previous note I understand and recognise that so many different views can be argued. But if Boris sticks to his word, that is if he can remember what he said, then in the middle of the month many tiers may be change. But don't hold your breath!!!!! My concern is that, in order to simplify things for him, we will all be in tier 3. With the exception of County Durham where no doubt Dom is enjoying his pay-out. Ps. I must admit I am rather perplexed by reading the list of Friendly matches being pla
  12. I too respect your view RG. In fact you have put a very strong case and actually there is very little for me to disagree with. But I suppose I am still sitting on the fence. Probably hiding behind it. Let see what happens by the end of the year. The coming winter weather may make the current decisions that have been taken null and void.
  13. I agree with Steph and Reb the most important thing to me is that as many people come out of this as healthy as possible. Especially those closet to me. Decisions have been taken, many of which I find hard to accept, as they have taken away almost a year of my life which I can ill afford. But then as R says one has to accept " the bigger Picture". When restrictions are finally lifted we will appreciate what we have missed. But will enjoy things all the more. To me returning to watching football and to a near normal life will be like the ending of sweet rationing after WW2 and buying
  14. Your so right Andy!!!! I forgot to say " and no substitutes" If you were injured you played on so long as you could run all for about £20 a week or a couple of quid tucked in your boot...... shooosh!!!!! How did that get there 😇😇
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