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  1. Steph, it's understandable they all look the same when you get out into the hinterland!!!!!
  2. I am away DJW and have only just caught up with the latest news. But I am not surprised surprised to read about Dan R.I too wish him well but have to admit I never saw what you saw. Everyone who takes to the field at any level tries to give their all. Sometimes that cannot be sustained at another level. I am sure he will find that which he is comfortable with, and because of his age, he will no doubt be able to progress. It may be another manager may help him to raise his game.
  3. Interesting reading early reports. Unfortunately I was unable to attend as a couple of hours before leaving home we received some bad news. That said reading the reports so far it seems to me they could have been written any time over the past two seasons. Basically AL seems unable to recognise the importance of obtaining a play maker in midfield. We seem to be over stocked with forwards without any regard to how they can best be served other than by the long ball. They are, I believe, also where most of the budget lies. Regarding the comments on our defensive system it is a pity that our new Centre Back, Wilson, sustained an injury right at the outset, although I was I was surprised to read that he may have made a comeback at the weekend. Other than patch up auxiliaries we don't seem to have a ready replacement. Once again only AL and his management team can solve this problems. Even at this early stage it is must be obvious that the system being used shows no change to that of previous years. I would like to see some innovative changes. To achieve this, and to stay within budget, it may mean off loading one or two squad members who do not buy into it by insisting on doing their own thing. But that is where management comes in!!!!
  4. Rebel, I have on many occasions expressed the wished that Billy Crook would return. Not that I think he ever would under the current management. I do think it was possible in the past but the decision was taken to spent money on others. But I am sure that there are still young BC type players out there waiting to be scouted. But then do we have any official scouts out and about. That said I also acknowledge, in the main, what W72 has said. But in order to obtain some financial wriggle room it may be that as the injury situation becomes better AL will have to decide to relieve one or two current players. It is early days and I have yet to see many of our new signings. Until we have them all available will we be able to judge the squad's potential. I believe that Sam Bantik has completed his suspension so one hopes he is fit and ready to go Saturday. Also that Taafe's pre-match exclusion on Saturday was only precautionary.
  5. 72W, as I have said before Hatton's no show was a complete mystery to me too. Whetherstone's lack of mobility can be hidden by his experience and awareness. But you cannot play another centre back beside him with the similar lack of mobility, and much less skill. That is why I query the choice of Rumens over Hatton, or another, whilst the new C/back is injured. It seems that the management see something which we are missing. Or is it because deep down AL still desires someone who sticks to his long boot the ball ethos.
  6. I agree with you OT regarding using Ken's pace. But I have already made it clear regarding yesterday where the major fault lay. You cannot continually dribble around and around in midfield for no purpose whilst your front line is making their runs. I know that might seem blasphemous to some regarding the player concerned, but it was one thing that helped towards our down fall. My favourite football remark was made by Brian Clough, when it was reported that he said to Robertson during an European Cup game " Son!! if I wanted an individual ball juggle I would hired one from a circus, now go out there and play simple football with the rest of the team the way I have taught you" Ps. How do I get rid of unnecessary quotes.
  7. It was frustrating Steph. But I was hoping to see some improvement on previous years. Unfortunately McDonald still shows signs that he is not sure when to come of his line. Hence their first goal which would have been much less threat had he stayed further back. However, he cannot be blamed for what followed. Weatherstone tried hard to organise his defence. In the first half this appeared to work. But certain people appeared to go missing once we again went behind. Some thing that has to be addressed sooner than later and only the playing management have control over this. The cry is get behind the team, I say to some of the players get behind your captain!!!
  8. Like Cman an Rebel this too was my first match of the season and after the write ups of the first two games I was expecting something a little bit better than what I got. But as I have previously said I will withhold versing a judgement until we have played at least 10 games. But I must can't help making a few observations. It was obvious that there were several absentees from the first two games. But I was surprised to see what we had to replace them. From this it is quite apparent that we are short of central defenders. I must admit I was quite surprised to see Hatton was on the bench, when his mobility and passing is far superior to that of Rumens. However, to day the real problem was not that we played a much better side ,man to man, but that they were a more mobile organised squad who played to there strengths. NO one held on to the ball or attempted to beat three players at a time , like Youngs, which nullified our pacy front line. Instead they moved the ball on quickly Also they invariably won the second ball, although sometimes rather cynically. But the underlying factor, and something which we have always lacked with this management, they were Organisation. Once again we showed a complete disconnect between defence and attack. One hopes that the playing management management will be able to address this once that have more players available. We will have to wait and see but it will have to be soon.
  9. Sorry Theo, I too was not at the game, but appreciated your your summation. Stay with it pal, it took us at least a year to start agreeing on some things. Don't spoil my record!!!! When I see my first game I am sure I will have a lot to say.
  10. Thanks OT for such prompt and concise information. It's quite a list. Hope from it we can put a team together to keep us near the top.
  11. I have been trying to find out whether there is a provisional list of the playing squad already signed for the coming season. Having perused the new website I had hoped to see profiles of these players but it still shows players from the past. Can anyone help? I suppose you could formulate ones own list from the various announcements regarding players who have formally signed. But, even as only a partial internet literate, it seems to me to defeat the purpose of having a new website.
  12. Interesting comments from all. Having been away most of the summer haven't yet seen "new team" yet. I agree with PR and RK and will as usual reserve my judgement until at least the end of September. Always in hope and when faced with a choice have renewed my membership and Season ticket
  13. OH goodness me and I have to take a lot of stick for my views and I've never once mentioned Barnet......until now!!!!!
  14. In my previous post I meant to say " .....it is not totally anonymous......" but does it really matter? Just be pedantic!!!!
  15. I too appreciate what Barney has said and agree with practically all of his detailed appraisal. Especially his thoughts on those who give some much of their valuable time as volunteers for our benefit. However, just a minute point, so far as this forum is concerned I regard it as a debating outlet between interested supporters where different views are aired. To the best of my knowledge it is totally anonymous as I believe each subscriber has given his e-mail address and we have a sensible arbiter in Father Jack who admonishes any post considered out of order. We are now near the beginning of the new season so lets hope it's an enjoyable one for all of us. Players and supporters a like.
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