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  1. With the new season upcoming what's everybody's predictions ???
  2. Hadley will be a big surprise next year, new gaffa had an amazing run towards the end of the season and I reckon they'll be up there too.
  3. Cockfosters are a div 1 club, awful ground with a car park that fits about 5 cars....deservedly back where they belong.
  4. They should be deducted points and receive a big fine too, honestly so out of order especially as it was AFC Southgate's last game. Total lack of respect from Aston Clinton, sunday league behaviour on their behalf !!!
  5. With WGC going up its getting interesting at both ends of the table, another promotion spot up for grabs and to my knowledge one relegation spot too, what are your thoughts ?
  6. Last time I'm going to comment on this, but what will Harefield gain even if they do win the replay ? not like they are going to get promoted, and a replay would be a generous decision in their favor. Its the leagues fault for not checking to see if they were eligible to play.
  7. Any danger of you giving it a rest, you've replied multiple times I highly doubt buck rogers nagging on a forum will do anything. Just wait till a decision is made.
  8. I'm Callum Wright and i'm the best player to ever grace this league, 5* skiller say nizzy darg
  9. Welly have tried to buy the league, they've put in various 7 dayers over the last couple weeks to try bring in players but barely anybody has joined. Hertford Town are going to go up, they have the best side, facilities and fanbase they deserve to go up imo
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