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  1. Wonder if Halseyisapenis has the same issue
  2. I find this extremely sad and bewildering! stayed with club even when he knew they were going to be relegated. started the season magnificently, also some great cup results. if he was pushed for what ever reason I hope those feel utterly ashamed. paul will be a credit to which ever club takes him on!
  3. what happens to with games they’ve already played?
  4. Clubs at this level forgetting the kit. Mickey Mouse stuff!!! sort yourselves out, for god sake
  5. Think he started last night! Would be good to get clarification on the number of clubs you are allowed to play for. We’re only in September and this is his 3rd.
  6. Simon king now at Winslow? thought you could only have two clubs per season in the same leagues. E.g Spartan
  7. What’s happened to the King brothers? thought they were at Buckingham
  8. 2 defeats in a row, player sent off. Winslow have a very good team but deep down I feel there may be too many big characters to cope with in this relentless league. I’m sure it’s just a glitch and George Tomlin will turn it around like at the start of the season. George looks like a good lad and hope he is successful there.
  9. I guess there is a budget at New Salamis. I presume they had the ‘Leon McKenzie’ playing for them yesterday
  10. Baldock winslow Berko fisher always successful winslow will need to control the dressing room, big characters, tough to manage. berko should pip Aston. there are always so many changes at every club at this stage. You need a good 10 games to gauge it.
  11. Any ideas which complete tw@ts could have done this?
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