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  1. Good post Crowing Cockerel. Until the government announce that more than 30 spectators can attend then the season cannot start on an economic basis. The longer the lay off continues people will get out of the habit of going to matches.
  2. How about this, "Competitive training can take place for all participants, in an outdoor setting provided this takes place in groups of no more than 30 (including coaches). • Competitive match play is permitted, with social distancing in place before and after the session, and in any breaks in play". 30 players! with subs there are 32 players around the ground not counting the ref and the managers coaches. Social distancing, what about subs warming up, how many more benches will be needed to have separation of the subs and management. It is my view that the guidelines are not practical.
  3. I have started to read the guidance. In several aspects I cannot see how the guidance can be complied with and grass roots football or even Premiership football can take place with the following guidance. "Competitive match play is now permitted, however, in all settings before and after matches all participants should practise social distancing" Ok there is no requirement for social distancing during play but can they really expect standing spectators to socially distance themselves. "The nature of football means that the ball is not frequently handled. When the ball goes out of play it should not be retrieved by non-participants and should be retrieved using the feet rather than the hands where possible. Where there are breaks in the game, or training, if throw-ins or handling has occurred the ball should be disinfected. Further guidance on disinfecting can be found" So when the ball goes out of play and over the first fence we need spectators with the appropriate ball control to kick the ball over the fence. Some spectators at the ground have difficulty throwing the ball over the fence let alone kick it. "Goal posts and corner poles should be wiped down before matches, after matches and at half time" I can understand the need to disinfect the goal posts as goalies and even defenders at corners do tend to hold the goal posts but corner flags! Why not ban handling the corner flag, it is not often that the players handle the flag and generally it is when they have slid into it. So should the following be added, "Spectators cannot lean on the fence". I have reported that spectators and coming to a game have accepted some risk and even players themselves playing have accepted some risk. It is for the club to minimise the risk but no matter what they do they cannot eliminate it.
  4. I have to agree with Richard. Rate of infection has not really declined though number of deaths, as treatment seems to improve, has got better. If we are to control the pandemic then restrictions have to remain. If football at non-league level is to resume it seems that we are going back to "herd immunity" which seems to me a perfectly rational reaction though unfortunate. The disease is out there as there was not sufficient reaction to it at the beginning. The latest I have heard is that 6% of the population have had contact with the virus. (Between 26 April and 8 July, 6.3% of people tested positive for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 on a blood test, suggesting they had the infection in the past. https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/bulletins/coronaviruscovid19infectionsurveypilot/england17july2020 ) On this basis I estimate that most of us have been in contact with the virus but have recovered or did not become ill as our immune system dealt with it. It is said that the antibodies may not remain in the body so people can become reinfected. My wife states that she knows of a household where there are 4 members all of which tested positive for the virus. Now 3 test negative for the virus but one still has the virus so they cannot return to work. (Note tests positive for the virus but is not ill) In the beginning the illness was deadly but now there are survivors, though it hs left many with debillitating condtions, though not, it appears our PM who is requesting many to return to work. If football does return then I will go. I do not think that football at our level can survive with restrictions on numbers attending.
  5. Ordered Town Masks from, https://www.theamyverse.com/etfc
  6. Hi, Just a thought, it is likely that we will be obliged to wear masks for most of next season. Can you arrange to have masks made in ETFC colours with the badge on them. I will order 3 if you do.
  7. A fair summation Richard. However I felt that we did not change our tactics as, clearly, Merstham changed theirs. They left three up front in the second half and we did not adapt. As they tired we came into it more in the later stages of second half. I felt that with better finishers Merstham could easily have gone in on top and taken the game early in the second. Merstham are now third from bottom and may be facing relegation. We have to improve if we are to get into the play offs. We have to perform as we did in the first 20 minutes for 90 minutes. I flet that Hatton was superb until he got injured and that is when we came under pressure.
  8. I also think that their goalkeeper kept the score down. I did not understand either substitution, though it seemed to work with the second goal. We were immediately under pressure after the first substitution after we removed our goal scorer.
  9. I was at the game and it is clear that the officials had a major affect on the match. I dislike going to Carshalton as I rarely see a good game there. For the offside decision I was not in a position to judge and gave the ref the benefit of the doubt. For the first yellow, many refs would not have given it but I could not complain, it was a clumsy tackle and, as is usual, Billy was winding the ref up throughout before that event. I do not agree with Wildlife. Billy may not be a diver but when he thinks he is fouled he makes the most of it. On this occasion I do not believe that he dived but he did look for the free kick and, in my view, he was fouled and I think I was nearer than the ref. I have tried looking for the vid but it is not available. I thought that the ref gave Carshalton everything that they asked for but it was not until a good 15 minutes into the first half that we got our first free kick despite some crunching tackles from Carshalton. I note that as a team we do not fall over but our opponents seem to play and fall over quite regularly. And what is this when the ball hits the ref that the team that had possesion immediatly get a free kick, just what is going on in football. I recommend that whenever we get the ball anywhere near the penalty area aim at the ref! I recall a situation early in the game when a Carshalton player writhed on the floor as though poleaxed. He got the free kick and then got up immediately. As for the result if the goal had been given and Billy had not been sent off none of us know what would have happened. As it is it seemed as though the heart went out of the team after the sending off and Carshalton did not seem to want to press their player advantage after they were 2-0 up just playing it around the back knowing that we could not afford to challenge in that position being a man down. We are in a difficult situation and I do not know whether we can get out of the current doldrums. The 3 points against Potters Bar were fortunate we were second best against Carshalton for most of the game. Ou form till Potters Bar is in and out and we will struggle to make the play offs.
  10. I would guess goals shared between John Connell and Laurie Churchill with the odd one or two by Royston Thomas and Terry? Howard and Roger Day.
  11. I thought that I would add my thoughts. We have two very good forwards but both need space to do their business. Our opponents over the last few games have come to realise this and rather than defend on the edge of the penalty area or just in front they are defending higher and the back fours work as a team. Consequently Billy usually picks up the ball a few yards into the opponent's half and though he can keep the ball and lay off he hasn't got the pace to break the off side trap. If the midfield doesn't have the energy to support him we have a problem as he is generally surrounded by 2-3 defenders very quickly. Now for Mo the problem is somewhat different. He has the pace to beat the offside trap but he often is found wide on the wing. Even if he isn't found wide the defence do not usually tackle him as that would leave them exposed but when he has the ball the marker can shepherd him wide where he cannot do damage. Mo coming at you at pace is a formidable opponent but if he can be tightly marked on receiving the ball the defender, providing he doesn't challenge, can control Mo's movement. With our opponents playing a high back four our midfield finds itself cramped and forced back. The midfield does not have the ability to hold the ball and Billy should give them training in this. They also lack vision. How many times do we see the midfield pumping the ball down the left flank and completely ignoring the right side. THEY LACK THE SKILLS TO KEEP THE BALL. That's my thoughts any way.
  12. Interesting draw and the opportunity to do some pre match investigation as they are playing Barnet tomorrow.
  13. The replay is tomorrow and so our management team can attend and get the low down on our opponents.
  14. We have been drawn away to Hartley Witney or Chichester in the next round of the FA cup.
  15. Certainly had a misconception when told to "Shoot" at Town.
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