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  1. Having read the official club article regarding the Academy's achievements I will be interested to see whether any of the young players mentioned will be given a chance to grow in the first team. Assuming that the playing manager remains unchanged I am not holding my breathe!!!!! We can only wait and see.
  2. Yes congrats Cheshunt. I said last week I had a feeling they would do it. They started a good run at the right time. In beating Bishops Stortford and Hornchurch in the last week they deserved their achievement.
  3. Great crowd. But utter disappointment in conceding 2 goals against in 3minutes. What went wrong??? Too early for recriminations but I hope we will start planning for next season straight away so as to keep the momentum going. Finally congratulations to Cheshunt who I now fancy will do it again on Monday.
  4. Great result....😄 It will be even better, DW, on the 2nd May, Bank Holiday, which is the date for the Premier Final according to the leagues fixture list. But don't let us get to far ahead of ourselves. 🤞🤞
  5. Well that was my first game I have been able to attend in 7 months. It seems that I had gone back in time to when AL's initial team drew 1-1 with Folkestone at home, in August 1917. I can only paraphrase what I said a few days later on this forum which was .... "Great Crowd, pity about the football" I also went on to say that most of the players seems to be competing with one and other to see how hard and high they could kick the ball. I also ask where was all the smart interplay which supporters had been writing about over that Summer. Or was that delusional. Off course I am as pleased as punch we have made my the play-offs again. But I find that our method of play shown yesterday was rather embarrassing. To me it was deja vu and I think CC and OT summed it better than I can.For my part I can only suggest that the team be allowed to formulate there own plan and for the management team to leave them well alone. I am sure they will come up something better than what we saw yesterday
  6. You sound as superstitious as me Barney. I was thinking the same thoughts as I wrote my post. About time I change my underpants. But then I am also a fatalist and believe that what will be will be. So in the spirit of DJW's post let's conjure up another few more wins this month so we can all enjoy a Happy Easter. Ps. Never tried crossing my toes as well as my fingers before!!!!!! It better work. Finally, once again a thank you to all those members who take the time to write their observations and views on each game. It has certainly helped me to stay in the loop over the last 5 months.
  7. Although I have not always seen eye to eye with Andy Leese's philosophy towards how teams should play it would be churlish of me not to congratulate him for receiving this month managers award. Having missed the best part of half a season from what I have read, by way of this forum, it is apparent that at last he has brought together a team with the ability to succeed at this level. I sincerely hope that he and his staff go on to finish the job. As this will be a tribute and just reward for all those who give their time unreservedly behind the scenes for the benefit of club. Let's all keep going!!
  8. As BU correctly pointed out earlier in the week that, following the Merstham game, we will still need to win all our final 5 games to be in a position to have a chance of a home tie in the first play-off rounds. But we can still make sure of a playoff place by winning 3 from our 5 remaining league games. Even if Lewis and Folkestone win all of their last five. So that must be our first goal. But strangely there another way, if my understanding of the fixture position is correct. It involves Cheshunt, who hold the key to the final line up, since they have home games against Bishop Stortford, Hornchurch, Lewis. A Cheshunt win in any of these games could alter the final position at the top of the table. There is also another additional fixture between Bishop S v Folkestone to be considered in the mix. Finally, now is the time to forget our differences expressed on this forum over the past months and united to help the team succeed in winning our final games. Disregarding how well we play or do not play so long we get the points to stay in the race. A Win is a Win!!!!! Although any points will be welcome!!!! ( Note. My observations above have not mentioned Worthing as I have assumed they will get the 6 points, from their last five games, needed for them to win the League Title and Promotion. )
  9. Not usually one to criticise the Ref's decisions but I think the that if they had one the off field official would have sent him to the monitor. Seeing as how both players had raised studs. If Cass had not caught Mickey's boot it would have done him a lot of damage you know where!!!! Possible appeal maybe????
  10. Great result. Look forward to reading full report. Also what caused Cass to see RED.
  11. Having read all the reviewsto me, at home in my ivory tower, another 3pts was very pleasing. No matter how they were achieved. Now we are reaching the climax of the season's there is still lots to do and every point will have to be earned. Nine matches to play and a 2 points per game average must be our aim. Nothing should be taken for granted. As OT often says there are still several banana skins laying about. At least after the past few week's results we have made a start. As for Hornchurch next week a point would be acceptable. Thought for the week, from my past, to our playing staff,..... " Defenders should never be afraid to put the ball out when in tight situations. I don't expect you to be flash and try to make the magical pass to get out. I would have signed conjurors if I wanted that. Your first job is to break up play and stop the opposition from scoring". Attributed to the late Jack Charlton, as told to me by one of his Irish players. Still true today!!!
  12. Would be nice to think that some of what Crusty says is acted upon. But I am not holding my breathe. Especially has I have given similar views, from a coaching prospected, during each year of AL's reign. Often receiving quiet strong abuse. I have pontificated on such things ...as retaining the ball... wasting energy chasing long balls.... team method.....ad infinitum.... something we were taught to us way back in the 50s. I still recall a statement made by Brian Clough in the 70s,which is still true today " If God wanted football played in the sky he would have made the grass grow on clouds"!!! Finally I still stand by my assumption that we need at least 80pts to ensure a 2nd or 3rd place to get a home tie. Yes another 21pts. That is 7 wins out of 10 game which, if everyone wants it enough, is not impossible. Let's see if the management, players and supporters are up to the challenge.
  13. As you know OT I have actually been saying the same as C.Lee for several years. Perhaps somewhat more cynically. Also something else I have been going on about since he first came is AL's insistence in using the long ball game as his main choice of preference. However, promotion is still in his hands and those of the team depending how much they want it. Obviously it must be clear to all this can only be achieve by way of the play-offs. Unfortunately, if we don't achieve this I feel the next few years will be tough for the club. You can't expect to continue to retain support if you are asked to accept the status quo for year after year. However, I still feeling that 21 more points, ie. 7 wins from ten games, will ensure us getting to stage one, the play-offs. From there it will be down to the luck of the draw. It is now up to the playing staff, both management and players, to show us that they have the grit to get there.
  14. WHO???? That's my last word. Before FJ starts pulling his hair out.
  15. One thing though, the story could have not come from Boris this time because he has been at a party all day in Munich. Or was it his double???
  16. Unfortunately Hercule was laid to rest in the 1930s. Where he was buried is UNKNOWN.
  17. All these posts and those relating to the Stortford and W&F matches have made interesting reading. It was particularly good to see Theo's and LS's posts again. Unfortunately, it is some time since I have been able to use my season ticket so reading all the reports and opinions helps to keep me in the loop.. The one extract above of a quote by Theo caught my eye. This is because when AL first arrived in 2017, before he got together a team, it was suggested that a good coach to support him would be ideal. However, I stated that from what I new of AL's attitude he did not seem to take too kindly for some one else running the team. But haven't we got several coaches already. Surely that have some input. But again I revert to my old mantra is that although we have several talented players we really need for all the players to play a well drilled system. However, still eleven matches to go and I believe we need at least 7 wins to make sure we have a home game in the play-offs. Let's hope it starts on Saturday.
  18. What's going on? It looks like those who are happy with the status quo have again had there say. That is unless something drastic happens. Again what's going on??
  19. Exactly put CC, but I have said for the past few years organisation isn't AL's forte. It is very hard to achieve it if your only philosophy is "when in doubt use the long ball". I realise it is now a little late to expect any change so I accept we have the play the cards as they are dealt and just wait and see what happens in he next few games. We have got so far so who knows what can happen by May.
  20. Thanks Cold-end. Interesting to read you appreciate the need for organisation. Something I have been on about for a number of seasons as it gives teams with set plans an advantage. But there are going to be hic-ups by all teams hoping for promotion before the end of the season. Several of them having to play each other. So not all lost by one game but we will have to get back quickly to our recent form. I think it is a little too late for us to devise an organised way of play. So we will have to rely our the individual talent off certain players as we have most of the season. On another matter I see Chappell and Bray did not play today I hope that they haven't suffered injuries. Also I have read that Andre Coker is still on suspension until submission of the Ref's report. Sounds strange. Surely he can't have to stop playing until that has been done. Am I missing something?
  21. Like to add my appreciation for RG's report on Saturdays game. Also his clinical summation of our current position. I am also pleased to admit that the management team have at last got together the right type of squad to achieve promotion. Particularly in obtaining Jake Cass who, although I have not seen him yet, has made a difference to our attacking options. It surely is going to be an exciting last third of the season. Let's hope we are the last man standing!!!! I certainly will try soon to see some of it for myself.
  22. Excellent 3 points. Had hoped to be able to get there to day but told to wait for a while longer. Actually it is not too bad because, being superstitious, it seems my forced absence coincides with our winning streak. Would hate it to end the next time I turn up. It seems that Jake Cass is the ideal partner for MO. Long may it last.
  23. Good job we got "5". Obviously one department is OK but the defence certainly increases one's blood pressure. Any way a wins a win. on to the next.
  24. Count me in.....what ever they are on today!!!!!
  25. Well said LS. What the Club's future may be there is still a sense of pride in jointly owning a Football Club. But in the past we did have one beneficial owner who really cared for the club, Tommy Unwin. He actually oversaw the then club through the front door of the Football League c1986. But the "Conference" threw them to the wolves by accepting not to back EFC when the League promised them a one up and one down at the end of the the following season. They proposed this just to save one of their founder members from being relegated. Surprise, surprise the team was Stockport County.
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