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    Leigh on Sea
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    My family and my job.
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    Arsenal, Maidenhead United and Enfield Town
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    Life is too short for Foes
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    Pires, Overmars, Limpar, Henry, Bergkamp and Barry Rake. I love players who are not scared to express their self on the pitch.
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  1. BillyCove10

    Play Offs Plot

    Impressed with everything I saw today, great set up, amazing support as always and some very exciting young players. oh, and Bradley's goal weren't too shabby either!! lol
  2. BillyCove10

    Ryan Doyle

    Not an easy decision to make, good luck mate.
  3. BillyCove10

    Has it really been that long?? :-)

    Brilliant, will buy him a drink or 2 too!
  4. BillyCove10

    Has it really been that long?? :-)

    Will be worth it though, can't wait to see you all again. Is Les still around?
  5. BillyCove10

    Has it really been that long?? :-)

    Hahahahaha Andy, 100% mate
  6. BillyCove10

    Has it really been that long?? :-)

    Thank you, I'll buy you a beer for that!!
  7. Hahahaha, what a great memory that day was!!
  8. Played in some amazing games back then, and came up against some great players. Played for the following clubs, in no particular order... Leyton FC Leyton Pennant Bishop Stortford Oxford City Maidenhead United East Thurrock United Enfield Town Eton Manor Would be great to share some memories with anyone associated with any of the above, or anyone associated with a club I played against. Take care, Billy Cove (The big fat number 10)
  9. BillyCove10

    Has it really been that long?? :-)

    As long as you don't ask me to sing, sounds like a great evening, be a better one with 3 more points in the bag
  10. BillyCove10

    Has it really been that long?? :-)

    Hi Andy, Thanks mate, I hope you're well? How is everyone at the club? be good to see you all again on the 16th. Billy
  11. 12 years? Wow... And now look at you, New stadium, and flying high in The Ryman Prem!! Amazing!!! Its been far too long since I showed my support, so I will make sure that I am in attendance for for Home game on the 16th of April. Will be great to see you all in good voice as per usual, and hopefully share a drink and a memory or 2. Up the Towners :-) Billy Cove