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  1. Indeed great effort at the weekend made serious inroads . Also nice to see so many old and new faces helping out. See people this Saturday if they can make it
  2. It’s a pleasure , hard work , but the 50/50 money really helping us keep buying the paint etc Ground is starting to look good . As for help contact Fat Tom Daley he is the foreman
  3. Great support , always amazes me how well the fans support the club in anyway they are asked and makes me proud to be part of it . Hopefully, when we all get together people will see the difference the support has made. keep safe
  4. I have a really good feeling about this one , tough game lots of chances both ends , 1-2 away win. all that are travelling need to get behind the lads like Basildon and for me one of the greatest displays of away teams fans doing their part Hereford away
  5. I am going for a 5-0 win as our scoring boots seem to be working around the team , and crowd 389 as no football in Prem and champ
  6. Cheers all, it certainly surprised me how many people took a voucher on Friday night and even better to see the same people in the ground. I think we may have made some new fans 😎 hope to see a turnout just as good Sunday at the beer festival
  7. Well another great day on the pitch both teams played good football with the Chins rightly so winning the game. As for off the pitch another great day. Pub before 10/10 singing in the ground 10/10 and after singing all the way home 10/10 . Only down side was no one putting money on our cap for the singing 😂 more on the same please
  8. If last year is anything to go by the person we need to dominate is their player manager in midfield he bossed the pace of the game at theirs. i am going for a Messy day, with Charlie singing to himself on way back after a 2-0 win
  9. Digits


    He aint that good at the moment 😂
  10. Half price to any adult that brings their westham, Arsenal, them lot, orient , Chelsea season ticket
  11. 595 entertainment group will have the 21st March
  12. people trying to make up songs came up with 2 new ones Saturday and was sung. Not easy to make up songs for a whole new team mind you. As for George , our record goal scorer , nice fella , and respected by many of us as always had time to speak with the fans. It’s not unusual for fans to sing Ex player names who have achieved things even happens in the premiership.
  13. You know nothing about me. So in your language #dontgiveashit
  14. ‘Encourage’ and ‘liven up’ in my opinion have two different messages the first being postitive the second implying they are not up to the standard expected of them and asking for more. However, thats just my opinion. This does now raise the question what is a fan? Should a fan support anyone that plays for the team regardless, or should they as a fan state their opinion if they don’t like what they see ? For me its the same as in life, the moment you get paid to do something you are open to criticism and our players get paid.The fans pay to watch them and by so help pay their wages so they can say what they like about their football ability. I never heard any fan say a word against the players on the pitch so that the player could hear but again if they did they are entitled to have an opinion. As you mentioned Charlie I will give you my opinion on his football ability. I don’t think he is good enough for this level of football , the moment he went off the game changed their defence was stretched and could not live with the pace and movement of the front two. Is this Charlie's fault? Again in my opinion, no , its the fault of the management team picking him and placing him in that situation. Now , unlike previous years , the management team get paid so again they are open to criticism.
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