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  1. Speaking to Lazarus tonight he says it might be a couple of weeks yet as the FA still have to announce the Step 4 structures before moving on to Steps 5 & 6.
  2. From where I was stood [fairly close] it looked as if had been asked to put pressure on the pad over the cut to stem the blood flow as they applied the banadage to hold it in place.
  3. You're lucky Kroons, some of have to listen to him at every home game !!!! He is from Norfolk though so we have to cut him a bit of leeway The injured player was Barry Dunbar and he was stood on the terraces having a cigarette 20 mins after being carried off. Nasty cut on his head and his face had swollen up like the elephant man so might need an X-ray in a few days once the swelling subsides. At least it won't affect his looks though
  4. John, it's about as interesting as it was in 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 ! NOT
  5. But the whole idea of building castles on hills was so you could look down on everyone else
  6. I know I was in the tea-hut queue for a while but did I really miss two goals as I went home at the end thinking I'd seen a 1-1 draw ? Injuries and a Bank Holiday weekend have caused the management a few issues including 2 late withdrawals on Saturday morning but it shows we have greater strength in the squad this season when over half the team picked weren't involved in the previous match and they still manage a draw away against a team who've only lost once in the league so far !
  7. I think people got used to not being able to access the original forum and probably haven't realised that a forum once again exists ! I also don't do twitface or faceache but many people do so only time will tell as far as a relatively busy forum goes. All we can do is spread the word and see what happens.
  8. Obviously depends on how fast you walk but I'm not going to do it just to find out who's right Not sure it's a walk I'd want to do alone on a dark night either, always strikes me as a bit of a dodgy area !
  9. Bear in mind if you fancy this game that, at present, there is no parking at the ground and on-street parking nearby is extremely limited ! Slough's website suggests parking at the train station and walking which is a good 20-30 minutes. There is a bus route that stops right by the ground but you'd need to check the Bank holiday timetable. Glad to see them back in their home town after years at Windsor and Beaconsfield but can't help thinking waiting just a bit longer until the ground is completely ready might have been a better idea ! Groundhoppers could take in Windsor vs Walton & Hersham at 11.30 then a short dash to Slough for a 3pm kick off.
  10. I think Rother's comment was an attempt at humour
  11. Good report as usual Rich and always good to see you and your other club colleagues again at Stag Meadow. I agree on another day that challenge may have seen a red card issued but on another day your player may not have still been on the pitch then having already received a stern warning and later attempting to head-butt the same player again in that tussle on the ground ten minutes before the tackle ! My honest opinion is that the referee saw two players both trying to assert themselves over their opponents and allowed them to sort it out in an old-fashioned sort of way ie you clatter me, I'll clatter you and no quarter given - technically incorrect according to the laws of the game but common sense does sometimes prevail ! Must say though that your player is either very brave or very stupid as I wouldn't want to be picking a fight with someone about 18" taller than me and built like a brick outhouse ! LOL.
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