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  1. Nail your clubs up and coming pre-season games here!
  2. ...not only that but we have no game listed for next week, not ideal when on a good run.
  3. ...and there l was thinking a draw would be nice.
  4. ...Perhaps 15 + from Redhill, could be more. I thought the gateman was the owner, manager, coach driver.
  5. That's a shame, part of the match day enjoyment is having a bit of hot grub and a read. Not the same having to put a couple of Ginsters in the camera bag. Not taking a pop but I was reading an interview on another forum where the AC boss was talking about taking over the Crystal Palace athletic stadium, ripping out the running track and field and installing a 3G pitch....
  6. Anyone been to an AC London home game, heads up on what to expect, catering, programmes etc. Its an important game for the Lobsters to keep on pushing, but AC cant afford to drop any points if they have aspirations of snatching a promotion place. A C and and three other games that will define the Lobsters run in, Bagshot Home and away and the most important game being Banstead v Redhill.
  7. FT Lobsters 2 v 0 Lammas. Great result and believe its a club record of 12 wins on the trot. Could have been more to be honest. Pitch played well.
  8. Lobsters 1 v Lammas 0. as usual creating chances. Plenty left in this game.
  9. Website says Pitch looking good. No mention of any inspection.
  10. Little bit of rain last night so will keep an eye on website, should be ok, +5 and no frost last night and at 9am it was +6 and with luck should be +8 for kick off, fingers crossed as no idea how the the new pitch will react.
  11. Forecast overnight says +5 but on the way home this afternoon still signs of frost so fingers crossed.
  12. Best wishes and get well soon.
  13. Interesting couple of matches; Bagshot v Chessington & Hook United Banstead Athletic v Eversley & California Various outcomes can help other teams.
  14. Lobsters v Bagshot is off. Pitch frozen solid. Bit of a shame as its an excellent day to take pictures.
  15. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/redhillfc/news/redhill-show-their-qualities-to-march-on-1742402.html Saturdays report.
  16. What a game at Kiln Brow, Lobsters 3 Eversley 1. Reds 2 - 1 up with over 30 minutes left on the clock are down to ten men for a challenge and it looked like he was through so he had to go, the Californians pushed on but it was Redhill who were more determined and were creating some fantastic runs and the chances kept coming, one such chance sees Kedze clipped by the keeper as he rounds him and its a penalty but keeper makes excellent stop....we kept pushing again and again, no sitting back playing down the clock, the fans wanted more and they got it Kedze beating the defence and charging towards goal and what a goal, not content with a celebration back flip but a handfull of chips and ketchup from a fan in the crowd! We pushed on to then end, what an important win. Good to see twenty or so fans waiting for the players to leave the field being met with handshakes and shouts! Cant wait for the next game!
  17. Redhill v Eversley & California. Computer says Game on! This should be a cracker!
  18. Think that was the first game on it, next season the root structure will have matured but for now the grass is hanging on well but the best thing is that the pitch is flat and prime for a fast passing game, all we have to do now is pay for it so I'm doing my bit by investing in the canteen sales. The Keepers shirt was pointed out by a few in the crowd at the time, bit like the hand ball way outside the area, we moaned at the time but hats off to AC they were organised, motivated and big at the back and took their chances well, whereas we were hitting the woodwork or going just wide, but you cant win games with could have been's! Think this was the game that woke the club up for the rest of the season.
  19. One of my favourite players going very close to scoring against AC London, lucky to get this one as it was close and very snatched by me but focus came good, I even got the rain drops sharp, I like this shot a lot. Click on image to go full screen, rest of the AC game in club gallery. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/redhillfc/photos/701843/18707479.html
  20. Dorking v Farleigh Rovers would be my first choice if I had not got an engagement at Kiln Brow, Dorking due some luck and Farleigh playing ok should see some goals. The Redhill fixture could give a hint to who may finish 3rd given that Chessy have played more, Bagshot are due a win, What about AC even without the points deduction its tight. Don't get many goals on camera but I do get the odd goal celibration from time to time, Got one of Kerry Kedze doing his back-flips, looks like he is doing a handstand but about 4 foot in the air, got another cracker of the AC keeper blocking a shot and is way way out of his box but none of the officials gave hand ball....work that one out!
  21. FT. Chicks 0 Chessy 5. Not the result I was expecting at all, l honestly thought if the chicks played like they did against the lobsters the other week things would have been more competitive today but it was not to be. The chicks are better than this but from the off they seemed to be lacking in chat and encouragement from each other but also in the air they seemed uninterested in winning or even to go for balls in the air. Things will need to be put right for the Farleigh game or the chicks fans will be getting a bit concerned, they deserve more than I saw today, on the plus side the burger was nice and warmed me up on this chilly day and l managed not to shout out Cmon Rehill while surporting the chicks for the day.
  22. A trip to Dorking v Chessy for me today, its nice and bright so will bring the camera.
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