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  1. Yes mate. Still haven't got round to doing Laz's either!!
  2. 17 - I'm bored. Oh, and I worked out the Grays thing wrong. It's actually only 13!! And the fans one. It's actually only 7.
  3. 16 - number of aftershocks I'll have in the pub in Bognor
  4. 15 - number of pints I'll have on the way to Bognor next week
  5. 14 - number of goals St Albans condeded against Grays this season
  6. 13 - number of years Thornsy has been St Albans fan before he was wrongfully banned
  7. 12 - number of players St Albans have left
  8. 11 - number of fans St Albans have left
  9. Cheers, bfr. The G and O obviously spell 'GO', which is exactly what we want him to do!
  10. Well, rumour has it that Gibson has been writing more emails today, so you never know - one may be coming your direction!
  11. You're joking of course, Thornsy. To sign Lenny would almost be showing some kind of ambition.
  12. Christ, I own the first four on that list. <img src="/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> Blackbird by the Beatles - excellent song.
  13. Find out in a few minutes - only 15 to go!! Listening to the Tim Burgess album. It's alright, actually.
  14. He-heh! Quality!! Well, maybe that wife of Gibson's, instead of dishing out tickets to 11-year old kids who blatantly aren't interested, could go and drop a few off round all the mosques instead??
  15. Strawberry Switchblade - they had a second single, I believe, that reached the dizzy heights of number 50-odd.
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