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  1. Yes it’s disgusting that a team should have to play 2 games in the space of 24 hours. Also how long have your club been going because it seems like you’ve had a long history but from my recollection you’ve not been going that long. Shouldn’t rely on other teams for you to have a send off, Aston Clinton have had a great season and if they wanna celebrate a cup final win then so be it, don’t be jealous it’s not a good look
  2. Whether aston lose or not isn't the point, the point is they played an ineligible player therefore breaking rules yet I bet if it was the other way around aston would of been thrown out the competition
  3. Therefore if you have played in the previous round for another team you can't play again for your new team making you ineligable, which should result in a team being kicked out the competition. Once again the league is trying to protect the teams higher up.
  4. No I don't play I am a supporter of football and from what I have Heard they played an ineligable player therefore they should be removed from the competition
  5. Are you some kind of retard? If you don't have something useful to say then don't speak
  6. Thoughts please, so tring athletic played a player that was cup tied against aston Clinton last round and after a meeting a replay has been agreed? If a player was illegible it makes them a ringer therefore they should be kicked out the competition???
  7. You obviously had the facilities not the talent
  8. Exactly I agree the game should of been called off yesterday, not done 6 hours before the final was due to take place
  9. Bit early to call a game off, 6 hours before kick off
  10. Personally I think it's a joke, how can the league not check these things in the first place, the team have done an amazing job getting to that final and now they are punished by missing out on a great cup final day,
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