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  1. CHAMPIONS........ 3 promotions as champions, each with over 100 goals and over 100 points. On our way.... on our way..... to the football league...on our way...
  2. Sat Apr 14: Bishops Stortford (a) won 0-1 3 points needed to win league. Tue Apr 17: Biggleswade (a) will we do it away? Sat Apr 21: Kettering Town (h) will Kettering spoil the party? They will want to finish in 2nd or 3rd place. Wed Apr 25: Hitchin Town (a) Sat Apr 28: St. Ives Town (a) P HW HD HL HF HA AW AD AL AF AA +/- Pts 1 Hereford 42 18 1 3 54 12 14 4 2 47 20 +69 101 2 King's Lynn Town 44 16 5 1 47 14 13 4 5 48 23 +58 96 3 Weymouth 43 15 4 3 49 17 13 3 5 48 27 +53 91 4 Kettering Town 41 17 2 1 59 12 10 5 6 45 35 +57 88 5 Slough Town 42 14 5 3 57 23 12 4 4 46 25 +55 87 6 Royston Town 43 15 2 4 51 26 8 3 11 28 33 +20 74
  3. Open question , what can be done about these constant midweek postponements ? I understand that it is not directly anyones fault, but, twice this week our game at Hitchin Town has been postponed, players taking half day holidays etc.... for what turns out to be a wasted of time and possible loss of income. I appreciate that money is an issue with quite a few clubs at this level to instal drainage etc.....but would it be an idea to keep all long distance games, as an example over 1.5 hours travel to Saturdays only, again this would only solve the time off issue but not the postponement that would become yet another midweek game, and the circle starts all over again. The league has expanded the season by a week, but those involved with promotion/ relegation cannot take advantage of it, and the altering of fixtures in such a short time would and is a nightmare i am sure. So is there a solution? or should things be left as they are? should the F.A. plough money into non league grounds (not literally) to increase drainage etc... Part-time players are not able to play three games a week.....(even the over paid stars of the premium would moan) its unfair on players, ground staff and the fans. (it could also mean the difference between a team gaining promotion/Play off place / relegation, playing so many games in such a short time.) what to do, "O" what to do....
  4. MONDAY, APRIL 09, 2018 Hereford To Play Three Games In Five DaysBy Organic Bull After the news that tonight's game against Hitchin will now be played on Thursday evening, Hereford will play three away games in just five days. Thurs Apr 12: Hitchin Town (a) Sat Apr 14: Bishops Stortford (a) Tue Apr 17: Biggleswade (a) It's a lot to ask of the players and management given that all three games are at least three hours travelling from Hereford. However if, and it's a big if, Hereford can win all three of the games, then promotion celebrations can start just after 9.30pm at Biggleswade next Tuesday. We have to win three of our last five to guarantee promotion, we cannot rely on others dropping points, but a draw on Thursday between Kings Lynn and Kettering would suit us. COME ON YOU BULLS......
  5. Tue Feb 20: St Neots Town (h) 1-0 3points Sat Feb 24: Weymouth (h) 2-0 3points (great following from their fans) Tue Feb 27: HFA County Cup - Eywas Harold (h) p-p Sat Mar 3: Hitchin Town (a) p-p Tues Mar 6: Gosport Borough (a) 0-4 3points Sat Mar 10: King's Lynn Town (h) big game, 1st against 2nd...... we are not putting our prices up (as they did, and are against Kettering) so far I understand that we have only sold 30 tickets to their fans....Hope they bring a few more than that. Tues Mar 13: Biggleswade Town (a) Sat Mar 17: Basingstoke Town (a) Tue Mar 20: Frome Town (h) Sat Mar 24: Gosport Borough (h) Tue Mar 27: HFA county cup (h) Sat Mar 31: Royston Town (h) Mon Apr 2: Redditch United (a) Could the title be decided at Redditch? Sat Apr 7: Chesham United (h) Mon Apr 9: Hitching Town (a) Sat Apr 14: Bishops Stortford (a) Sat Apr 21: Kettering Town (h) Sat Apr 28: St. Ives Town (a)
  6. Biggleswade and St Neots........if in a pack of playing cards would be the jokers..... Two one nil wins, Two teams who came for a point, wasted time from the kick off..... and left deservingly with nothing. poor show.
  7. We seem to be struggling at the moment, scraping the results since the loss to Kings Lynn, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2018 Hereford 1/3 To Defeat BiggleswadeBy Organic Bull Hereford are 1/3 to defeat Biggleswade in the Southern Prem match at Edgar Street tomorrow afternoon. Hereford 1/3 Draw 43/10 Biggleswade 17/2 As regards the league title Hereford are currently 10/17. All prices from oddschecker.com and may vary. We have some very important home games coming up Sat Feb 17: Dunstable Town (a) Tue Feb 20: St Neots Town (h) Sat Feb 24: Weymouth (h) Tue Feb 27: HFA County Cup - Eywas Harold (h) Sat Mar 3: Hitchin Town (a) Tues Mar 6: Gosport Borough (a) Sat Mar 10: King's Lynn Town (h) Tues Mar 13: Biggleswade Town (a) (will be difficult) Sat Mar 17: Basingstoke Town (a) Tue Mar 20: Frome Town (h) Sat Mar 24: Gosport Borough (h) Sat Mar 31: Royston Town (h) Mon Apr 2: Redditch United (a) Sat Apr 7: Chesham United (h) Sat Apr 14: Bishops Stortford (a)(another difficult one) Sat Apr 21: Kettering Town (h) Sat Apr 28: St. Ives Town (a) 5 of the top 7 (excluding us) 1 King's Lynn Town 33 22 6 5 76 29 +47 72 2 Hereford 30 22 5 3 75 26 +49 71 3 Weymouth 34 21 6 7 75 39 +36 69 4 Kettering Town 31 19 7 5 73 37 +36 64 5 Royston Town 30 17 4 9 58 41 +17 55 6 Slough Town 27 16 6 5 69 33 +36 54 7 Chesham United 33 15 9 9 69 43 +26 54
  8. Out of all cup comps (except HFA) now, so fully concentrating on the league.... could go top on Tuesday with 3 games in hand... Slough need to catchup with their games in hand..... and Kettering/King's Lynn need to hold their nerve, are Royston the dark horse? Top 4 do seem to be slipping away from the others.
  9. Well what about that..... beat Fleetwood on Thursday and that set us up for a nice little earner against some team called Leicester city.... anyone heard of them? no, nor me...BUT it will be televised and on top of that, they want to throw £144,000 at us. COME ON YOU BULLS , we can beat Fleetwood at home (i hope) You boys seem to be doing ok, top of league with games in hand... promotion party for you at the end of the season. What league do you move into?
  10. We are the last non-league team left to fly the flag for grass root football, replay (1-1 draw) against 1st division Fleetwood at home on Thursday.... beat them and the third round leads us to Leicester city at home on the 6th January.....come on you BULLS.
  11. Well we have a replay...... only 89 places between us and Fleetwood...lol.
  12. Well, we got past Telford and also Potters bar (FA Trophy) so on Saturday we are off to Oxford City in the Trophy and the following week, Fleetwood in the FA Cup. Worry is that our success in the cup competitions could hinder our league progress.
  13. There will be just short of 5,000 at Edgar street (sell out) this afternoon to watch the Hereford ,Telford FA cup game........The Bulls locking horns with the Bucks.... Come on you BULLS....
  14. looking like Slough and Hereford (poss Kettering) carrying the flag for southern prem into the FA cup 1st round proper. Good game at Eastleigh, could of been more if we had taken all our chances, Eastleigh were heads and shoulders above us, but only in height, their style of football was very poor...hoof and hope, both sendings off were deserved, looking forward to a home draw next round, televised would be a bonus .
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