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  1. We all have our own opinions of the manager but there is one thing that is clear. This side is prepared to work to the very end for a result. Many of us consider that Bradley Quinton is a better manager however for those that went to Folkestone in 2017, when the team capitulated, will understand when I say that I don't think that Andy would allow that to happen. We won yesterday because we dug into our resources and were determined not to be second best. Every player played their part and it was a truly invigorating performance. It has left me, for the first time this season, looking forward to the next game and regreting that there is not a mid week game to go to. It has taken the best part of 2 seasons but this side is starting to look the part and will go on to better things.
  2. It seems that Tash is the proverbial Arnold Palmer
  3. Walking along the canal yesterday from the Red Lion and who should I meet but Lee Smith. He is no longer playing football but I believe he remains the record goal scorer in a game for the Town. 4 Goals against Concorde Rangers when we were in the Essex Senior League. A great performance at their ground. He mentioned he is still in touch with some of the players, the Hammets, David Bastian and others.
  4. Really looking forward to this game and I hope we put in a better performance than last season when we lost 5-1. We may be playing against a former favourite. http://www.folkestoneinvictafc.co.uk/news/2301
  5. I think that Taysh does not stay at clubs very long is not that he is "not good enough" as, when he calms down and uses his head, he is clearly good enough but his disciplinary record is enough to put off most clubs. You cannot have a player in your team when you don't know whether he will remain on the pitch 45 minutes let alone 90.
  6. Our rivals put players on contract. We cannot afford that so we have to wait until training starts and see who turns up. I hope that our management team are sending out feelers but softly softly catchee monkey.
  7. No . As Disraeli is reputed to have said, "There are lies, damned lies and statistics,"
  8. Joe Wirght Skipper? It is my view that Goalies as captains never works. They are often too far from the action and, if they are close to the action have their mind on other things. A skipper has to work hard, have the confidence of other players and know when to criticise and when to encourage. It is my view that Ryan does that and is also consistent in his performance. I cannot recall when I have seen him have a bad game. At Dorking on Thursday he was not in the squad but went out with the team and gave encouragement to the players as they came off at half time. He shows a maturity which, at times, is lacking from the other members of the squad.
  9. Praise for Samir?? Surely it was Samir left the winger for the first goal and also left him a couple of times after that but as the game went on the winger went deeper and Samir had an easier time. I felt that for most of the match Dorking had method - ping it out wide and run on. Our method was not apparent. For too many occasions our wingers were left out wide on their own without support players. However agree that the second half was much better. I will not comment on the lino's flag as I didn't see it but agree that you play to the whistle. Our defender stopped running and merely raised his arm.
  10. Well you and I LS have our sights on higher things if no one else has.
  11. They paved paradise put up a parking lot, -- Joni Mitchell - Big yellow taxi
  12. Very grudging Anfield. To go on a relatively long trip to the south east coast and earn a point I would take any day of the week. We demonstrated a hardness that has been missing for many months. A "We are not beaten until the final whistle" attitude which has been apparent these last few games. A marked contrast to the last time I went to Kent. Very well done to all concerned you cannot ask for much more than an away point to a top 5 side on an artificial home pitch against a vociferous crowd, but they did go quiet in the last 5 minutes didn't they :-)
  13. Staines 4-0 defeat of Hendon puts our performance on Saturday into some kind of perspective.
  14. A difficult surface where defenders were frightened to commit caused the first two goals by Staines. A similar situation for our second goal where quick thinking allowed Tyler through with defenders nowhere and a well taken goal by Tyler. We looked dangerous and scored until the substitutions and our defence was then chasing shadows. An exciting game considering the conditions and Staines are clearly a top 5 side and are likely to be in the play offs at the end of the season. There does seem to be the germ of a good side at the stadium a tough game next week let us hope the improvement continues.
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