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  1. Merry Christmas one and all, going to miss Boxing Day football Have a great one Belfast Chins Love from our latest branch in Singapore
  2. Part of the Chin family, great flag and great too meet ya. mon the chins
  3. I will be having a drink to say fairwell tomorrow down the Railway pub at 2pm. The plan was an away game but the fixture list through a spanner in that idea. if anyone wants to pop down be good too see you
  4. The chances will start going in this weekend for the chins. So going prediction as follows :- score 4-0 to the chins crowd 595 Gin and Slim a fair few
  5. For me the reason the support is not as loud as it is away is because most of the people that would start the singing off are all volunteers during home games, be it on turnstiles, club shop , selling programmes , helping in the bar, counting 50/50 it never stops certainly to at least halftime. So when we go away it’s more of a football day than a home game. As for the team sometimes in life the only person that is going to turn a situation around is yourself and I think this is one of those times. 3 points tomorrow would be great 👍🏻 Mon the Chins
  6. Thanks to each and everyone of you that turned up and supported the event. As hard graft as it is , seeing everyone enjoying theirselves make it all worth it . Added bonus we made some money for Havering Mind and towards our classroom project. See you all next year
  7. A good all round team display , non stop running and pressing. Topped off with Great goals. onto the next round which will be tough
  8. Well hopefully you are all aware of our annual beer festival (this is the 5th one) and we have sourced some great beers and gins, including a surprise beer made just for us ‘the mighty urchin’ and the gins from South Africa make a return. On the day we will have food , live music and games. As always we look for people companies to sponsor a beer or gin at the cost of £30 to help with the costs. We then promote you or the company on our social media channels which get a lot of good feedback and views. if anyone would like to sponsor or knows a company that would be interested
  9. Hard work over there yesterday but some good progress made 👍🏻
  10. Dagger , can i suggest we ask the players and management what they want to call the book? After all they got us there, even if we give them the list of suggestions given by fans as well?
  11. Good enough for the players good enough for me. Best marketing tool in the whole campaign got us media attention, people warmed to it. Why would you not jump all over it besides all great teams started in a pub
  12. It was sung but not many knew it
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