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  1. Change is a scary thing......
  2. Been some interesting Twitter chat around this. I think it will be a positive thing in the long run. Possible may cause some issues in the early stages as it beds in but I do think in the long run it will improve things.
  3. Fingers crossed for Chertsey and I really hope NV dont get there. Yet another "big" non league club vastly overspending and then being allowed to do the same all over again at Step 5.
  4. Bracknell are claiming they have been accepted for the CCL subject to FA Approval for their "Development" side. Where did the above come from Chris ?
  5. Reckon if Chertsey left this afternoon they could arrive in time Good luck to both our sides left and also formerly of this Parish Windsor.
  6. No more than eating Beef does as well and I havent yet stopped doing that
  7. Good to hear you are stlll with us you old dog.
  8. Rarely get on here these days and it is a sad reason that I do now. Andy Vaughan who has been associated with the club for over 20 years passed away suddenly yesterday. He will be best known for his efforts with the Camberley Programme but he did plenty around the club to help it over the years and he will be a great loss to Camberley. Not only that but when Camberley were not playing he would frequent other local grounds and was a big supporter of this level of football. RIP Andy.
  9. Welcome to Southall and good luck to NGU. Also RPV back in the Premier. Personally I can only see one winner of the CCL Prem this year
  10. Yes many congratulation to all at Westfield esp to that pot hunter Mr Powell Once again another season where the champions are on a different planet to everyone else. At least this year the teams below have a chance to get promoted so good luck to Bedfont and SCR in their chase for glory.
  11. Reckon it could be close to an even 50/50 split for on and off games.
  12. Always enjoyed my visits to Meadowbank when Jack was in attendance. A real character and always was friendly no matter what. RIP Jack.
  13. I agree JR unless of course we actually go back to playing when the pitches are a tad wet. No point having a fantastic playing surface that is only available for the first two months and last month of the season because it needs "protecting"
  14. Well it is your lucky day. It was great to see a game played on a pitch that the club were happy to be played on and the ref allowed to be played on. I reckon in 99% of the cases these days these games are off. It is a football pitch designed to play football on so time we got back to that. Anyway Frimley were far too strong for a Bagshot side that looked low on confidence and to be fair at times looked out of their depth. Frimley still with an outside squeak of promotion. Reckon their game on Sat v Cobham could be a tasty affair.
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