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  1. Mike was a very personable and knowledgeable man with whom, a few seasons ago, I had the pleasure and good fortune to referee a game at Fleet on which he and Tom were my ARs. I'm sure he would be pleased with Tom's subsequent progress as he was very supportive of him in this capacity. RIP Mike and condolences to Tom and his family.
  2. Who knows?! Only the player would be able to answer that one!
  3. Burger - the throw-in has to be taken in the first place for it to be retaken by the opposing team. First caution for delaying restart fine, restart is as originally awarded - second caution for delaying that restart, restart is as originally awarded. Awarding the throw-in to the other team would generally come from a foot or hand 'foul' when delivering the throw-in or, despite being told where to take it from, the throw-in being taken from the wrong place. You often see the former but less so the latter as the referee can boss the position of the restart (throw-in) by using any or a combination of voice, arm signal or whistle.
  4. Burger - whilst a caution for time-wasting is justifiable, the restart remains the same so, as you describe it, in instance it's still a throw-in to the team it was awarded to in the first place.
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