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  1. No CC you are not expecting too much only what you, like others, were led to believe. It is easy to talk the talk but much harder to put it in to reality what is being said. Consequently I total agree with your final sentiment. But as we have learnt in our every day lives it's very hard to be heard.
  2. TS, it seems you have missed Andy point. Which I believe was that with more consistency we could have been challenging for an automatic promotion place. A play-off position being only a second option. If AL had planned his campaign better in order to attain his goal of a 2pt average then we would be in the position that Andy advocates ie. 72pts. After all the 2pt average was AL preseason declared aim. Perhaps with hindsight he may now feel that it was a bit of an overstatement. Like so many others.
  3. CC your quite right but I have never believed that one player can make a team. Also I have have been told many times by others, in no uncertain terms, that we cannot be compared with other clubs because of our finances. Not having seen any accounts I have been unable to argue the point. But I am sure a lot more has been expended this year than that of previous ones. If my assumption is anything near to being right then, unless we are proved wrong by the end of the season, changes must come. Consequently I concur with you for action to be taken before the summer recess. Again our friend on the Official Twitter made an amusing statement in finding it hard to sum up the today's game. He then went on to give a a perfect summary as to why we lost. He must be contemplating becoming an MP!!!!
  4. Can't agree more Theo. But have they the authority to do so and will certain players take notice. I believe that next week will be the cruncher. If we don't go all out from the start to take the game away from Leatherhead I will feel very frustrated. But even more disappointment for all the effort put in by so many people, mostly voluntarily, to try and and bring success to the club. It is now down to the playing staff and management to show whether the are up to the challenge. Remember AL's goal for the season was to get an average of 2 points per match. This cannot be achieved but I would settle with 70 points as second best. Anything less must be seen as failure.
  5. It was not to day that we lost our way but the numerous games which have resulted in draws. Practically all season the playing management appear invariable to have accepted a draw as their first resort This has been seen too often especially at home where attacking players have been left on the side lines and only sent on in the last 10 or so minutes. But at this time of the season you have to be a little more adventurous and to me AL, in particular, does not seem to accept this concept. Possession of the ball is one thing but you need more players who know what to do with such possession. To me both Rumens and Blackman starting the game showed an unwillingness to take a chance. To day cried out for one extra attacker but even then it would have been hard. To even get into the play- offs I believe we have to win at least 5 of the last 6 games including wins over Carlshalton and Leatherhead. It's not impossible but it will need some courage and ingenuity by the management. Unfortunately I have to agree once again with Theo that we are still not prepared for promotion but we should still go for it. Having got this far I would rather go down with a fight than like a damp squib.
  6. See Rumans and Blackman retained, oh well will keep my fingers crossed for the others!!!!! Surprised Mulley and Porter are out, unless they are carrying injuries.
  7. Thanks WR for your comment on set plays. I know what I would say if I had put a team through defensive practice and a team member did his own thing. OUT!!!!
  8. Hard to expect too much from either team yesterday and I am sure many will say a draw was a fair result. It is hard to make critical comments of any one in the circumstances but I was surprised to see Blackman walk out as Captain. Also I am sure that my next observation may annoy many but for me the game changer was their first goal. This resulted from a complete lack of concentration shown by our captain when he allowed them to take two identical free kicks without changing his position. After being caught by their first free kick he remained on the by line, waving his arms about, and allowed them to pass over the same 15 yards to an unmarked player who duly scored, having just had a practice try. I say this because there is more in being captain than just tearing around the field and diving in. What annoyed me most is that the weather conditions played no part in his complete unawareness to what was happening around him. Before they took the second kick I mentioned to others that unless he adjusted his defensive position they were going to score. If, however, he held his position upon instructions from the bench then what can one say. Taafe was way ahead of anyone on the pitch as he showed how to play the conditions and I was surprised to see him replaced. Also in such a strong wind there was more to his free kick than, as suggested, just wind assisted. Obviously the official "twitterer" has not tried kicking a dead ball in such circumstances. Fortunately, we are still in with a strong chance. At least three play off positions are still up for grabs and hopefully some of the injured will be fit next week. We will need a good squad at Haringey if we are to take advantage of their current lapse. Once again the management will have to make some serious decisions, similar to last week, regarding who plays. Lets hope they choose right.
  9. Although I tend to lean towards Theo's views I have for sometime started to come round to looking at things more positively. A prerogative of old age. For a start I was encouraged by the playing management's decision to replace Rumens to the bench and to "rest" Blackmnan. What a difference it made and of course with the help of our on loan player. As I have said before with just 2/3 players of quality, especially in midfield, and a change of playing method to accommodate them we may be able to compete at a higher level. A place in Conference South would also attract other younger players. On the other hand the travelling incurred may deter current older players. But then perhaps we should not get ahead of ourselves. We still have to concentrate on winning our remaining games and not worry about the other teams around us. Many of whom have to play one and another some more than once.
  10. Having said for months what can be achieved by trying to play a passing game I am pleased to see we are at last giving it a try. It follows that if we have any serious intentions of trying for a play-off place we will have to move into the next stage. This will require the playing management biting the bullet and make some decisive team changes, especially at home. That is to play three forwards and another creative midfielder. FJ has suggested Taafe for this role. As a consequence it may be that one or two of the " hoofing usual suspects" having to appear on the bench. Finally I endorse DJW view on the amount contributed by MJ in yesterdays game.
  11. Have to agree with both Theo and DJW a better performance, especially in first half, and with a little rub of the green could have gone in 2 up at HT. Unfortunately, as DWJ said, occasionally let our selves down, mainly by the usual suspects, when playing from the back. Good passing movements where often spoilt by Rumens and Blackman hoofing the ball up field when a simple lay-off would have kept us in control. However, one cannot fault Blackman for his energy but it would be helpful if he would spend a bit more time honing his passing skills. He could learn a lot from Ibe in how to bring the ball down and whilst under pressure make a simple pass. After all one looks to the mid-field for creativity. For my part I would have liked to have seen us start with 3 up front with Mulley in mid-field. But as it was chances were created and for me many of the players gave enhanced performances. If we can keep this up and with the return of our talisman, MO , we should be able to enjoy the remainder of the season.
  12. I understand your concern CC that some may go, but where would they go as I don't think AL is very high on any ones list. To the best of my knowledge he was coaching under 18s before he got this job. A new younger manager with fresh ideas may also appeal to the younger members of the squad who have ambition to get on. It may be blasphemy in the ears of some but Youngs etc can be replaced by a different type of player who could bring a new dynamic to the team. As for BB I understood he was on a two year contract, or was that just a rumour. Even if this is so he may approach by another club, better placed financially, and prefer their style of play to ours. We may have more income but do you trust AL to spend it wisely? For those who would prefer no change I respect their view. But remember changes of management in the past have not always set us back otherwise we would be still in the Essex Senior league, or less, instead of rising to the Bostik Premier with a superb ground. As I said before revenue, and the how much support we get to sustain it, will dictate the outcome.
  13. LS, your question raises the a very obvious dilemma that the Board could face especially the "flip side " of your question. We were led to believe we started the season with an increased amount of income as a result of additional sales of season tickets and the receipts from the "Conifa" cup. Consequently, if we can assume that much of this has now been utilised during the coarse of the season then their dilemma will be:- Firstly to decide whether a Minor Cup win and a place in the Plays Offs was worth the amount spent. Secondly, whether they wish to fund another season under AL's management to obtain a similar result. Taking into account the current mood expressed by many supporters in the way his teams play. My own view on your scenario is that another manager given similar tools to that of AL would be expected to do better better. But acknowledge that once again finance will always be the defining consideration by a club such as our when making decisions.
  14. Again it has been interesting in reading your views especially as they all seem to be of one accord. I have for some for some time thought on the lines expressed by Theo. Basically if there is no attempt to improve the way we play income will surely decline. At present I am sure that the crowd figures are kept up by including those of us who have purchased seasons tickets whether we attend or not. If the Board continue to stick with the status quo then , like me, I am sure many will think hard before purchasing another S/ticket up front and attend matches on a ad hoc basis. I agree with DJW that we we have a nucleus of a good side but it lacks leadership. Change that, get someone worthwhile to support BB, a couple of more mobile defenders and a better method and philosophy in how we play and we could be a greater force in this league and perhaps even better. even above.
  15. Have had a bit of a set back health wise last couple of weeks so will miss another match today. Not sure what to make of the line up having seen those players on the bench, but will have to wait for the reports after the game. To my mind AL has still retained one or two in the team that are the main culprits of the belting the ball as far as they you can syndrome. Perhaps today, if possible, they will give a little more thought to what they do so those upfront will benefit.
  16. Totally agree Theo with your sentiments. Cannot add much more to what I have recently written on " Hornchurch v EFTC" subject. Never thought I would say this but I may have to rethink my season ticket and membership options if AL is still here next season. That is the strength of my current feelings.
  17. Interesting suggestion, but what are his credentials, previous management and coaching experience. These are only the core considerations. There are others, ie. what reaction would the players have? If things continue as they I would accept an interim manager to see us through to the end of the season. By which time we hope the Board would have found a way out of our dilemma and come up with a solution. One must accept that on the other hand it could be that they don't feel that there is one and in their eyes our views are in the minority. Quite an understandable position to take whilst support levels remain fairly static and there is still a chance of reaching the play-offs. Consequently, like some others they may feel that the type of football we should be playing is purely semantic. Consequently, unless we see a change in our approach on the field we, with like minds , will have to keep putting our view forward
  18. Well said Theo. I have since admitted that at the time I did tend to be over critical to expect to much.
  19. Only in jest Theo, but remember admonishing me for my negative thoughts. I am glad we have now met in the middle. Like you, my views have always been based on what was put before me. Unfortunately then, I was more less forgiving than some others. BTG, try shaking his hand after a game, especially if he's lost. Not a pleasant experience. I said recently now we are two years down the line I hope someone will heed what is being said by the majority on this forum. We will just have to wait and see what happens and hope we will have more good days than bad before the season ends. But don't hold your breath.
  20. Two years ago, CC, I said that I heard from a very reliable source, within the non-league circle that although AL talks up a good talk he could be arrogant especially when being given advice by others. At the same time I also wrote that I would have personally preferred any one of the two other remaining applicants who had experience of higher leagues. In no uncertain manner I was taken to task by many on this forum giving a different view. To which I accepted them being in the majority. But nearly two season on I can now say, with all honesty, that I am sad that what I was told then has over the period of time been proven to be correct. Also CC I have to concur with the sentiments of your last sentence especially as I have made the same suggestion several times over the past few weeks. We will just have to wait and see.
  21. I cannot add much to what has already been said except at last some more have begun to notice the Emperor has no clothes. I do not know what was paid to assemble this team but it proves that, with the inability to bring out the best in players, money is easily wasted. I think some Cheshum supporters mentioned this when AL left them. What ever happens from now to the end of this season I hope more thought goes in to next year. Also that someone takes on board the general disquiet conveyed by so many supporters and decides that something should be done. FJ your reference to EINSTEIN"S THEORY IS MOST APPOSITE. But it can also be said of us who continually turn up expecting change. I think, though , some of us are beginning to seeing the light.
  22. In the cup a win is always a win so let's all be happy with the knowledge we all have a Cup Final to go to. Regarding the strengths of each team I believe that last night had BS 4 plyd + 3 Subs on the previous match team sheet against our 8 plyd +1 sub on ours. Yes a reasonable discrepancy but as Steph says you can only play what is in front of you.
  23. I heard that Weatherstone and Greene are away on holiday but this may be rumour. As for James Tulley he must have wondered what he had let himself into during the first half. The ball never touch the ground when we were in possession. Fortunately in the second half we started to play more on the ground and he began to look a more at home. Verdict, seems a good acquisition especially when we finally started to play more recognisable football.
  24. Thanks again LH, I am pleased to hear he is still up and about. Another close family friend who new him well often asks me if I know how he is and I will be pleased to let her know he is still going strong.
  25. Thanks LH. I new Alan Diment from way back and I know of his book. I would like to get a copy as I am sure it will help to revive my memory and bring back quite a number of enjoyable moments. Unfortunately, most internet searches are not very concise. For example the recent one I found made no mention of Len West, Roger Day, Alf Darcy, Terry Howard, Tommy Lawence, Noel Ashford just to name a few of the "unforgettable players" who helped to make up the history of the club.
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