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  1. Nice read mate. Always difficult considering your season but I reckon what you write is reflected up and down the country.
  2. Nice to hear Rother. Surprised the PA announcer didn't mention it was Barry Dunbar. I thought he was Super as well
  3. Enjoyable afternoon at Windsor. Sunny, decent atmosphere, not a huge amount of moaning. A nice old fashioned ground, not enough of them around, and an excellent pitch. We shaded the 1st half and Windsor shaded the 2nd and scored the only goal. Probably the right result as they had that mercenary Lazzer playing eh Rother One little niggle for me and it seems to be every time I go there. The PA announcer is really not funny so he should stop trying. Hope the player who went off, didn't catch his name, is ok
  4. Decided to take in a Conference game. What an error. The good news was due to a promotion Woking were doing it cost me £10 instead of £31 for me and my eldest. The bad news is that the game was truly awful. One shot on goal all game and that was a penalty. Give me CCL crash bang wallop every day of the week !
  5. I remember the days Cambo v HW meant something
  6. I believe the player was a Cove Youth Player as per Duncs initial post. Doesn't matter if it is Adult football or Youth football if the player is classed as a Youth player.
  7. Duncs this must be reported to the clubs CWO.
  8. Chris where is the draw for the Grant McLellan ? We are due to play Bedfont Sports next Friday and I would love to know what round it is in !
  9. Popped along to Badshot Lea v Chertsey. Chertsey dominated the first half and it was 1-0 to Badshot Lea at half time ! Free kick with the Chertsey keeper hiding behind his wall. Very strange 2nd half was a little more even but Chertsey probably still shaded it. Then Pomroy (Who else) equalised with 10 left and then Badshot Lea suddenly became a different side and scored 2 more to take the points. Decent spirit from them esp after conceding that equaliser. they keep fighting. thought Chertsey played some decent stuff as well out form the back but they really need a keeper and Pomroy to be 20 again ! Also really pleased to say there was virtually no dissent during the first half. The levels did raise a bit as the 2nd half wore on but probably one of the best CCL games I have seen a while for that. Also good to catch up with plenty of familiar faces, grumpy and otherwise
  10. Burger do you only post when you are winning
  11. My point being that most reserve sides now are made up of younger players so we may as well call it an U23 league. My view is if there are more than 4 or 5 over 23s in our reserve side it probably isn't doing what it should be doing.
  12. Of course. Where most players are under 23
  13. what do they do for the 3 years between 18 and 21 then Bronco ?
  14. Shame Horsley are not on the list. Virginia Water wanting Hellenic shows everything that is wrong at times with this. They are a Surrey club playing out of Windsor. It is ridiculous. Nothing against VW as they are not doing anything wrong.
  15. I do enjoy a good stat. Over the last 11 seasons the average PPG for the champions has been 2.393407. Over the last 11 seasons the average PPG for the runners up has been 2.155702 Currently HW have 91 points from 35 games. To match the PPG of the champions they require another 11 points to win the title from their 9 games To match the runners up + 1 point they require another 5 points to win the title from their 9 games. So Mr Tuffs thoughts now
  16. No ground and nothing really on the horizon either ? Isn't looking good is it.
  17. Don't disagree with any of the above Bronco. My point was our clubs would be doing the same if they thought there was cash involved for them.
  18. School need more car parking space
  19. Schools are broke and need all the money they can get. Can we all honestly say that if an opportunity arose for "free" work or Cash came along for our clubs we wouldn't be trying it on ? Hopefully it will all be sorted quickly and Hartley will take their deserved place at Step 4.
  20. Doesn't mean they don't it is just means they don't have to !
  21. No Smudge there is no requirement if the company is a Limited Company to hold an AGM. It will all depend on its Articles.
  22. Arrogance springs to mind And in the time honoured fashion of football a money man whose money eventually runs out......
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