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  1. Who knows?! Only the player would be able to answer that one!
  2. Burger - the throw-in has to be taken in the first place for it to be retaken by the opposing team. First caution for delaying restart fine, restart is as originally awarded - second caution for delaying that restart, restart is as originally awarded. Awarding the throw-in to the other team would generally come from a foot or hand 'foul' when delivering the throw-in or, despite being told where to take it from, the throw-in being taken from the wrong place. You often see the former but less so the latter as the referee can boss the position of the restart (throw-in) by using any or a combination of voice, arm signal or whistle.
  3. Burger - whilst a caution for time-wasting is justifiable, the restart remains the same so, as you describe it, in instance it's still a throw-in to the team it was awarded to in the first place.
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