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  1. Dagger , can i suggest we ask the players and management what they want to call the book? After all they got us there, even if we give them the list of suggestions given by fans as well?
  2. Good enough for the players good enough for me. Best marketing tool in the whole campaign got us media attention, people warmed to it. Why would you not jump all over it besides all great teams started in a pub
  3. It was sung but not many knew it
  4. No not tear I just cut up a chilli and rubbed my eyes
  5. One for me dagger have a few photos of the games as well in various capacity Thanks - added to subscription list. What name do you want to use? Re-photos - can you send them to me on AFCHTM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK please.
  6. Still a emotional mess. keep watching it again and again , Billy’s YouTube fans can had me welling up. It don’t happen , it shouldn’t happen , but it bloody well did. The day will live with me to my grave ❤️❤️❤️
  7. Yep getting very real. Can’t wait until Friday when I will really start to enjoy it and soak in the whole day ( and a few beers) Everyone involved in the club enjoy the day , sing loud be proud come on you chins
  8. More than welcome , you do far more than we do. It’s just great to see the club with a buzz long may it continue
  9. All , just to let you know the supporters association have just donated £100 to Egham Town FC who had their stand burnt down by idiots over the weekend. Having received so much support from the football community we felt it was the right thing to do. They are trying to raise the money to rebuild it and i hope they get there. link https://t.co/1wlcsQEq84 we all hope you agree with our decision
  10. Well there is only one team in Havering
  11. If there is one thing I know is the people that run our club will make sure the fans that turn up every week, they know who is who, get tickets (subject to FA giving us some) Who would believe 10 months ago this would even be a discussion
  12. Why limit yourselves too one idea do both I say.
  13. What a result from a bunch of players that left nothing on the pitch fantastic. My only sadness is what a day that would have been fans been allowed 1000 chins all going mad and celebrating partying on late into the night
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