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  1. May be Oxford United are more informed than some contributors to this site. A quick look at the league goal difference before and after Darren's injury suggests a huge decline in our defending abilities once he was no longer playing. He was immense in the games against Maidstone and, just may be, we could have put in a play off challenge had he remained fit. The manager speaks highly of his coaching contribution and on top of that he seems to be a very nice guy. IMO he deserves more from this site than the sarcastic comments above.
  2. We have actually been in 18th place after matches 2, 11,17,32 and 42 which suggests to me that we have been more consistently poor, particularly away from home where on results we lie in the bottom three. Nonetheless I perceive that we have been playing better in recent weeks. The squad is stronger but we also need a quality central defender to play alongside Mitchell King. I am now just hoping we retain our better players and that we hit the ground running next season.
  3. Solid all round performance but would like to mention the on loan defenders Taofiq Olomowewe and Matt Mitchell-King who I thought read the game superbly and tidied up everything coming at us. Just the sort of defenders we need for next year. Well done to Andy and Darren for extending Taofiq's loan period.
  4. 4WF I was merely reporting what I heard at the AGM. BQ was already with us as a player and left us in a desperate situation IMO. AndyETFC it is foolish to compare this job with a premiership position where they earn our entire squad annual playing budget in a couple of weeks. Enough said I think. My point is keep the faith; support the Club and you will get the rewards in time. No pain no gain.
  5. Please read carefully what I wrote 4WF. I corrected what I believe was an error by you regarding this year's budget. I did not directly accuse you of being negative but some comments on this thread certainly are. People, and that includes managers and players, are usually motivated by positive feedback and lose confidence and are adversely affected by being slagged off. It is unhelpful to the Club to just continue to blame the present management after every adverse result without regard to the mess they inherited and the prospect of a brighter season next year through building a more stable squad.
  6. I would just add to Raingods summary that Leatherhead are second in the last 10 games form table (above Billericay) ; invested heavily in players this year; and we lost by a deflected free kick having spurned two good chances.
  7. I understood from the AGM 4WF that the budget is actually smaller than last year, including the FA cup money which Andy and Darren's tactics help to bring. I am amazed that I am agreeing with a Cheshunt supporter on a supposedly Town website. Those who criticise so vehemently on a website accessible to the globe, should reflect on the damage they do to our Club as a good employer which gives managers a decent chance of doing a job. They certainly do not represent my views.
  8. Unfair comments andyetfc. If a very young and ambitious player is offered a chance to play at a higher level with a manager he knows, chances are he will go for it. However Dernell will need to show some improvement on last season to make a difference to what we already have at Town.
  9. So getting back to our coming match with Burgess Hill, everyone just needs to turn up if they can and get fully behind the team and management tonight. Burgess Hill will be fighting for their lives and tough opponents. Our biggest match of the season so far. COYT!
  10. I agree 4WF that we are in an unwanted and unexpected position following some dire performances. However yesterday was not one of them and we now need more of the same. Some stability in selection will help IMO. As for the overall direction of the Club, I trust the Board and Management to make decisions in the best in interests of the Club.
  11. Good selection, good play, good spirit, desperately unlucky finishing by Town. We need a repeat of the selection and performance on Tuesday. 4 Wembley finals comments are just what we dont need right now.
  12. Thought we played well throughout against tough opponents. Well on top in second half until they scored. Good efforts from Tyler and Sam which might have produced something on another day. Brad Wadkins looked strong and led the line well. Tyler still looks quality. When your down the luck can desert you. The effort was there for sure, keep the support going.
  13. Matt Mitchell King who did well, Seething at the sending off decision. People look forward to a game of football and only get 15 minutes. Thought Towns passing out of defence was much improved and they matched Needham with 10 men. Thought Kirbs is getting back to his old form and we look more balanced with Samir.
  14. Samir is just what has been missing. Great signing, hope he does well and well done Andy.
  15. Yes and bad timing for us! No doubt costing them a lot but they are in a precarious position.
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