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  1. The trip to Frimley Green. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/redhillfc/news/redhill-dig-deep-for-victory-1662615.html
  2. What's confusing me is that if the throw has to be taken and is deemed to be delaying the start why did the player knock the ball away if he was going to retain the throw in?
  3. Is this not what rule 15 states, "If the throw-in is not taken correctly it is retaken by the opposing team." Read more at http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/laws/football-11-11/law-15---the-throw-in.aspx#Ed3MFhSmXagTsPy2.99 The throw in was not taken correctly (not taken at all) so the Ref then awarded the throw in to Frimley for time wasting, then the Reds player was sent off for knocking the ball away hence delaying the Frimley throw in.
  4. Didn't you get to meet Giggler ? He woz there !! Apart from the catering staff nobody said hello, but there again it could have been my Brutt33 deodorant I found at the back of my shed, shame to waste it.
  5. Frimley Green 0 v Redhill 2. 75. Kery Kedze. 82. Luke Jones. Bit of a nervous first half think the pressure of getting points on the board played its part. Lobsters coming close with shot of the post. Second half play saw the Reds being more positive and creating some good situations which led to the first goal on 75 mins which made the team look a lot happier and more fluid and resulted in a second goal on 82 mins. Down side was with minutes to go Losbsters had a man sent off, Ref blew for time wasting as the player was taking his time with a throw and reversed it to Frimley but reds then dropped the ball he just gave it a tap against the boundary fence but the ball went under and onto the path which made it look far worse but it was gamesmanship/timewasting, Redcard Cant blame the ref it was the right call. Sadly no cheeseburgers to report on but I did enjoy two rather tasty sausage rolls and a diet Pepsi in the bar.
  6. Frimley Green v Redhill; Anyone clued up on the catering situation at Frimley? Burgers or bring snacks?
  7. I don't think I've been so looking forward to a start of the season, shame no home games until the new grass grows.
  8. Oakwood 4 v 4 Redhill, Kerry Kedze 3 Tony Halsey 1 Last of the friendlies, roll on FA cup Saturday.
  9. Oakwood v Redhill 2nd August. Note that kick-off is now 7 30pm.
  10. Crawley Down Gatwick 0 v Redhill 2 Oakwood v Redhill 2nd August.
  11. Woops, Crawley down is not the last friendly, I missed out Oakwood v Redhill Tuesday 2nd August.
  12. Lancing 2 Redhill 0. Last friendly is Saturday 30th Crawley down v Redhill Note that the 5th August FA cup game Redhill v St. Francis rangers may have venue reversed due to the pitch works on-going, but club website is down so can't confirm as yet.
  13. ....Mmmmm, now busy checking fixture list to see when I'm free for some ground hopping!
  14. Prem. Hartley Guildford Camberley 1st. Redhill Balham Chessington.
  15. 23rd. Crowborough Athletic 2 v Redhill 1. Crowborough Athletic Res 7 v Redhill Res 3. Up next, 26th Lancing v Redhill 30th Crawley Down v Redhill 2nd Oakwood v Redhill
  16. Some pre-season games. 9 July. Redhill 0 v 2 Chipstead. @ Coulsdon College 12 July. Redhill 2 v 1 Croydon FC. @ Coulsdon College 16 July Horsham YMCA 1 v 1 Redhill 19 July Sittingbourne v Redhill 23 July Crowborough v Redhill 26 July Lancing v Redhill 30 July Crawley Down v Redhill
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