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  1. Please do not travel this evening as match has been postponed due to the ongoing fuel issues.
  2. Well, at last! The hard work is paying off. many thanks to David Barber for the match report. Lobsters win shoot-out!
  3. 7-30pm at Ascot united FC. Redhill U23 v Merstham U23 Combined Counties Development Division Challenge Cup Final. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3pm at Cobham FC. Redhill v Ascot United Cherry Red Records Premier Challenge Cup. Good luck Lobsters!
  4. Redhill v Abbey Rangers 3pm. Combined Counties Premier Challenge Cup Semi-final. U18's and NHS staff free entry with ID. The usual menu available at the Lobster pot canteen.
  5. ....need to check group D.
  6. If we were able to resume playing in March I think we could complete, but things will get difficult again if a team returns a positive test. As a groundsman I would not be to upset to see another Null & Void so I could start the pitch renovations in March and continue the improvements to the grass we made last year but as a fan it would be a huge disappointment.
  7. Great team effort to get the game on, considering I only found out the late venue swap on the Saturday night, thinking that we would have another week for the pitch repairs to bed-in we had over long grass and no pitch markings at all, so the lads spent Monday strimming and putting some great patterns on the pitch with the mower, then yesterday it was out with the tape measure and string lines for some crisp straight markings to make it looking the best December Kiln Brow pitch I can remember. From 2-30pm the fog started to arrive by 5pm I was getting a little worried(and cold) but the ref ma
  8. To confirm the game is at Kiln Brow tomorrow as its not on league fixture list or FA full time, given the short notice, the pitch will be ready, complete full 32 page match day programme with just two days notice and bit of luck hot food at the canteen. Plus we have a good stock of new club badges. Proper effort all round lads.
  9. Leatherhead 2 Redhill 3 Great win for the Lobsters!
  10. https://www.redhillfc.com/news/club-statement--redhill-fc-2581180.html Good luck to the new first team manager.
  11. Just take it easy, glad our friends next door took care of you and when you are up and about again and fancy a trip to Kiln Brow I will personally make sure of a ticket, programme and a canteen tab is available for you.
  12. I try and get to as many U18's games as I can, interesting to see progress being made and who is likely to be on the road to our first team. Last night our U18's played Met Police in a friendly (and yes they do seem to be getting younger!). The Met started stronger but the young Lobsters getting more confident under the refurbished floodlights almost snatched a win late on but for the offside flag. Final score 1-1. On duty at Kiln Brow for the visit of Raynes Park Vale this Saturday, got a box of new badges to sell. Hope everyone is keeping well.
  13. Think you may be right. All we can do is do our best and follow guidelines. looking on the bright side I got out of printing the FA Cup programmes.....First team may be out of action but the pitch still needs mowing every other day, top dressing, weeding, fertilizing and repairs, that's before our other projects get attended to. Think our first game back is away to Abbey Rangers but before that I will try and take in a few games around the league in search of a good burger.
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