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  1. Never a loan gents , always good as gold , see you next game
  2. It’s not easy telling people what to do where to go. So I would like to say thank you to everyone that came into the clubhouse and accepted the rules, and to the regulars that helped self police . Personally you made a stressful situation as easy as could be. i look forward to the times when we can party 🥳
  3. Well I got the score wrong , and as quite a lot of us never saw the game , but well played the chins today onwards and upwards
  4. Well if we play like we did with the commitment we did on Tuesday I would say 2-1 to us as for crowd I am going over 500
  5. Thought the team played really well last night all gave 100% and was great to see them fight their way back after going 1-0 down. I felt the subs we made changed the game , and not because they missed their pens, but because it changed the dynamics of the game. We went from being on the front foot and H&R being wary of both George staying up the pitch (so right back didn’t push up as much as he wanted too) and Charlie Ruff playing in the gap (causing them issues which resulted in their centre midfield defending rather than pushing on with the ball). Once they went off they was free to push on and apply more pressure. I thought the stream was excellent , gave us credit and Charlie MOM. Take this form into league and watch us climb up the league , come on you Chins
  6. My heart and soul say a Chins win , but with injuries we have etc my head says we will lose.
  7. Indeed great effort at the weekend made serious inroads . Also nice to see so many old and new faces helping out. See people this Saturday if they can make it
  8. It’s a pleasure , hard work , but the 50/50 money really helping us keep buying the paint etc Ground is starting to look good . As for help contact Fat Tom Daley he is the foreman
  9. Great support , always amazes me how well the fans support the club in anyway they are asked and makes me proud to be part of it . Hopefully, when we all get together people will see the difference the support has made. keep safe
  10. I have a really good feeling about this one , tough game lots of chances both ends , 1-2 away win. all that are travelling need to get behind the lads like Basildon and for me one of the greatest displays of away teams fans doing their part Hereford away
  11. I am going for a 5-0 win as our scoring boots seem to be working around the team , and crowd 389 as no football in Prem and champ
  12. Cheers all, it certainly surprised me how many people took a voucher on Friday night and even better to see the same people in the ground. I think we may have made some new fans 😎 hope to see a turnout just as good Sunday at the beer festival
  13. Well another great day on the pitch both teams played good football with the Chins rightly so winning the game. As for off the pitch another great day. Pub before 10/10 singing in the ground 10/10 and after singing all the way home 10/10 . Only down side was no one putting money on our cap for the singing 😂 more on the same please
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