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  1. With montell gone and greene missing there is little creativity. There are creative young players sitting on the benches of other sides in the league who are being use by the top clubs for 10 minutes here and there would improve us and no doubt jump at the chance of a regular starting place. It doesn’t take a great deal of nouse to identify and target the ones the manager might want tbh. I think we all would have at least 4 we could name.
  2. Moore is a player who could/ should be playing at a higher level. Sometimes managers feel they don't quite fit in at rymans level for some reason. Brad had a number of players in the same mould last year who were often on the bench. Jermaine Pennant is an impact sub at Billericay!
  3. A very good player. Been running rings around the starters in training apparently but he needs a similar player to work with otherwise his short crisp one two pass and move style will be pass and tackle. Let's hope he is a catalyst.
  4. I'm afraid it's channels and a long ball football philosophy. Whatever happens to the fast ball playing team we had last year. Well, we know where most of the players went, but why change to such a primitive approach? In this league you can play and be successful.
  5. Tyler Campbell trialing for Maidstone today v barnet as well. Anybody know about that one?
  6. Agree with LS. We only need two or three additions. I think we have enough forwards a couple not yet fully developed. Central attacking midfield is a bit light if we are missing Billy for any reason and when Scott is suspended, and he is going to get suspended. Also centre back. Main thing is keeping bench players happy and fit. With no official reserve games the likes of Tom Nigel Nathan Samir keir, Percy and at certain points of the season Bobby didnt get enough game time and lost fitnessand match sharpness. Tom and keir both went to other clubs as a result. We need a few reserve fixtures to ensure we have the depth of squad and brad doesn't have to chop and change so much to keep players motivated and match fit.
  7. We will need to keep most of the squad and add some more quality in certain areas. Sometimes this season the endeavour was more evident than guile. I still think we had some of the best players but periods of inconsistency in selection, motivation, discipline and slow decisions on substitutions let easy points slip from our grasp. There is no reason why we can not win this league next season if the majority of the squad stay and there are some quality additions.
  8. Great achievement. Something I didn't expect to see a couple of months ago. I think we have the best players in the league let's see if we can snatch that promotion.
  9. 10 games ago the playoffs looked a lost cause. We were on the brink know so many times and just couldn't get there. Finally it came together and who would beg against us now. Well done to Brad and the team. Keeping the squad together is vital whether promotion happens or not.
  10. All to play for now. No slip ups
  11. Jimmy looks quite relaxed. Not sure that is the best pre match preparation. He did say he found it hard to drop players so let's hope he bottled a few decisions today.
  12. Player for player we are as good as any of the top teams. we started the season poorly destroyed a poor Hendon side and turned a corner for a sustained period but missed a lot of chances to pick up points because we were not bold enough to turn draws into wins. We have flirted with the play offs but when the opportunity arose but didn't have that tiny bit extra to get in and put pressure in those around us. Also while others strengthened their benches towards the back end of the season we lost a few good players who weren't getting game time right at the same time Scott's red mist came down. We can't really change a game from the bench if we are chasing now. We can consolidate but that's not much use when substitutions seem to be very reactive often after losing a goal. In my view we should keep the core of the squad and management team together as far as possible and add some guile in forward positions. We should be able to find a way of playing with and without Harry working on having players that fit in to a 442, 433 and our usual 352. if we can do that we will get into the top 3 or 4 no doubt.
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