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  1. Andy, regarding your earlier comment regarding "Rosey", I don't think they can get away with that one again. Their crowing can only start if we beat some of the top ten, home and away. So far we have already lost 3 away games against top 10.
  2. I am not surprised LH at our current away record. I believe that these statistics reflects that we have only have one way of playing, whether we are at home and away. The team management do not seem to have recourse to another format especially when away. Our present system is very tenuous at home and extremely reckless away. This to me shows a complete ineptness, or lack of understanding of what is required, amongst the playing management. As you will see, this fact is gradually becoming recognised by many members of this forum. As you correctly say, next week is a must win for us. Especially if we are to reap any further financial benefit. No matter how welcome this would be it will still only paint over the creaks. Sooner later than never something has to be done about the team structure. We cannot hide behind our financial status for ever. Now in pure contrast I must arrange my ticket for next week. After all there has to be a silver lining some where๐Ÿ˜Š.
  3. Not as much as the time it would take AL to teach them to huff the ball up field the way he likes!!!!!!!
  4. Just stopped watching. AL has just turned back the clock to where he came in. Enough is enough. Heaven help us next week. Watched 30 minutes and didn't see the Town string two passes together. But lots of hands an hips and gesticulating. We are going nowhere. No organisation, no spirit and no Management!!!! AL has lost it!!!! Now for the flack and usual excuses, please don't bother it has all been said for the past three years. Don't blame the players they aren't all bad. Why is Taafe left on the bench each week. If he is unfit don't pick him. But if he is fit then play him. He is one one the best passers in the team. Ha yes, the old chestnut, have a chat with the manager. About what??????
  5. Just watch last 15 minutes on Facebook. Compared with Carshalton we look like a completely an unorganised and demoralised side. What is going on.
  6. I wish I was a "young whippersnapper" again Steph, but when you were old enough to have been taken to see George V1's coronation and then an evacuee in 1942, I take your remark as a great compliment. Us oldies can still give as good as we get.
  7. No change then!!!! It seems your visit for a comfort break Steph created a time travel experience as you appear to gain a fortnight. Do we win against Ramsgate.????
  8. I did warn supporters, CC, of AL's inability to accept change, three seasons ago. This was based on the observations of people who are well informed regarding non- league football. My criticism at the time got me pillared by many. All the comments I am now reading seem to show that my points are now coming home to roost. I have to admit, however, that his forte is that he has an ability to quickly bring together a squad, especially on a limited budget. But he appears to insist that they play his way whether they want to or not or they get frozen out. I have consistently stated how I would like to see us play but now except that it is unlikely to happen under Al's watch. Consequently I have little choice but to see what happens on a game to game basis, starting tomorrow.!!!! I am now at the point where any win is a win however gained. I was recently informed that all our coaches hold UEFA coaching badges. Can anyone confirm this and what they hold. Because if it is true I am surprised that they haven't suggested making changes.
  9. We can't all be wrong, but then we appear to have little say. Only one player up front immediately suggests to me that if played the right way there is always 3 defenders free to support their attacks. It should not take, even a mediocre coach, to quickly come up with a way to redress the balance. Normally this is done by pushing up two wide men to occupy the backs. Its not rocket science. But no action is the ultimate way of making " A pig's ear out of a silk purse". But as I keep saying, with diminishing hopes, that lessons will have been learned for the next game. As if!!!!!
  10. Liked the comment on the official Twitter regarding the team..... " but were toothless going forward". Couldn't be because of the age of some of the players!!!! I feel just as frustrated OT. I hope for your sake that some subscribers don't get you mixed up with me. I'd hate you to get some of the flack I have received over the past 3 years for daring to criticise how the team is organised. But then I still hope we succeed on Tuesday. Depends on which team turns up. I look forward to reading the report of to days game in the next couple of days.
  11. But this is the brunt of our argument B10. It has been at least 2-3 seasons many of us have made these points. How long does one have to wait for it to be addressed. What we look forward to is a new team ethos ie a mixed pattern of play rather than the one dimensional way we continue to play. I agree with you we have the players to fit into a new pattern but when will they be able to show it? Only the playing management have control over this. This not a personal issue just a straight forward football management issue. That is all the manager should be judge on. Again I say this is how I see things but you have of course your own views.
  12. I concur with your remarks LH regarding the hard work and organisation of those behind the scene who have made it possible for us to see matches again despite the restrictions they are placed under. But I still look forward to seeing a bit more style brought in to our play. I maybe wrong but I have the feeling that some of the players would too. However, as you said it's still early days and another win on Tuesday would not come amiss.
  13. As I said I was glad we won. I also said they were my thoughts and some would take a different view. But "negative comments" !!!! No the fact that you disagree is acceptable. But believe a number of subscribers are expressing very positive views. Or should I say ways in which they believe a change of approach of the team management would secure more support. If this is negative then one can only assume that in your view how the team are ask to play is positive.
  14. I think CC's report is a true reflection on the game as I saw. A lot of hoofing the ball in the air and Billy B expect to bring it down against 3 defenders. Then when he did not most of the time there was no body within 30 yards of him. One thing that struct me was the body language of most of our players. I believe they too are getting tired of the way they are expected to play. It seems that no one is expected to play through midfield. In fact at times it was hard to fathom out who was our midfield. Blackman lined up as centre midfield but rarely appeared there. Yes I am glad we won, it was needed, but as CC said, it is going to be a long season. Especially for both the supporters, and I suspect some of the team, if someone doesn't come up with alternative match plays which allows players express themselves more. That does not mean not using the long ball when appropriate. But then that's me, there will be others who see things differently. It has been said that AL takes no salary. I don't know if its true or not. But, if true, I find it to be a strange state of affairs. Many may think it is admirable but then being a cynic I wonder if I would keep a chef who doesn't seem to be able to cook, whether he is paid or not. Just a thought.
  15. Excellent analysis RG. Unfortunately however it could have been written many times over the last couple of years. Fortunately for us we had MO to come up with outstanding individual goals which help to cover the obvious cracks. I have said it many times before the problem lies with organisation. AL and his assistants appear to have only one pattern of play. Something which many of us appear to agree on. It's no secret that I never accepted AL to be a long term manager of the club. My various criticisms are well documented over the past 3 years. Certainly nothing personal as they are all directed at his philosophy in how he sets up teams to play. In the beginning of his reign he performed miracles in getting together a squad within weeks. Also he has attracted many players, especially young ones, who many clubs are now happy to have now engaged. Because of this the he appears to be unable to move the club forward. In these difficult times I certainly want something to perk me up. It would be nice to see something different tried. I believe that last season he had players with the ability to accept a new approach. I am sure we still have enough experienced players to adapt to a new system. We can only wait and see which team turns up tomorrow.
  16. Very to the point OT. Think of all the youngsters that AL has put off.
  17. Interested to read the official report. It suggest how important Scott Thomas is to this side. But relying on one player to secure the midfield shows a lack of thinking on the managers part. Surely one needs to build a team around more than one midfield player. Where are the others???? WE seem to have plenty of marauders but few disciplined to hold a position similar to Scott. But as OT says that is AL's way of playing.
  18. I think that O of T has hit the nail on the head. After all the effort being put in by the Board and members to keep the club going, in these difficult times, I think AL and the team owe it to us to put on a show this Saturday. If not.......... what is the point???? It may only brush over the cracks but will make my weekend more enjoyable!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜„
  19. I can understand your frustration OT. We have now conceded 9 goals in two games. It is obvious where our troubles lie. Since AL's arrival he has never been able to organise the defence so that they are able to maintain the position once we are in front. Now he has let most of our young players go we must have one of the oldest teams in the league. It also worries me that one of our two contracted players seems to be able to play only once a week. Only a couple of weeks ago some where saying we had at last a defence comparable with most of the top clubs. What's gone wrong??? It is obviously coincidence that our two wins have been against teams at the end of the table.
  20. Thanks TS, so simple!!!!. Hope it has been worth it after yesterday. Who says this forum is a waste of time???
  21. It is probably my old age but has anyone had problems with being able to log in to purchase their e-ticket for this coming Saturday's match? I have tried using the password given for Season Ticket holders "B.....r" with no success. I have also tried using my own "Package" user password but this does get not get past first base. I would be pleased to hear if anyone has had similar problems. Also if anyone has a suggested solution.
  22. Unfortunately I have to agree with all of the above. However, I must say that the FA have made it difficult for away sides, especially in the qualifying rounds, to make much head way. So much of the adjusted competition's rules being stacked in favour of the home side. The no draw rule after 90 minutes takes away the opportunity of the away side obtaining a replay. An even more illogical decision is that no extra time should be played even when both teams are already on the pitch. Might as well spin a coin to start with and avoid the expense of travel. But then the FA like Government are invariably made up of amateurs and find it hard to think things through. But then I suppose in the real world there are more important matters for us all to consider. Like when I will be able to pick up my Season Ticket etc!!!! Keep safe everyone.
  23. Have to agree with you totally AT regarding the hard work put in by everyone at the club involved in making yesterdays game possible. I am sure all members would like to add, with me, to your thanks and our appreciation to all concerned. So glad that all their efforts were rewarded by the result on the pitch.
  24. So it would seem R. Like many others I am not sure what the protocol for quarantine is!!!! Boris and Matt Hancock seem to be similarly bemused. Obviously the player in question will have to isolate for 14 days. As for the remainder of the squad it seems that there are several scenarios, depending on who you speak to. But it is most likely that all squad members, managers etc will also have to quarantine for the same period and under go tests. If others prove positive this could go on for weeks and delay our start to the season. Although this should not be our sole criterion. More importantly one hopes that the virus does not spread to any others connected with the club. We can only wait and see what transpires. In the meantime I am sure that all on this forum will join me in sending best wishes for a speedy recovery to the player affected. NB. I am fully aware that there have been official directives distributed by the Govt, FA and the various Leagues as to how to deal with the arising circumstances and I am fully confident that the " Club " have already put these into practice.
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