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  1. The replay is tomorrow and so our management team can attend and get the low down on our opponents.
  2. We have been drawn away to Hartley Witney or Chichester in the next round of the FA cup.
  3. Certainly had a misconception when told to "Shoot" at Town.
  4. The wind was the dominant factor in this game. First half we were kicking against the wind but were able to put in the hard yards to secure a penalty. I thought the goalies activities leading up to the taking of the kick were the highlight of the half. He tried to psyche Britnell out by standing over the ball on the spot. The ref had to remind him that in the taking of penalties his position was on the goal line. He dived to the right (his left) a good half a second before Britnell kicked the ball and so all Britnell had to do was kick the ball into an empty net. The penalty was deserved as Britnell was sandwiched between two Bowers players and obviously he went down under their challenge. Again Faal received no protection from the ref and he went down time after time. I think he should have been subbed earlier even at half time. It was clear in the first half that his ankle was giving him trouble and I would not be surprised if he does not make the team next week. Second half we had the wind and slope and were prepared for Concorde to come on at us. We hit the bar on one of our few attacks (direct from a free kick out wide on the left around 25 yards from goal) but in my view the result was hardly in doubt despite pressure from Concorde. Their number 7 impressed but I did not think that they had other quality players who could upset us. As the season progresses I think Concorde will struggle. One thing Concorde have a plastic pitch so in my view that must be worth a goal advantage at home.
  5. A trophy in the bank and, probably, a better position than last year. It is not a time to remove the manager.
  6. When we played Chesham in the cup a few seasons back he used the same tactics and they worked then. But Theo is right his tactics are negative and lack charm and he has never seemed to change them. The formation may change but it is still the same old get forward to the last third then bung it over to Britnell. Occasionally you see Britnell out wide as he tries to get involved or loose his marker but when that happens we generally end up with a shot from edge of the area or just outside blocked by the mass of players in defence in front. Britnell is no winger or even an inside forward he is a target man who cannot win the ball in the air so needs a good foil to work off him. As I inferred above Faal was the perfect partner. As far as winning the play-offs that was an achievement and there may have been a cup attached but it is a cup for second place, would you be satisfied if we lose on Wednesday, after all that would be second place☺️ ❔
  7. I haven't posted for some time. I do think many posters on here are being a little unfair to the manager. We have a chance of a cup which, as has been said, is our first honour for 10 years. As for saying it is a tin pot trophy, that is rubbish. It is the third best cup competition we can enter. I do not think we are going to win the FA Trophy any time soon and the FA Cup will not be in our cabinet in my lifetime so the league cup is the best that is attainable. Far better than the Middlesex Senior or the Middlesex Charity Cup. To reach the final we have had to win 5 matches. Not draw but win, even on penalties, and if we lift the trophy next week the lads can feel proud as can the club. As for the manager. I do not think he is the best manager we have ever had but he is in the best 7 we have ever had and I would put him in the top 3 of that number. I do find his tactics negative and lacking charm but there is a tactic that I can recognise and if Faal had remained fit I think we would have been in the promotion mix. As it is I don't think that he has a good eye for a forward and I don't think that he uses the players in their best positions. I believe that he needs a good coach next to him who might persuade him to be a little more adventurous and I also think that he should try to blood in some younger players. The players we have do not seem to have the speed of the teams that we play against which makes us ponderous in our build up after the first 15 or so minutes. As it is we win the cup on Wednesday and have a good end of season accumulating 12 points out of the last 15 to finish with a shout of the play-offs if not amongst them then I will be satisfied. It seems to me we are still a work in progress and the manager must be given a chance. I don't see a plethora of managers of equal or better ability lining up to take charge.
  8. We all have our own opinions of the manager but there is one thing that is clear. This side is prepared to work to the very end for a result. Many of us consider that Bradley Quinton is a better manager however for those that went to Folkestone in 2017, when the team capitulated, will understand when I say that I don't think that Andy would allow that to happen. We won yesterday because we dug into our resources and were determined not to be second best. Every player played their part and it was a truly invigorating performance. It has left me, for the first time this season, looking forward to the next game and regreting that there is not a mid week game to go to. It has taken the best part of 2 seasons but this side is starting to look the part and will go on to better things.
  9. It seems that Tash is the proverbial Arnold Palmer
  10. Walking along the canal yesterday from the Red Lion and who should I meet but Lee Smith. He is no longer playing football but I believe he remains the record goal scorer in a game for the Town. 4 Goals against Concorde Rangers when we were in the Essex Senior League. A great performance at their ground. He mentioned he is still in touch with some of the players, the Hammets, David Bastian and others.
  11. Really looking forward to this game and I hope we put in a better performance than last season when we lost 5-1. We may be playing against a former favourite. http://www.folkestoneinvictafc.co.uk/news/2301
  12. I think that Taysh does not stay at clubs very long is not that he is "not good enough" as, when he calms down and uses his head, he is clearly good enough but his disciplinary record is enough to put off most clubs. You cannot have a player in your team when you don't know whether he will remain on the pitch 45 minutes let alone 90.
  13. Our rivals put players on contract. We cannot afford that so we have to wait until training starts and see who turns up. I hope that our management team are sending out feelers but softly softly catchee monkey.
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