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  1. So do I CC and free kicks from outside of the box.
  2. Thank you BU for your wishes. At the moment it is just the way things are. Ups and downs from week to week, but that's a enough about me. When I think of our jousting it is a strange thing to do especially as I believe we both want the same thing. For the success of the club. We just express our views in different ways. At the moment I am not sure when I will be able to see a live game but I look forward to reading all the members reports. Especially if we win tomorrow.
  3. Sorry BU but I have been ordered to stay in bed for a while. Just got up for personal reasons!!! But from your remarks you obviously don't forgive easily. So when I feel better I will be happy to put you right once again. Just read Barney's comments which makes good reading. I wonder what BU has to say about it. Must go, wife not happy with me!!!!!
  4. Thanks CC for your very polite admonishment. Please excuse me for my pickled head but I had just returned from hospital after some treatment and I think I am still a bit sleepy. I have also just turned the mid 80's mark and names seem to be the hardest for me to remember. Which accounts for my "Croker". Probably thinking about myself again. However there was some logic in my thinking regarding the other two names which is of course music.... "Piano and Cathedral Organ " your ref. to Ray Charles being one and the other "The Trumpet Voluntary" originally attributed to "Henry Purcell".
  5. CC also amused at AL's delusional statement. Makes one wonder if he really means it or just another sign of the level of his judgement. But I did say in 2017* what to expect and got nearly lynch for it..... but that's all water under bridge. This now the reality!!!! For me he has driven out to many good young plays from the club by putting them on the bench. A couple which comes to mind is Mickey Purcell, one of the only two players who remained loyal to the club following the mass Exodus. However, I hope MP sent him a letter thanking him for helping him get his FA Trophy medal
  6. Barney I enjoyed reading your extremely well thought out comments. I agree with everything you say. But would add one more thing which is that is it is not only the players who are accountable but the person who decides the line up and runs the team.
  7. Most of the above posts could have been written any time in the past few years. With the exception of most games played prior to Christmas. Many of members have express similar views to those which I have been making for several seasons. Added to them May I suggest that that it time for the management try to bring into the side a team plan to which all players can be expected to contribute . Not just one or two. Plus more discipline and team organisation so that all squad members know what their job is whether in defence, midfield or up front. For a few months we appeared to have f
  8. Thanks for all the observations. I too find it hard to understand AL's and his management team especially where PK is concerned. The one player who drives from midfield. But it is no surprise. I said that AL always reverts to plan A, the long ball when things get tough. Which is the same as his plan B,C etc. I said this even before he arrived . So nothing new from me there. There is nothing wrong with the long ball if used properly. But shows a lack of planning ability when it becomes your only opening gambit. Not only has it been proven that it saps the energy of the team playing
  9. This will some need some explaining. Can't wait to read what happened. By the way I notice that Kingstonian have only 1 game less than us in this month and so far have max points in last 3 games. They have less time than us to to regroup they have to play again on Monday. So lets not feel too sorry for ourselves. There is still a long way to go but someone has to get back to basics and organise our defence and midfield. Surely if we are short of players in this department then recall some out on loan. Just a suggestion or does the manager think they are not required?? At least
  10. A goal in the first few minutes of each half shows something is wrong. I don't know how many times I have said in the past that in these periods of play you should be at your most cautious. It is the time when you need to keep the ball or get it off the field so as the opposition can't use it until you settle. Especially as we have proved on several times that we have the ability to come strong in the final 15 minutes so long as we stay in the game. This should be basic knowledge for any coach!!! But it seems to have gone out of the window these past few weeks. Fortunately, we
  11. Well said BU and I totally agree with your comments. Also I would have thought that shouting out such words of abuse would have been equally upsetting to long standing Cheshunt supporters. For reasons best known to themselves!!!!!
  12. Thanks Andy and may I add my best wishes to yours to everyone.
  13. God, I know I can be boring but this chit chap with Albury makes the weather outside feel like a warm summers day. At least I talk about my concerns regarding EFTC. So may I suggest Albury you start a similar forum for your club. Because your discourse is becoming childish and at even my age I am not ready yet to enter my second childhood. No need to reply because I won't bother to read it.
  14. Thanks Barney for your very concise report. I had hoped we had got over running out of energy in the final third of the game but it sounds as if it is creeping in again. Part of this must reflect on how the management use their subs plus certain players taking more than their share of the workload. The later is up to the players to sort out. I have said several times that playing up to Cunnington relies on a long ball tactic. Which contrary to belief uses up the most energy. Although I still maintain that there is a long way to go and it is the simple things, like these, which
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