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  1. Well done team, another step forward to help the fans. Keep up the good work. will also make it easier for us Expat Urchins to join 💪
  2. We did not get promoted because if today’s result, it was over the last 2 months throwing away a large points margin. the title was in our hands and we let it go. from what I have seen of the games we have changed the way we play , it’s long ball after long ball and hope for something. Dikko up front is at he best when running into through balls all I see is him trying to win headers with back to goal. Nashey was wasted out wide put him in the middle receive the ball to feet and turn play those balls turn their defence. Then have pace on both wings stretch the game make space, overlaps didn’t see one overlap in either game that I recall. the list goes on…… As painful as it was to admit to myself as soon as we went behind I knew we would lose. It’s now upto the owners to make tough decisions and if they keep the current management then for them to make some tough decisions as if we continue to play the way we have nothing will change.
  3. All I ever see on social media when Hornchurch get a big game is people moaning , criticising, whinging. What I never see anytime as anyone saying thank you to all the helpers who:- give up hours and I mean hours of free time at times like this. It’s not uncommon at times to be early hours of the morning. After all they have day jobs every home game probably do not see half the game sometimes none of the game so people can enjoy the experience at Hornchurch. Most of them are there at 10am doing all sorts of things cleaning toilets, making players food , sweeping up rubbish the list goes on Its easy to stand back and criticise, but if they offered to help and see what they do I think these people would be less critical So from a Chin from afar who can’t be there I thank you all , and hope every fan enjoys the day, supports the team and the team goes up.
  4. Read the post above contact the supporter association
  5. Have fun all get behind the boys , let’s cheer them over the line 🍺🍺🍺🍺
  6. Sounds positive, hope the support in Horsham is as good as it’s been in previous years. Always a great day/night out. support can make the difference come in you Chins
  7. You may or may not be aware but the beer festival we have some money to Mind Body and Soul who are trying to stop suicide amongst men (the biggest killer from 18-40 with 7 a day I believe) well they are having a flash sale of these Red and white and helps people that need it, if can slate the £10 would be amazing
  8. Well played one and all been saying it for years our away support is amazing and growing. Whenever the game is played we always let the opposition know the Chins are in town i honestly believe the percentage of our home attendance which we take away every game must be the best in non league or not far off. keep up the great work miss our Saturdays with you all ❤️🤍
  9. I am hoping for a great game and a 5-0 win for the Chins. Attendance I recon 595
  10. Merry Christmas one and all from your Singapore branch currently in Perth with the boy. Of course we had to go a game. see you in January , mon the chins
  11. Yeah thanks as always , yeah looking to see you all for a catch up
  12. Hi All, hopefully you are all aware of the date of the beers festival. The team have been sourcing some great new beers and gins, music has also been confirmed. Every year I try and get sponsors for the beers and gins so if anyone would like to sponsor a drink or knows a company etc please get in touch. Cheers Digits
  13. Hope Kel got the great send off he deserved
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