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  1. For anyone who wants a bit more football chat after the game today, you're all welcome to join us at Dorking FC for an Evening with Richard Shaw - from 8pm this evening. Richard's a great talker - he'll be telling stories about his 9 years at Crystal Palace, the 1990 FA Cup Final and being part of the team that achieved Palace's highest ever league finish - as well as the people he's played alongside...Ian Wright, Gareth Southgate, Chris Coleman, Alan Pardew, Stan Collymore to name just a few. He'll also be talking about issues in the game and the development of young players from his perspective as Palace's current U23 Manager. It's open to all - admission just £5 on the door - North Holmwood Sports Club, Inholms Lane, RH5 4JH. Just south of Dorking. Hope to see a few of you there. Full details here: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dorkingfc/news/an-evening-with-richard-shaw-1740856.html
  2. Hi I just thought you might like to know that Dorking are hosting an evening of conversation with the former Crystal Palace defender Richard Shaw on Saturday 21st January. Richard made more than 200 appearances for Palace form 1986 - 1995, including playing in the 1990 FA Cup Final. He was also involved in the incident leading up to Eric Cantona's infamous Kung Fu kick. He went on to play 300 times for Coventry and then ended his career at Millwall (possibly not the first person to do that!). He's now head of the key Under 16 year at Crystal Palace's Academy - so it should be an evening full of stories and insight on the game for someone who's been involved at the top levels for more than 30 years and played through the birth of the Premier League. It's at North Holmwood Sports Club, Inholms Lane, North Holmwood, RH5 4JH - just south of Dorking. It starts at 8pm - so plenty of time to get there after a game - and admission is just £5 on the door. I've attached a flyer - or the full details are also on our website here. It's open to all, and we'd love to see some CCL colleagues there if any of you can make it. Roger Richard Shaw Flyer Portrait.pdf
  3. The original timescale when the work began was that the pitch would be available for pre-season training and the clubhouse would be handed over in August. There isn't much slack in the timetable for delays, but the good progress made so far should buy a bit of extra time should the weather take a turn for the worse. I agree with Jeff that saying you hope the workmen will get back to the job in hand but won't hold your breath feels very much like having a pop. There really is no issue here whatsoever. Even if, in the long run, the work does end up over running by a few weeks, let's just celebrate what's being achieved. A brand new football stadium is being built right in the middle of Dorking town centre, with a 3G pitch, that will provide a vibrant new £4.5m football facility and home for a CCL club, where other CCL clubs will also be able to enjoy coming to play. This isn't a pipe dream - you can see it actually happening in front of your eyes. And all in a location where, only 3 years ago, the only thing likely to be built was a Sainsbury's. The only appropriate response from anyone who loves local non-league football is pure, unadulterated positivity.
  4. I'm afraid this isn't under the control of the club. The league table comes from the Pitchero Competitions Database - there's nothing in the settings that we are able to alter. The league tables update and display properly for the Ladies and Under 18s. Pitchero have been asked to look into it.
  5. I was clear in my post what I considered defamatory. It's directly adjacent to my use of the word. The point about the three teenagers I mentioned was that they were actually playing (unlike the two older players you are now quoting) and you arbitrarily chose to omit them while suggesting our team wasn't particularly young, Last time I looked, football was played by a team of 11 - and so arguing over the average age of just 8 is pointless, since we can both choose a different 8 to back up our point. Where we are in terms of developing local and youthful players and including them in regular first team football is clearly set out in my previous post - notably the average age of the squad and the number of 16, 17 and 18 year olds regularly getting opportunities in the starting XI. However much you throw about names and ages of more senior players (and it would be irresponsible of us to try and develop young players without giving them some senior role models) the opportunities those young players are getting are undeniably real - as is the significant investment we are making in Under 18s, taking on the responsibility for U18s for both the town's senior clubs this year, to ensure that the players we are introducing this season is just the beginning of a long term commitment. If you still think we are overstating what the club is doing in the face of all that, then clearly I am never going to be able to persuade you otherwise.
  6. I'm the member of Dorking's board responsible for press and PR. Over the past two years since we took over the club, I've resisted the temptation to jump in on any criticisms, gossip or speculation on the forum. But as you're now making defamatory statements - accusing us of being, at best, misleading in our public statements - I feel obliged to respond. The problem is that you are using a completely arbitrary statistic to make your claim. You're absolutely correct that, if you take the 8 oldest players in the team, and totally discount the three teenagers in the starting line up, the average age was about 25. Equally, I could say that, if you took the 8 youngest players, the average age was 21. Is that better for you? As either of us taking an arbitrary figure of 8 players is fairly meaningless, let's look at the facts across the whole team and squad and make our judgements based on that.... - The average age of our squad of 20 players is just under 22. - Owing to injury and illness of a couple of younger players, the average age of the starting XI last Saturday was a little older, at just under 23 - In each of our five games so far this season, our starting XI has included 3-4 players aged 16, 17 or 18 (in fact, Saturday was the first time we had fewer than 4, for the reasons stated). - More than 50% of our squad is from Dorking of the villages immediately adjacent and centred on Dorking. These figures are all substantially different to the team at the end of last season following excellent work by our new manager Danny Fox and, even if other clubs may have more local or more young players (we don't claim to be superlative in this), I hope you'll agree they more than justify our statements about developing local, youthful players. Of course, there are many different ways to run a football club at this level. We're not saying that this is the right way, but it's certainly right for us. It makes us distinctive in our town; promotes engagement with local people - many of whom wouldn't otherwise attend non-league football (our attendances so far this season are at the upper end in the league); and it's a policy that helped persuade the council to make a multi-million pound investment in rebuilding Meadowbank rather than selling it off for a supermarket - building work ther started this week.
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