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  1. good early work by me on my predictions 😝
  2. Come on the few who read this you know you want too Prem Div 1 - Egham Town 2 - Knaphill 3 - SCR 4 - Abbey Rangers 5 - Guildford Surprise Team - Frimley Green Div 1 1 - Jersey Bulls 2 - Farnham Town 3 - AFC Hayes 4 - Epsom + Ewell 5 - Chessington Surprise Team - Ash United
  3. Suggesting at the moment is Thames Valley A really good go at it on another Forum. If correct not too unhappy from our point of view as a few different grounds to go to.
  4. Sadly due to the untimely death of Andy and a serious lack of volunteers Camberley Town now only do online programmes. Sad but a fact of life.
  5. Change is a scary thing......
  6. Been some interesting Twitter chat around this. I think it will be a positive thing in the long run. Possible may cause some issues in the early stages as it beds in but I do think in the long run it will improve things.
  7. Fingers crossed for Chertsey and I really hope NV dont get there. Yet another "big" non league club vastly overspending and then being allowed to do the same all over again at Step 5.
  8. Bracknell are claiming they have been accepted for the CCL subject to FA Approval for their "Development" side. Where did the above come from Chris ?
  9. Reckon if Chertsey left this afternoon they could arrive in time Good luck to both our sides left and also formerly of this Parish Windsor.
  10. No more than eating Beef does as well and I havent yet stopped doing that
  11. Good to hear you are stlll with us you old dog.
  12. Rarely get on here these days and it is a sad reason that I do now. Andy Vaughan who has been associated with the club for over 20 years passed away suddenly yesterday. He will be best known for his efforts with the Camberley Programme but he did plenty around the club to help it over the years and he will be a great loss to Camberley. Not only that but when Camberley were not playing he would frequent other local grounds and was a big supporter of this level of football. RIP Andy.
  13. Welcome to Southall and good luck to NGU. Also RPV back in the Premier. Personally I can only see one winner of the CCL Prem this year
  14. Arrogance springs to mind And in the time honoured fashion of football a money man whose money eventually runs out......
  15. 1st visit to Spelthorne since my playing days in the C&DSFL !! Clearly a lot of work has gone into getting them to a CCL Premier Club and fair play to them for that. Not much to say about the game except Spelthorne blew us away with a magnificent first half effort full of commitment passion and no shortage of good football. We had our chances but didn't take them. There was no way Spelthorne could keep that level of effort up in the 2nd half which meant we came much more into it 2nd half but it was one of those days that if Spelthorne had not bothered coming out we still proba
  16. Guildford on and Windsor off Never thought I would see the day that happened !
  17. Or maybe you dont know it or understand it Rother I see one of our "mercenaries" from last season is putting in some good shifts for Windsor at the moment
  18. Agree mate and that was what I mean by mentioning the clubs. People also need to remember 100% of the pitch has to be playable not 99%.
  19. Was at a Surrey Intermediate Match and that was called off. Around 10% of the pitch at the bottom was rock solid and one goal mouth as was well. the referee was really caught in two minds but in the end called the game off which in my opinion was the right call. today was a day that the ref and clubs are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
  20. Just been for a little tour of the park next to me. Where the sun has not got the ground was still frozen at 1pm. More frost tonight so could be a bit menacing for tomorrow.
  21. My first visit to Abbey for a football match. Pitch looked decent considering the rain we have had. Camberley started off like an express train and were 2-0 up with the first 15 minutes. Abbey to their credit reorganised and took the game to Camberley and reduced the arrears when their best player, 10, laid a goal on a plate for their player. 2nd half was scrappy with Camberley defending deep and allowing Abbey onto them while trying to spring a counter attack, To be fair neither side really looked like scoring until Norman had to produce a finger tip save right at the death to give
  22. Carthorse that is a classic first line of a report I have ever read
  23. Good start for our new manager with a comfortable win over a Badshot Lea who had been picking up some form. 2 good finishes in each half from Corbett and we also hit the bar and post twice. A couple of good saves from the home keeper as well while ours had a quiet morning.
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