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  1. I would think there are probably at least that number doing the same or similar. My views on groundsharing are well known to those unfortunate enough to have read my posts past few years but there are many clubs with own grounds, youth setups in place and budgeting responsibly I would have thought?
  2. That is sad news, a real gentleman. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
  3. As someone who enjoys a pint or two, alongwith a bit of tuck, I've been more than happy with the clubhouse facilities at the vast majority of grounds we go to. A lot of good people have been very hospitable and friendly, including the ones who have to try to do pretty much everything! One stands out by a mile for me, Worcester Park, fantastic choice of food, and not only a choice of beers but a choice of bars to drink them in! Whilst they have a busy youth section, and there are quite a few youngsters around matchdays, that is to their credit and I can go to the "racing" bar if needed.
  4. They do look after the canteen clients there, I've seen them walk round the ground to deliver! Bar aint great so I think I'll miss it. Good luck Burger!
  5. Thanks, found it, it's the southern youth league plate competition. It's for the sides that lost in the first round of the Southern Youth League Cup. Definitely worth posting on here Burger as it is between two current CoCo clubs. Bit surprised the Xxxxxxx website isn't promoting it.
  6. I am a bit out of the loop these days, which cup final is this, please?
  7. xxxxxx FC are to play xxxxxxians in the xxxxxxx Charity cup in xxxxxxxx on Friday night. It will be at the home of xxxxxxxxxx Wanderers in Westhumble, xxxxxxxxx. Think kick off is 7.45 xxxxxxxx time but I couldn't see it on xxxxxxxxxx FCs website. The competition raises funds for XXXXXX charities.. Hopefully you can all get down to xxxxxxxx and support this event, please share it on your social media. Childish of me I know, but I'm not the xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx that started it. xxxxxx.
  8. DFC play again tonight , in the Dorking Junior Charity cup semi final. We got a bye to this stage. It's against Reigatians. If we win that we have the final of course. And then I guess we wait for the AGM's or FA decisions. All in all it's rather a sad, slow and undignified ending to the club.
  9. Sad to see that sort of scoreline, good luck to the guys at Epsom Athletic, I know its been a long, long season for them.
  10. Chris, I left a white envelope with your name on behind the bar Saturday whilst at the Balham Dorking fixture, my compliments.
  11. Middle of March and Saturday will be Dorking FC's last ever home game. The Meadowbank ground development is coming along well. I really hope this kicks football on in Dorking, and mistakes from the past aren't repeated. Any programme enthusiast who'd like a copy of Saturday's please PM me and I'll do my best to help.
  12. According to my "rules", that means one or both of them are on the slippery slope...
  13. Seeing as the current DFC thread has been shut I thought Id have a read of some old ones. This thread might be worth a read... 2010 . Bookham were sharing at Meadowbank, Wanderers were in DIv3 Sussex at Westhumble and the Chicks were facing the AGM cup year on year.... And with the greatest respect to Mr Augustine, his time in charge was brief.
  14. If it was a 3pm Kick off today the Dorking game would be on, so very hopeful for tomorrow.
  15. Thanks Lazarus, it's the old AGM cup again then! So who might go sideways? North Greenford United to SSML? Horley or Redhill to Sussex (as was?) Windsor to Hellenic? AC London back to Kent if they relocate again?
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