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  1. So the end of an era at Krooner Park. Dan achieved many things at Krooner Park and left me with some unforgettable memories. Sadly the one thing that we did not achieve in his spell was Step 4 football and Dan is an ambitious man who wishes to try himself at a higher level. When we lost at HW at the end of last season I always felt that maybe the journey with Dan had come to a natural end and this decision reflects that feeling. Dan deserves a chance to manage at a higher level and the opportunity has presented itself to him. I personally wish him the best of luck in it and I hope he proves himself to be a success. For us at Krooner I think the appointment of Dean is a sensible one and I hope that we will now build for another part of our history.
  2. So after 2 Hellenic games yesterday it was back to CCL today at Krooner Park v Farnham. Farnham came out quickly and took an early lead and then really should have made it 2 when a free header at the back post was missed. Pretty much from that point it was all us. Cousins went close before he made it 1-1 at the break. 2nd half was pretty much one way . McGarry with an overhead kick, Bunyan with 2 and then Cousins with the best goal of the game made it a comfortable 5-1 win. Disappointed with the referees performance today. Not often I will mention the man in the middle but I felt today he was very weak and listened too far too much of the moaning. Also conned on a couple of occasions by players pretending to be hurt who, after the game had been stopped, made a miraculous recovery and didn't even need treatment. Also let far too much moaning and dissent to go unchecked and unpunished.
  3. You are right CC. I reckon around 45-50 points should keep us out of the bottom 3 so going to revise and say 4 or 5 wins.
  4. A rare trip to Krooner for me today saw an ultimately comfortable win for the Krooners. WE started the brightest and probably should have been 2 up in the first 5 minutes. As the 1st half wore on Bedfont tested Norman with a couple of good efforts. Their 4 and 10 were 2 excellent centre mids. 1-0 at ht and the next goal was always going to be crucial and when Camberley grabbed it the away sides heads went down and we scored a further 3. Reckon 6 wins now required for us. Dreadful crowd today as well on a Saturday when everyone appears to go Xmas shopping. Some interesting thoughts flying around about the way forward for the Krooners from here
  5. Best wishes to Graham. Always friendly and welcoming and would say hello no matter how busy he was. Enjoy your retirement Graham.
  6. That is an interesting view although it is funny when others suggest Windsor are paying they get shouted down but Windsor know how much others pay ? So from last years team we have lost a number of players Webb - Abbey Rangers. Didn't know they were paying "daft" wages Bradshaw - SCR - Didn't know they were paying "daft" wages Dormer - Guildford - No comment Ellis - Went to step 4 Coles - Went to Step 4 via Guildford. Mind you no doubt his current club are paying silly amounts ! Lazza - Sorry Rob could never spell your name. I understand he is now back in training at Windsor after a particularly nasty injury. Didn't know that Windsor were paying "Daft" wages. So in my view Rother you are talking rubbish. Just my view though I am sure you understand
  7. Story is we are now paying less than Windsor Southall are steadily making their way through the CCL Premier Division in the Vase. I maintain that their Vase side doesn't play in the league games otherwise they would be walking their league. They are very decent.
  8. Ha Ha. Knew you would not be able to resist. Tell Millers I will draw him out at some point !
  9. So another big win for our Hampshire friends. Biggest game of the season on Saturday. A win for HW and that will be that despite the denials to follow from Mr Tuffs
  10. Very big supporter of Youth Development Burger so hope that it genuinely is as too many pay it lip service.
  11. Good Luck to all the CCL Clubs in the Vase. Lets hope for a full house in the next round.
  12. I will set them up Steve and you finish them
  13. Just cos your lot have a bloody castle no need to look down on everyone else
  14. Popped along to HW to see their game v Melksham. HW dominated the early proceedings and took the lead with a strong shot that the keeper should really have saved. They went close again when the Melksham keeper nearly let a soft one in. As the half wore on Melksham came much more into the game and levelled with a superb strike but I am sure the HW management were not happy with him being allowed 5 touches before getting his shot off. 1-1 at half time was probably right. 2nd half was a bit quieter and Melksham won it with a well taken break away goal. To be honest HW never really looked like grabbing the equaliser and Melksham probably just about shaded the game. Real shame for the CCL and its clubs on the result. HW were probably the best chance the league have of getting someone really deep into the competition and for all the chasing clubs in the league it is another distraction out of HW's way to steamrolling the league !! Good luck to all the other CCL clubs remaining in the competition. Oh as an aside I would love for someone from the FA to speak with me and convince me that HW's ground isn't good enough to play one level higher !
  15. Hopefully Knaphill will put up a better show than our appalling one on Saturday.
  16. Mario. Blimey I would imagine it took something special to tempt him from CWU.
  17. Unless they choose to go JJ I don't think they will be relegated.
  18. Ha ha if it were you I must send you what was written in the paper. Loving it....
  19. Interesting comment from the Westfield boss in the Woking News and Mail. Not sure that goal looked 3 yards off to me.
  20. 49 Tough paper round Carthorse
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