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  1. I reckon with Epsoms' draw a certain fan will be wishing for a replay !
  2. It is poor though. The CCL is part of the pyramid and it should have 3 officials for each match. I wonder if the Suburban league, a league outside the system, had full coverage ? If so then why do officials do that league instead of the CCL ?
  3. Yes an interesting start to the season. Guildford the clear favourites (Well according to HW) have already lost a game. Knaphill favoured by many including myself have also lost a game as have my lot. The true clear favourites will go top tonight with their 3rd straight win and I wonder if we will have 1 team dominate while a number of clubs take points of each other for the battle for 2nd. Time will tell of course
  4. Giggle. I don't think there is any reason to post your name. I don't however because I have been on the scene for bloody years as a match official and a supporter a lot of people happen to know and have met me on my travels. People are allowed to post what they want however, if in my opinion, it is always anti one club then they will get stick from people on here especially people from that club and ones I know have done a lot in the past for that club. As much as they have to take the stick you dish out so you have to be big enough to take the stick given back. A good example is this post. JR has had a go at you and you have responded in kind yet the very informative post from Jeff appears to have been ignored despite him doing his best to answer your original question. Perhaps a quick thanks to him for his time in trying to answer your question and ignore JR's jibes would be a better way of going ? Just my thoughts.
  5. If it is the ref I think it is Rother be grateful that is all he did !!
  6. Don't expect the bugger to buy you a drink though !
  7. No that is just what people say I should do
  8. I have finally made it. I should retire now
  9. Ha Ha. Love it when a club who know full well that they are clear favourites try and palm it off onto someone else. Be big enough to take it on your shoulders. If you don't win the league then your season will be classed as a failure
  10. A signing isn't a signing until the signing has been done Chris
  11. I see Hartley have added Mr Bradshaw to their ranks for the season. I am sure I read somewhere on twitter and the web he was off somewhere else. Lessons there for clubs maybe ?
  12. Good effort at deflecting mate however with what you have recruited over the summer if you don't win the league again then I suspect questions may be asked. Hottest favourites to win this league since Merstham were a few years ago. They lost their first game and didn't lose again. I can see something similar happening without the first day defeat !
  13. Not sure you can claim Knaphill as a surprise team when a lot of predictions on here have them in the top 3 AS
  14. Here we go then Prem 1 - Hartley 2 - Knaphill 3 - Epsom Div 1 1 - Chessington 2 - Ash 3 - Worcester Park this is based on very sound evidence received via the voices in my head
  15. A number of disappointing all CCL ties. Some decent trips as well though.
  16. Great thing about Social Media is that you can do it from Gran Canaria Speak with the manager/club offer your services and ask for updates to be sent to you via email or text ?so that you can update the website and twitter
  17. Maybe get more involved and be that website and twitter person ?
  18. Camberley Town are looking for a friendly with a Step 3/4 club on Saturday 23rd July. Either home or away. If interested PM me. Thanks
  19. Cant actually sign anyone on league forms until 1st July I believe.
  20. That is a shame because you disagree with one person that has expressed their opinion. If I did that I wouldn't go to any of our home games or away games either !! It is a real tough one. We have a hardcore of people who would watch the game from outside the ground and then come in for free at half time. On a couple of occasions we kept the gates shut and I am not sure any of them came in. I wonder what we would have done if one of them had come up and said "I could only get here at half time please let me in" what we would have done. It is a tricky situation. We have tried to make it harder to watch the games outside thanks to 2 local companies who have lent us banners for free to block the view. Personally I would open the gates at half time. I presume you also will not be going to Hartley again ?
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