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  1. Why limit yourselves too one idea do both I say.
  2. What a result from a bunch of players that left nothing on the pitch fantastic. My only sadness is what a day that would have been fans been allowed 1000 chins all going mad and celebrating partying on late into the night
  3. It’s a no for me on pure principle basis the £12 fee they mention I assume they want some/all of it ? So from their greed not only do our fans suffer theirs do too! You really would think that in troubled world we all live in today that a smaller club (apparently) trying to bring some cheer to people free of charge they would endorse it not try and prevent it. Twitter here I come Ps well done the SA getting the equipment together and paying the cost class act
  4. As Pony tailed urchin pointed out if you would like to join any part of the walk more than welcome
  5. Yeah have the walk and ideas for hotels over the two nights , how I put them up here well 😂
  6. For some reason i have appeared as my old log in , if interested get in touch with me 👍🏻
  7. Never a loan gents , always good as gold , see you next game
  8. It’s not easy telling people what to do where to go. So I would like to say thank you to everyone that came into the clubhouse and accepted the rules, and to the regulars that helped self police . Personally you made a stressful situation as easy as could be. i look forward to the times when we can party 🥳
  9. Well I got the score wrong , and as quite a lot of us never saw the game , but well played the chins today onwards and upwards
  10. Well if we play like we did with the commitment we did on Tuesday I would say 2-1 to us as for crowd I am going over 500
  11. Thought the team played really well last night all gave 100% and was great to see them fight their way back after going 1-0 down. I felt the subs we made changed the game , and not because they missed their pens, but because it changed the dynamics of the game. We went from being on the front foot and H&R being wary of both George staying up the pitch (so right back didn’t push up as much as he wanted too) and Charlie Ruff playing in the gap (causing them issues which resulted in their centre midfield defending rather than pushing on with the ball). Once they went off they was
  12. My heart and soul say a Chins win , but with injuries we have etc my head says we will lose.
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