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  1. Happy Birthday non league fan!

  2. Its a rule, if a player makes a reckless challenge it is punishable with a caution. If dangerous it's a sending off offence.
  3. If players stopped making stupid reckless challenges then they won't be cautioned. They do deserve it most of the time. The only people who think otherwise has either not refereed before or don't fully understand the rules and regulations of football
  4. I must admit I am a very passionate person about football, sometimes over passionate especially when it comes to either Hoddesdon town or Tottenham Hotspur. I have the utmost respect for people who support their local non league team. Proper supporters they are who have a true love for the game. As a Hoddesdon town fan I have watched us getting promoted to the prem, finishing in the top half of the table in our first season, to battling relegation and watching a completely different team week in week out. Then we have the best season to date, narrowly missing out on 2nd place. Then the disapp
  5. Back to football. Adam is a good manager and I generally believe he will pull it together there. Hopefully all games go ahead and avoid the frost.
  6. Look mate, you say that but, I own up to my comments I make. I don't hide behind my screen with a fake user name like hallseas. By the way why do you say these kind of things, I have said nothing to you.
  7. You are obsessed with hoddy, focus on your own team lee. Also I am glad you pay a lot of attention to what I wear. A jackets a jacket. I am not going to wear an expensive one to a game of footie. ffs
  8. My intelligence??? it is " your club" not " youre club " and it has a ' as well. Keep showing everyone how intelligent you are lee
  9. keep going lee I think I have a bite, nibble, nibble.
  10. By the way I don't agree with what he did, forgive and forget move on its history. I bet you have hit someone in your lonely lifetime
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