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  1. Whoops spelling mistake aha it's Covefc_Official
  2. Hey I would like to inform you all that the new Twitter for CoveFC is now @Covefc_Offical so please take the time to follow us Many Thanks
  3. Feels good to be wearing my cove stuff again x

  4. Thank you definitely means a lot and i agree would be weird not seeing everyone.. x
  5. I WILL NOT LET MY POP DOWN!. Times are tough but thats life. time to rebuild

  6. Thank you. And thanks duncs mears a lot. .x
  7. I'm sorry but some of you need to be careful what your saying because there are people who are trying there hardest for that club and most of you won't know but cove is more then just a club to me it's family but it's also the only thing I have left from my great pop (Ron brown) so I would appreciate it if you back off with your not needed comments .. thank you!!
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