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  1. It was not the rain, but the wind. I asked before it was erected how the large screen was stabilised for wind and was given the safety limits of wind speed. Having gone to open air festivals in pouring rain I anticipated the event would take place in rain but was concerned about the pitch.
  2. I always thought that they were our bogey side.
  3. About time somebody did! Get political I mean.
  4. Now dont wind him up. We all know "You are Lobby Ludd and I claim my £5"
  5. We usually start in August. Is that why Cheshunt dont turn up in the early matches?
  6. Already bought tickets for Fairport Convention in August.
  7. Merry Christmas. Mo fatal is good but rather injury prone and seemed to be lacking strength. If we could include the old club, Carl Richard's stands put along with Tony Harding and Tom Lawrence. With the present club Faal partnering Billy Britnell in his prime.
  8. Either the league web site is wrong or the etfclondon site is wrong. We will see next week.
  9. Getting back to the game. The substitutions illustrated our manager's mind set. We had 2 forwards who were causing real trouble throught the period when both were on the pitch. First substitution seemed to be necessary because of injury, and it was clear that Britnell was tiring, but when they both went we had nobody to take or harry for the ball in our opponent's half. Result, we were kept under constant pressure and had to succumb. I thought that Britnell should have not been subbed, although tiring he would at least have given us an out ball. With regard to the manager he doe
  10. And home to Hovis for tea. Ah those were the days. How many of our youngsters know who the Bisto tramps were. Wasn't that WM
  11. I disagree, Sport is supposed to be between groups of equal standing with the same circumstances affecting all participants - to this end football lays down situations such as the size of the pitch within certain parameters, size of the ball independant officials and size of the goal posts. Within this level playing field is the period during which games are played. All teams in the league play on the same days, hopefully play the same number of games against each other. So tell me those who think the league made the wrong decision how could Folkestone and Margate compete on lev
  12. I can recall Roger running down the wing with an inside forward running with him. "I'm here, I'm here!" said Roger. He receives the pass. "I don't want it!"said Roger. There was another time, he received the ball out wide around 2 yards from the touch line with the opponent's defence funneling back. He stopped and looked around. He then started instructing players where to go. Our opponents were mesmerised as if it was a free kick. After a few seconds he stepped away from the ball, still giving his instructions. Finally someone in the opponent's side realised this wasn
  13. This has always happened in non league football. Older fans will recollect when Tom Lawrence went to Slough and took the cream of the amateur cup winning side with him.
  14. It is a sad fact that in football - money rules. I am sure that many people contribute to the finance of the club, as they should as owners. However, football is a game and the players start to play football because they enjoy it.If they become proficient they can rise to a higher level. As a fan owned club we cannot afford to throw money at the players and join the rat race that many clubs have in the past. Find a rich financier and use their money to raise the club to a higher level. Then sooner or later that rich financier gets fed up, dies or goes broke and then the club slips down th
  15. I was shocked to see that we had slipped a place when perusing the league table. It seems that Kingstonian have been allocated a 1000 points. I didn't think that they were that good when we played them. https://etfc.london/table/league-table-2020-21
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