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  1. A very erudite summation BtG. It was vital that we won yesterday, not just because it was Cheshunt, but because the next 4 league games will define our season. They will determine whether or not we have a chance of reaching the play-offs. Each game will require AL and the team to step up to the plate and show us if they are up for the challenge. A good start this coming Saturday would be a big boost!!!!! Time for airing our opinions is over, results are now all that matters. Hoping for a good home crowd to help the cause.
  2. That has always been my view Andy and WR. But I was trying to suggest to our critics it is up to AL to show leadership, not us. What I was inferring is that the time for talking is nearing it's end. They have all to be judged on what happens in the next few weeks. When I say they, that includes the other senior playing staff. It is their responsibility with AL to show they have the ability to motivate the players to get back on track to move forward and achieve at least a play-off place. If they do I will happy to be the first to apologise for doubting them. If they don't then no doubt our critics will be saying it's our fault for being disloyal. I await the outcome.
  3. I agree Theo. The suggestions being made that one should ask AL questions. For what purpose.?? What is the point? In common with many of us he is unlikely to admit that he is doing things wrong. Of course not. Probably you will may get a watered down version of his same old mantra , which has been reported on this forum. He will assure you that he is trying ideas to reorganise the team but the players just don't listen. But even then this is again unlikely if there are players present. Therefore the whole exercise would be futile. Football is about winning games. It is also judged by spectators on how you go about achieving this. I believe that the club has reach crossroads. The next few games will show us whether AL can work out which is the right road to take!!! I sincerely hope so for all of us sake.
  4. DWJ , your third paragraph is precisely what I said more than two years ago. I still have a sneaking feeling that there are some who feel that there is nothing wrong with keeping the status quo and that all we do is gripe. I don't know whether this is shared by some of the Board. If it is then there we have all reached an impasse.* I feel that our forward line is more than adequate to be successful. However, we are still crying out for someone to revitalise the defence. If there is no chance of further recruitment then it is up to the playing management staff to come up with a scheme to address this with what they have at their disposal. After all they brought them together now is the time to reorganise them!!!! *Nb. Before anyone suggests I am insinuating that the Board is split, my comment is purely hypothetical . The actual question has never arisen as I have always assume they act in unison.
  5. Because like me including the President, his family and many older members of this club their heritage came out of the old club for which we will have never ending pride. Also I hope that what ever their differences they may have with my opinions they will join me in considering that your latest post is the most contemptuous one to have appeared on this forum. I have nothing more to say to you.
  6. Thanks W72, I await the outcome of the report of the AGM with the accounts.
  7. Exile, dear, dear what a emotional observation. I am sorry I am unable to oblige you but even I know I am too old. But I do like to think that I did my little bit back in the 60's and in my way help EFC to became what it was in the 80's and that gives me a little right to raise my concerns. But then perhaps you feel I have no right to give such opinion especially as they obviously conflict with yours.
  8. Exactly it Theo. It is what I have been trying to get over for sometime although not seemingly as clearly as you are now. As you said earlier others see things differently to us. But it does not make us wrong. The problem which has to be solved is more about having the ability to organise what you have got rather than spending to or above the limit available.
  9. Went out for the day so was not there but it seems from the majority of post, if not all, I picked the right day!!! Theo, seems to have taken up the baton from me. No doubt again we will be told to raise our concerns at the AGM or discuss them with the manager. The time for talking is nearing it's end. The frustrations of those who were there yesterday says it all. Instead of suggesting the general membership raise their concerns of the playing management it is now about time that the Board started asking questioning them.
  10. Will be interesting to see whether W72 assertions that the finances will be made clear at the AGM. If not, I do hope he will take his own advice and press for the information to be made available.
  11. I agree with Exile, if Bolton is the place of choice then I feel sad for MO. I hope his much vaunted agent, referred to in earlier posts, has asked for Mo's first couple months wages to be paid in advance. In case they go into liquidation!!! Yet another BBC prediction a little overstated. No doubt they believe that Bolton are still in the Premier Division.
  12. I would join you Andy but I don't think leather studs with nails going through them are allowed any more. But at least the big toecaps used to save your foot if it was stamped on. Which, from watching recent TV games, seems to be the acceptable normal way to tackle these days.
  13. Welcome back, Theo. Have missed your forthright approach. As for RK, why is there always one who tries to score points at someone else's expense? So next time please get your facts right before misinterpreting what others have said. For example where did I say " I expect the club to announce etc.......". Like so many people you read what you like to think is written, not that which is actually written. Where you are so wrong is that I have long since given up on any announcements until well after the event, hence my reference to the recent rumour and the hope that they have some validity. But, then you are not alone. Most of my living was earned by challenging people who had made the wrong assumptions and then put them into the public domain.
  14. I too was not at the game today as I had another appointment with the NHS. I have read with interest what has been said and appreciate the anxiety of some supporters as to the outlook for our future without MO. As I said previously we seem to have to rely on rumour rather than fact. I hope therefore that what we hear from WR has some substance and that we may soon bolster our playing strength for the second half of the season. This is required as we have presently a genuine platform from which can progress. That is assuming that those being approached will improve our squad rather than just being another group of ships that pass in the night. Rather like our recent ghost central defender. "We can only wait and see". That's a phrase I seem to be constantly writing. Shows the uncertainty of being a member!!!!!
  15. Two sound observations AT and B10 to which I am totally in agreement with. At this time of year because of the playing conditions, results can tend to be a lottery. All we can hope is that we get the rub of the green and keep winning. Also I again like to join in wishing Mo a successful career. Will be looking at the soccer reports to see how he gets on.
  16. Thanks everyone for your advice and direction. However, I accept that I did on a previous occasion find copies of accounts for the year 2017/18 but none since. To what I was referring to was a Statement of Account which summarises just the receipts and payments shown in the Cash Book for the current year. A simple accounting practice and easy in to set up in this computer age. (That to be honest I have never got to grips with as I will be in my mid-80's in a short while and definitely a bit to set in my ways.) Such a Statement would itemise, under various headings, what we had received and paid out in a set period and would be pertinent to any discussion at the forthcoming AGM meeting. It is not unusual for organisations like ours to do send this out with the AGM notices, as a matter of protocol. But to be honest I have more important things to consider at this point in time. So I best bow out of the discussion.
  17. I assume you mean close to home "E". You obviously are better informed than most. But as I have never seen any accounts, since I have been a member, not even an annual "Income and Expenditure Account". Something one would expect to receive, as the norm, with the formal agenda for the AGM. Many will say is that really important. On reflection I tend to realise I am beginning to agree with them. So I will just content myself on what I hear/read. Much of which I recognise is circumstantial. But which gives me something to do in my dotage!!!!! I will of of course continue to keep hoping each game will bring us a win. AS I have repeatedly said over the past few years it would be great to see us gain another promotion.
  18. E, according to the internet, although not fully verified, it is reported that some players in The National League, ie at Chorley, earn as little as £200. Admittedly they are currently at the bottom. Plymouth Argyle's average wage, per week, is about £1300. To suggest that players at our level can get £600+ surprises me. But then, if it is true about MO, the discussion is concluded and the very best of luck to him!!!!
  19. Interesting views all round. As usual CC makes an extremely valid point and Barney is absolutely right no one can be forced to sign if he believes it is not in his interest. It is up to the negotiator to prove it is would be in every bodies best interests. A little persuasion and inducement can tip the scales. But the club have also to have the conviction that they are getting something of value. In this connection the old adage of nothing ventured nothing gained still applies. I have come to the conclusion that the majority sway towards the status quo ie. retain what we have got. So be it. I hope this attitude does not come back to bite us. If E's suggestion is right then why do other Supporter owned clubs, similar to ours, enter into contracts with their players? I think they would say it's because we choose to do so. It is interesting to see those who have called me negative in the past are now being the same. No doubt they will say they are being realistic but then so was I at the time. It's a strange old world!!!! However, all of the is sheer conjecture and I only hope Mo will stick with us until he has got better options. Another win tomorrow would be a good start for the New Year.
  20. Perhaps the contracts offered were not acceptable. But in answer to your question perhaps a better financial offer with the inclusion of an unconditional get our clause could have been offered. " Simple".... 55S, your observation is made as things are now not when he first joined. After all when he first joined had his potential already been recognised by the top clubs. You might find this cynical of me but the time to have made offers was when he was injured. It is in these circumstances that deals are made. Companies are usually taken over when they start to move down. By the way when did the agent come on the scene before or after that event. I bet he was not around during this period. But then does it matter now. What's done is done. QED . Happy New year to you all.
  21. I see Mo's name is mentioned on BBC 's Football internet to night to be on a number of Prem Division clubs signing list for January. Good luck to you MO I sincerely hope something comes of it for your sake. But as said before it's a pity that no one has had the wit to take a chance and signed him up on a contract. There is no need for those who have given their views before to comment as their reasons for sitting on your hands have been given many times already. However, the fact that we are a members club, does not excuse you from making business decisions. Especially when you have a valued asset which needs protecting. First rule of commerce, if you are not willing to invest you will never reap the rewards. You just stagnate and go under. If the BBC's observations are anywhere near true then we could have seen a bidding market in which we could have seen some profit. But what do I know with only 50 years in the city!!!!
  22. I agree Barney our discourse has run it's course, but I do appreciate the manner in which it has been conducted. May I wish you and all other supporters a very Happy Christmas.
  23. I cannot see what you expect happening CC. I've said my piece on this before but we seem to be out of step with the establishments view. Where have I heard that before? The next two games are crucial. If we go down in these and nothing happens to AL we will know where the clubs ambitions lie. As for WR's question regarding the new central defender I would refer him to my earlier post, in the preceding topic, addressed to Barney. Perhaps he should ask AL when we can expect to see him play. I look forward to hearing his answer. Regarding his WF's comments on our " bad run " when does one start to get worried? It is obvious that it has been noted by opposing managers that we are very vulnerable at the start. You would expect AL and his management team to have come up with a method to counter this. There is nothing to say you can't start a game with one formation and then change to another later when the opposition initial threat has be nullified and frustrated. That is if you are flexible in your planning!! That is the how that Chichester played their way through the provisional rounds of the FA Cup to reap the benefit of the rewards of 1st and 2nd rounds of the FA cup. Stay solid at the back,even if it means defending in strength and then counter attack .They obviously regarded a 1-0 win better than a 2-3 defeat.
  24. Barney, most of what you write I willing to accept. We both want the best for the club. Our one difference, which is crucial to my view, is that I feel that AL term of office has run it's course and he shows no sign of altering his philosophy. So many of the players he retains are usually those with a long list of previous clubs. Something that an outsider has even commented on in the adjoining post " Town sign central defender" regarding his recent acquisition. No disrespect to the player in question but again AL has for a gone for a young player with so many clubs already behind him one has to question ,why so many clubs. Whereas he lets many young players, with a shorter CV, come into the club and then leave with out even giving them a chance. I would have thought that some one on the Board would have seen the need to question this . In answer to WR. and 72W quips, as I have stated before from past history, I see no point in questioning AL on this , either personally or incognito. Not, as suggested, through a lack of bravery as I have questioned sterner stuff in a more public place. But because I feel sure that he believes in what he is doing is the right way and therefore will never admit to change therefore discussion would be pointless. Perhaps I am in the minority but only time will tell who is right or wrong. Even if nothing changes the strange thing is what ever happens ,as creatures of habit, I am sure we will still follow ETFC.
  25. Exactly what I expected Barney!!! Although you put your argument in a more measured way and your opinion quite succinctly it is still the same as those put forward by others over the past few seasons. But much more scathingly . The questions have been asked. I acknowledge that the Board responded to some extent by making more money available for better quality players to be acquired. However, the team manager still stuck to his playing dogma, which to many nullified any progress made by the aforementioned action. For my part I will still being going through my same old superstitions before each match, as in my own playing days, hoping they will bring a win. Regarding our differences we will have to wait and see what the outcome is at the end of the season. Actually secretly hoping that your views will prove me wrong.
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