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  1. Overheard the chap with the yellow puffa jacket saying he did not feel threatened. Obviously others did
  2. brilliant in the second half ,did we have10 men?
  3. any idea of date game will be played?
  4. fantastic day .well done to everybody connected with the club .hic!
  5. monday is the west ham home 2nd leg SEMI final at upton park final is 19th may
  6. how about the ace of spades by motorhead ?
  7. great matchday posters http://lewesfc.com/fans/matchday-posters
  8. hi rob can you confirm i have a place ,as of last night ,cheers
  9. never a pen , he fell over ,no really he did
  10. we wont get it till blatters dead ! he hates us, the mans a prick
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