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  1. No mate I would have but I was at Berwick v Forfar
  2. Short sleeves and gloves seem to be in fashion though FM
  3. If the comeback is on a purchase of black gloves and leggings will be made in plenty of time.....
  4. 1st visit to Spelthorne since my playing days in the C&DSFL !! Clearly a lot of work has gone into getting them to a CCL Premier Club and fair play to them for that. Not much to say about the game except Spelthorne blew us away with a magnificent first half effort full of commitment passion and no shortage of good football. We had our chances but didn't take them. There was no way Spelthorne could keep that level of effort up in the 2nd half which meant we came much more into it 2nd half but it was one of those days that if Spelthorne had not bothered coming out we still probably wouldn't have scored. Hey ho if 8 games ago someone had offered me 7 wins and 1 defeat I would have snapped their hands off so we move on to Knaphill on Tuesday.
  5. Guildford on and Windsor off Never thought I would see the day that happened !
  6. Or maybe you dont know it or understand it Rother I see one of our "mercenaries" from last season is putting in some good shifts for Windsor at the moment
  7. Really surprised games are falling today. We played last night at Krooner Park and the pitch was playable even with the side that gets no sun. Hopefully we will get back to not worrying about the weather at the weekend.
  8. I wasn't being sarcastic either mate. Just pointing out they will win the league at a canter and have started work and expect it to be finished in time. I refer all users to my post at the start of the season where I said HW would win it easily and despite the rebuffs from Mr Tuffs along the way I am being proved correct. My real reason for all that though was to get a nibble from Millers but I have failed badly on that one
  9. Only need to worry about Hartley and they will be fine
  10. Agree mate and that was what I mean by mentioning the clubs. People also need to remember 100% of the pitch has to be playable not 99%.
  11. Was at a Surrey Intermediate Match and that was called off. Around 10% of the pitch at the bottom was rock solid and one goal mouth as was well. the referee was really caught in two minds but in the end called the game off which in my opinion was the right call. today was a day that the ref and clubs are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  12. Just been for a little tour of the park next to me. Where the sun has not got the ground was still frozen at 1pm. More frost tonight so could be a bit menacing for tomorrow.
  13. That is their choice though Lazarus and plenty of clubs do not enter a lot of cup competitions. So it is a choice thing they don't have with league games.
  14. In my opinion the way football is going that 20 teams in the Premier Division is the only sensible idea. However I also feel that you probably do not need so many clubs in the leagues above as well. When I started watching this level midweek football was part of it and in the main teams would travel with a side similar to their Saturday games. And those were the days of midweek treks to Royston and deepest Essex ! Now days it appears to me that sides genuinely struggle to put out a strong squad on a Tuesday evening for games so actually dropping the number of midweek fixtures would be sensible.
  15. My first visit to Abbey for a football match. Pitch looked decent considering the rain we have had. Camberley started off like an express train and were 2-0 up with the first 15 minutes. Abbey to their credit reorganised and took the game to Camberley and reduced the arrears when their best player, 10, laid a goal on a plate for their player. 2nd half was scrappy with Camberley defending deep and allowing Abbey onto them while trying to spring a counter attack, To be fair neither side really looked like scoring until Norman had to produce a finger tip save right at the death to give Camberley the win. Good to see a couple of ex Krooners in the Abbey line up in Paris and Stone and always a pleasure to see Webby. thought the ref did ok considering both sides spent a lot of the game in his ear. Great effort off the pitch as well from the hosts and mini Krooner says the chicken nuggets are top notch so thanks to Denis and the team there.
  16. Such sad news. Many moons ago when I presented Friday Night Football on County Sound he was always a fantastic guest who, if anything went wrong, was available at a moments notice to appear. Always gave great value as well. Always enjoyed bumping into him and talking about the show and laughing at some of the rubbish we said and the guests we had on. RIP Paul and my thoughts go out to his family.
  17. Carthorse that is a classic first line of a report I have ever read
  18. Good start for our new manager with a comfortable win over a Badshot Lea who had been picking up some form. 2 good finishes in each half from Corbett and we also hit the bar and post twice. A couple of good saves from the home keeper as well while ours had a quiet morning.
  19. They may not be but the league they are in is. So he has 20 games to audition to other Suitors
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