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  1. Dailydose

    Franchise football.

    Terrible name 😂
  2. Dailydose

    Winslow pitch vandalised

    Any news on this?
  3. Dailydose

    Winslow pitch vandalised

    Any ideas which complete tw@ts could have done this?
  4. Tring and Winslow both with budgets so a little easier to attract players and get the players to perform. hardworking managers are worth their weight in gold!
  5. I know of no such profiles Jonno.
  6. Dailydose

    New season predictions

    Personally I like the ground but parking is a joke. When the fa are clamping down on facilities surely this needs addressing.
  7. Dailydose

    Under 25 League

    Agreed, the figure is high? The clubs should pay the same and the fa or counties pay the increase. You get the feeling grass roots is being hung out to dry
  8. Dailydose

    Saturday 28th April

    Edgware, the sorest losers in the land
  9. Dailydose

    Under 25 League

    Perhaps they can increase refs fees and contribute. Hoping the standard will improve
  10. Dailydose

    Next Season

    Karen you have your problems when organising this and it must be torture. Even two out of the three cups still take up spaces and cause congestion. The smaller the competition the further Spartan teams will get. It’s inevitable! How many clubs groundshare? I’m guessing they wouldn’t get any revenue no matter the day. Supporters love a midweeker, for most it’s easier getting to a midweek match than a Saturday match, family reasons, free time to do things etc. Would love to know what clubs get more on a Saturday. Without looking I bet some of the bigger attendances are midweek.
  11. Dailydose

    Next Season

    I believe If Southall stayed at their current groundshare, Burnham, they would have been in danger of being moved in to the Hellenic. For the majority of teams 4 cups isnt that much. Division, county, challenge and fa cup/ vase or both. Divisional is normally 3 matches. County cups is more of probably, a lot of teams in these leagues do well. Most go out of the fa cup quite early. The Vase is always a good and quite a few teams do well. These cups shouldn’t make to much of a difference. Front load the season, it’s crying out for this!!!!! But don’t stop there do as much before Xmas as you can! Many will be called off during this period that’s when they get rescheduled. The problem I find with teams local to me is that they enter pointless competitions like the Wycombe Senior cup or the Anagrams or the Slough cup. Some teams enter all 3. Perhaps rather than stop the competitions altogether there should be a cap on the number of cup competitions entered. Just an example, Aston Clinton enter lots each year and they always seem to be the team that play catch-up.
  12. Dailydose

    Saturday 14th April

    Looks Risboroug’s kick off is at 14.30 according to their Twitter.
  13. Dailydose

    Saturday 7th April

    Biggest budget. Best players. To be expected
  14. Dailydose


    Mitchell Collins to Aston Clinton, doesn’t show much ambition from the lad! Winslow are very talented, I wonder what was behind this decision!